Smart Home Bastler – Das Interview über Smarthome, Home Assistant, und Automatisierungen mit Alexa

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Hello friends of the smart home.
Welcome to the smart home hobbyist. Today I am conducting an interview
with the smart home hobbyist personally to find out more about him and his smart home
. If this interests you, stay tuned. Hello, would you please introduce yourself? Hello,
my name is Maxx, I am the Smart Home hobbyist, I was born in 1978, I trained as an electrical
engineer and am currently working as a project manager for security technology in a large
Austrian company. How did your smart home come about? I assume that
went like everyone else's. I bought some smart component and wanted to
control it centrally via my mobile phone. The basic idea was to have
a central switch for all the lighting in the new apartment. That's how I started to
deal with the subject of Smart Home. What components and products do you use? That's a good question. I have a
variety of different components that, thank God, I
can integrate into a smart home in Home Assistant. It all started with
WiFi radio switches and TUYA or SmartLife, then indirect
lighting with Google LED Stripes, Rademacher components for
controlling the roller shutters and heating, Shelly products for
controlling conventional switches and then of course the smart components
for media control that visualize I and I use Amazon devices like
Echo or Fire TV Stick and the like.

Do I also play a role in your smart home? Naturally! I couldn't imagine a smart home without
voice assistants like you. With us, you are responsible for the morning and
evening routine, for opening the shutters, for controlling the heating and all of this via
voice command from us or a question from you about what you should do.
So a resounding YES to this question. How do you operate your smart home? To operate our smart home, I have several
dashboards distributed throughout the apartment, of course the language assistant and my
smartphone. The rest are conventional switches or the smart
switches that are built into the walls. Do you have automations
and if so in what form? We have many automations that
make everyday life easier for us in our smart home.

On the one hand for the morning routine, for the
evening routine, for leaving the apartment that all devices are switched off, for
daylight control for certain lights and the like.
I couldn't imagine a smart home without automation. But I have to say that I carried out all the automations
in Node-Red because I can use the Node-Red visualization tool to
keep a better overview of all the automations. What does your wife think of
this quote-marked gimmick? You can imagine that she was a
little skeptical at first. In the meantime, however, she uses our smartphone daily and regularly
and supports me in expanding our smart home and brings ideas on how
things could be improved.

In addition, she is helping me with the shooting and with the
preparations for these videos. Can your viewers influence your
content? But for sure! I welcome questions and comments below the videos, and if
something is really important to my viewers, I'll address it separately and make a
video or website post on the topic. Is
there anything else you would like to say to your viewers in closing? I would like to thank you very much for
accompanying me on this path. And please don't be afraid to ask questions, I'll
answer them all if I can. Thank you very much! That was the interview with the smart home
hobbyist. Please write in the comments if you have any questions and subscribe to the channel
so you don't miss any more videos. Visit the websites to get
inspiration for your smart home. Now I say thank you for watching and see you
next time at Smart Home Bastler!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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