Smart Home Malaysia #3 – Sonoff Wifi Wall Touch Switch

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Assalamualaikum Welcome to Smart Home Malaysia series Today we will unboxing this package from ITEAD Studio I have been waiting for this package nearly for two weeks just arrive This is Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Light Switch we can directly replace our old switch with this one This is smart switch Without further adieu let's unboxing So this is it Sonoff T1 UK type WiFi & RF Wall Touch Switch Just like previous video with Sonoff S20 UK type smart socket this sonoff also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa We already have the Google Home Mini here Support 90 to 250 volt AC Maximum current 2A per gang Support WiFi connection Toughened glass panel The switch size In Shaa Allah will match our current socket With EWelink app we can control from smartphone we can schedules timing for on and off for examples we can set it on during Fajr or during holidays we can set the schedule to on or off the lights suits to your preference We can share the lights control We can create smart scene With smart scene we can integrate several smart switches to operate together creating a scene either to on or off switches It is quite big, hope it would fit Okay, it has neutral in and live in Live out 1 Live out 2 This is 2 gang switches Toughened glass panel touch to on and touch to off The manual in English Okay I need to remind you be careful if you decide to DIY please make sure you have the technical knowledge about electricity it is not that difficult but be reminded that we are dealing with live wire If you are interested in buying this switch I had include the link in the description below For this i had spent around RM100 including shipping It is not bad…not bad at all.


If I recall correctly the price for smart switches couple years back or more if not hundred it may close to thousand ringgit But now it is costed me only RM100 for 2 gang, it is mean that one switch equal to RM50 Later on, we'll go through with the installation process and then the setup process and finally with small review I would like to discuss about the Sonoff Touch Switch or the smart switches in general Smart switches itself is a device that needs a complete circuit It's need to have a power source to execute the "on" or "off" task This is an example of our current electrical circuit We have the switch, we have the target or lights The MCB (miniature circuit breaker) will be the power source for this circuit From the MCB there will be three wire coming out of it In this circuit I only show the neutral and live wire I am not a certified electrician but if you're a certified electrician, please guide me if i had done something wrong here From MCB there will be neutral wire direct to lights If we take a look behind our wall switches we can only sees two wires, which is live "in" and live "out" and no neutral wire When the the switches been toggle to "on" position its complete the circuit and the lights light up Now we take a look with the smart switches As I was saying previously in this video the smart switches needed its own complete circuit to function Its need to connect to the cloud or server to receive an instruction In this particular smart switches it has WiFi, so it need it own power supply to received the signal Please make sure when installing this switches, there are neutral and live wire present So this is one complete circuit and when it's receive an instruction, it's either "switch on" or "switch off" this lights Okay for my last diagram, this will be a proposal or future plan, or for those who're rewiring their home electrical systems We have to make sure from MCB to switches there're neutral wire and also live wire So, if you're gonna use one MCB for three lights as an example, please make sure the wires and MCB a meets the amps requirements We don't want any unfortunate event by overloaded the wires and MCB As you can see I had use high gauge wire by bolding this diagram Now let's get to the actual setup Make sure you're disconnecting the main switch before commencing work So this is the neutral wire and this is live wire This is live 1 and live 2 out Now we have completed with the installation We have turn on the power as you can see here the LED blinking We haven't connect with the WiFi yet The switches now function as a normal switch On Off On Off Now let's set up with the apps First steps, we have to touch one of these button and hold for at least seven seconds until the LED lights blinking rapidly Okay it's ready for pairing with the apps We had success with the pairing process We named this as lights So, the lights turn on now Off Lights 2 Lights 1 Okay So I thinks it's work now Let's we try with the Google Home We get the Google Home apps Home control I'm facing an issue with the Smart We Link apps earlier whereby it's don't automatically sync my added device Actually we have to unlink the account and then link it again with Google Home, only after that we can see the added switches has appeared Then I had assigned room and giving it a name We can see here three switches has been added, basically the "Lights" can operate for both outlet 1 and 2 For "Lights 1" for outlet 1 and "Lights 2" for outlet 2 Hey Google Turn lights on I'm sorry the was an error and I'm unable to control your home device Hey Google Turn lights 1 off You got it turning off lights 1 Hey Google Turn lights 2 off You got it turning off lights 2 Okay, I was able to turning on and off the lights with my voice but I'm not getting the right feedback from the switch Every time when command been given the switches sometimes unable to update the right state to Google Home I think there were a delayed that is why Google Home was unable to know the state of lights either "on" or "off" Personally for me, it just a minor setback What is important our objective to turn on the lights with Google Home success Only we didn't get the right feedback Okay, that's all for this time and don't forget to subscribe if you do not want to miss another series and don't forget to like my video In Shaa Allah…we will meet again

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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