Smart Home Security System – Top 5 Best Smart Home Security Systems in 2021

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hi everyone in this video top 5 picks brings the top 5 best smart home security systems in 2021 for you through extensive research i've put together a list of options that meet the needs of different types of buyers so whether their price performance and particular use we got you covered for more information on the products i've included links in the description box down below which are updated for the latest prices like this video comment and don't forget to subscribe now let's get started in fifth place we have netgear arlo pro also known as the most popular smart home security system you can found on the market in 2021.

The arlo pro system comes with a central receiver and one hd security camera to cover your home from whatever angle you set it at the 100 wire free system connects via wi-fi networks and allows for higher levels of versatility when setting it up so you don't have to awkwardly wire the system through the wall the camera itself takes super sharp hd video and can be placed inside or outside since the enclosure is fully waterproof the quick charging battery lasts super long so you can set it and forget for at least a little while and there's two-way audio via the phone app that lets you listen to the audio the camera is picking up or talk back through to the other side the wide-angle lens takes up to 130 degrees of visuals to make sure you don't miss anything important whether you're using it to monitor your house while you're not home or to check outside while you are it includes night vision for recording any time of day or night and it offers local usb access storage for videos as well as seven full days of hd videos stored in the cloud there's even a super loud alarm you can trigger to try to scare off would be intruders the whole system links up with smart home devices for voice controls and the arlo even supports live streaming in fourth place we have blink indoor home security camera system also known as the best budget smart home security system you can found on the market in 2021.

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If you're looking for a great budget security camera but want to gradually add additional cameras over time take a look at blink's home security system these are affordable units that run on aa batteries meaning they don't need any wires and can be placed anywhere you can think of around the house when it comes to features blinks cameras check all the boxes blink cameras offer 720p hd video capture motion detection instant push and notifications that are sent to your phone with a video attached as well as a live viewing mode that you can access from your phone built-in motion sensor alarm when the motion detector is triggered wi-fi cameras send an alert to your smartphone and record a short clip of the event to the cloud in third place we have the ring stick up camera also known as the best outdoor smart home security system and you can found on the market in 2021 designed for either inside or outside surveillance the ring stick up cam is a smart choice in more ways than one as an amazon product you bet it's compatible with alexa want to see what's happening in front of the camera right now just ask alexa the camera also connects to the echo show echo spot fire tv or fire tablet for all kinds of monitoring options installing the camera is very easy and usually takes less than 10 minutes once activated users can set up three motion zones for monitoring any motion in those zones sends an immediate notification to the user's phone tablet or computer if danger is a foot a remote activated siren will let intruders know they're being watched the ring camera is equipped with night vision and 150 degree horizontal and 85 degree vertical field of view so you can see what's happening at all hours of the day and night the 1080p video is top-notch providing a crisp picture of inside or outside activity if installed outside the camera can stand up to rain snow or sunshine note that it is a wired camera so it does require connection to a standard power outlet micro usb port or ethernet in second place we have ring flood light camera also known as the best features smart home security system you can found on the market in 2021.

The ring floodlight camera can record perfectly at night via two super bright motion activated led flood lights this has the added benefit of washing the scene with plenty of light for high quality video while simultaneously giving you the potential to scare off intruders with the sudden appearance of floodlights there's also a 110 decibel alarm for scaring people off audibly there are ultra wide angle motion sensors to activate camera recording alongside those floodlights which will detect motion in objects even incorporating face recognition it's weather resistant so you can install it outside and the motion detections will also offer you notifications on the synctu smartphone app there's infrared recording to go with the floodlights just in case you want to record more incognito at night the camera records a full 140 degrees of wide angle view so you can capture even the biggest yards and all of the above motion activated features can be controlled via the mobile app on queue it's the best of all worlds in first place we have google nest indoor cam also known as the overall best smart home security system you can found on the market in 2021 formerly called drop cam the nest cam is a pretty little gadget man to deter would be intruders from doing all the bad things intruders do it features 24×7 live video streaming hd to your phone or tablet motion and sound alerts night vision digital zoom two-way audio and easy setup it also features one of the strongest designs we've seen from a security cam with a magnetic base pivoting stand and a sleek appearance that's just plain cool while the nest cam packs enough functionality into the core product you may be tempted to spring for one of nest's subscription packages most smart home security solutions skip the fees because honestly no one wants to pay fees but nest aware certainly has its selling points for 10 per month or 100 per year you'll get cloud storage of your video streams for up to 10 days that time limit increases to 30 days with the 30 per month 300 per year packages nest aware also gives you alert summaries downloadable clips and time lapse functionality among other features but maybe the biggest selling point for the nest cam is its compatibility with nest's other smart home products the learning thermostat and the protect smoke alarm as a family these products offer an impressive array of possibilities this is all for now you can check the links in the description box down below all smart home security systems are available on amazon you can check the price by clicking on the link thanks for watching hope to see you guys in the next video goodbye

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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