Smart Home Setups – Google Home + Philips Hue!

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– [Google] What do you get when you put a vest on an alligator? – [Jonathan] Yo guys, Jonathan here, and I'm gearing up for a
long overdue office tour, but in doing so, one of the things I've
wanted to do forever is completely automate the lighting. So with that, I thought
I'd give you sneak peek of setting that up with Google Home. If you haven't checked
out Google Home yet, it has quickly become one
of the coolest pieces of smart home tech out right now. Whether you want to set a timer: – [Google] Alright 10 minutes and here we go. – [Jonathan] Play a song on Spotify: – [Google] Playing Marian Hill on Spotify. (Marian Hill music) – [Jonathan] Know the weather. – [Google] It'll be partly cloudy with a forecasted high
of 57 and a low of 49.

There is currently a flash
flood watch in effect. – [Jonathan] Or even
ask it a question like how many ounces in a liter? – [Google] One liter equals
33.814 US fluid ounces. – [Jonathan] What it also
works crazy well with is controlling lighting, and
specifically Philips Hue. – [Google] Sure, turning eight lights on. – [Jonathan] Now huge shout
out to Philips for not only sponsoring this video, but
also a really awesome giveaway, where we're teaming up to
give you guys a chance to win one of three smart home starter packs, which includes a Philips Hue
white and color starter kit and Google Home. Now admittedly, setting up
tech isn't always the easiest, but pairing Google Home with
Hue is one of the quickest, simplest experiences I've ever had. In the home control section
of the Google Home app, hit the plus symbol in the
bottom right hand corner, select Philips Hue hit pair, and then press the
button on your Hue bridge.

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Once your bridge is
discovered, you can then assign individual lights to rooms,
and also set nicknames, but beyond that, you are ready to go. What sticks out to me
though, is how responsive and how instant Google Home
reacts to changing the lights. OK Google, turn off all the lights. – [Google] Okay, turning eight lights off. – [Jonathan] Okay Google,
turn the white lamp on. – [Google] Okay, turning
the white lamp on. – [Jonathan] Okay Google,
change the black lamp to blue. – [Google] Okay, changing
the black lamp to blue. – [Jonathan] Okay Google,
turn the Hue Go one blue. – [Google] You got it.
Changing Hue Go one to blue. – [Jonathan] Okay Google,
turn all the lights orange. – [Google] Sure, changing
eight lights to orange. – [Jonathan] Okay Google,
dim the lights to 25%. – [Google] Sure, settings
eight lights brightess to 25%. – [Jonathan] So if you
already have a Google Home and Philips Hue, you can
see exactly how simple it is to get them to work together. Whether you want to control
all lights, individual lights, change colors, dim, brighten. It all works insanely well. Now as far as the office tour, that is coming very very soon. So definitely stay tuned and
drop a like if you're excited.

For a chance to win one
of those three smart home starter packs, all those
details are down below. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later. – [Google] If you want to open a store, I recommend selling stoves. You'll immediately offer
a range of hot products. (dance music) – Damn, Evans! (laughter) Alexa stop. For the love of god, stop. – [Evans] You're gonna break something..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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