Smart Home Tour 2021: Smart Tech from GE Lighting, a Savant Company

– This video is sponsored by
GE Lighting, a Savant Company, makers of the new Cync
smart home platform. I'm Andru Edwards, and
you're watching Gear Live. During the first ever all digital CES, I got to look at a new smart home platform that aims to bring
features and operability from professional custom installations over to the average everyday consumer. You see, C by GE is about
to see a monumental shift expanding beyond smart lighting. It's getting a new name and a host of new features
and functionality. GE Lighting, a Savant company's
new smart home platform will be called Cync.

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As part of the rollout
we'll see a whole new app launching in March that the company says will focus on being
customizable and user-friendly. In addition, the brand is also
launching three new devices that tie into the Cync ecosystem. An indoor security camera, an outdoor smart plug and a
smart switch for ceiling fans. Now, one thing about
these products upfront, like other companies, GE
Lighting, a Savant company has made them compatible
with digital assistants in particular the ones
from Amazon and Google. However, rather than just relying on that backbone from
those third-party companies these Cync products can all work together and maintain their smarts even
if you choose not to use them with the Google or Amazon assistance, giving you more choice and control. Now, since CES took
place virtually this year and if you're unaware, CES is the Consumer Electronics Show where over 100,000 people
descend on Vegas every year to see all the new hotness
that's going to be dropping basically throughout
the rest of that year. Obviously due to everything
that's happening, 100,000 people couldn't
meet in the same place and so this year CES was virtual.

And so because of that
the company built out a virtual home tour and took me through demos of
several of their products. And in fact, even before the
tour they sent this over, which was pretty cool. This is the, explore the C-experience, skipping Vegas this
year, but still wanna see the cutting edge of
innovation in a smart home. You open this up, there's
a little home in their 3D, scan the QR code and it takes you to an augmented
reality smart home preview of the walkthrough that I was able to get. Despite the fact that it was virtual, I was able to get my hands on the three products that I mentioned.

So here's an overview of each along with interesting
portions of the tour itself. Lets start with this guy right here, this is the indoor camera, and this is the first for Ray outside of smart lighting
plugs and lighting accessories for the brand. What you get with the Cync indoor camera is a device that records in 1080p with support for night
vision, person detection, and live viewing in the Cync app. However, the two features that make this stand out for
me are both privacy related, first, there's the
hardware privacy shutter. You just lift on the shutter and now you cover the camera itself. And not only does it cover the camera but when you lift this, it
also disables the microphone. So if you have this set up somewhere and you don't want it recording or want anyone to be able to access the live feed in the app, all you need to do is lift up
the shutter and you're good.

Now, second, there is support
built in for SD cards. If you can see it right there there's a little micro SD card slot. This means you can store
all your footage locally without having to upload it to the cloud, an added bonus there means you also don't need to pay any sort of monthly fee
for storage of your clips. With a lot of other smart cameras, the only option is cloud storage and then you need to
pay to access your clips because there's no local storage options. So seeing that micro SD card
slot built in is awesome. And you can still access your clips and download them to your
phone from the Cync app even directly from the SD card slot. If you're interested in
the Cync indoor camera, you can pick this one up, starting in May. Next, there is the smart outdoor plug and you get two power
outlets here as you can see. These can each be individually controlled either by WiFi or Bluetooth,
wireless connections from the Cync app, or you can connect it to Amazon or Google to control
the outlets with your voice.

So right off the top of my head for me, I would probably plug in my ambient or ambience outdoor lighting into one, And then maybe during the holidays I can use the other one
for holiday lighting that allows me to control
each one independently. Also, obviously being an outdoor device. It is weather resistant. As you can see, there are
protective flaps here. And even on the back there is a mounting bracket area as well. If you want to connect
it to an outdoor wall. So no worries there it
is weather resistant. You'll be able to pick
this one up in March.

And the third device being launched is the Cync Fan Speed Smart Switch. Now this will be available
in June and using this device along with the Cync mobile app home owners will be able to
control their ceiling fans from anywhere. It allows you to set the fan to rotate at four different speeds, which again you can do from the app or using the switch, which
you would install in your wall and also allows you to set a schedule.

If you want your fan to
automatically start and stop. At specific times, there's
also scene support. So you can have the fans
start and stop in conjunction with other devices, all
tied back into the Cync smart home system. Now I did confirm that this product turns your ordinary existing
ceiling fan into a smart fan. There is no need to buy new fan hardware, just set up and install the switch and you're up and running. And my assumption is you need to also have like
a compatible ceiling fan. Is there a range of these or is there a specific one that you offer that people would use
a long with the switch or basically how that works? – [Deeply Voice] Yeah,
so it's a good question Because for a basic ceiling fan especially without lighting on
it this'll work really well. If your ceiling fan has
lighting, it can work. If the lighting is on a separate circuit.

So ceiling fans are kind
of all over the place. We designed this one to meet
the most frequent use case. – Okay so you don't need
to buy a smart ceiling fan. It's the switch that then
powers at him makes it smart. – Exactly. – So now you can control your ceiling fan without getting out of
bed using the Cync app or your voice or even start cooling a room while you're on your way
home, right from your phone. Now that's the overview. But I did mention that I was
able to get a virtual tour and I wanna give you guys a
look at some of the highlights. GE Lighting, a Savant company put together a cool virtual home to show how the Cync platform
and products work together. And as I mentioned they sent me this augmented reality teaser which let me explore one of the rooms right on my smartphone. So here's some examples of
how the Cync platform works in different areas of the home.

– [Announcer] The first
area that we will dive into is the dining and kind of kitchen area. So this is kind of an
interesting part of your house especially now with work from home because the lighting in the kitchen you might want it one way for
cooking or working from home. But maybe if it's sort of like, date night or something that you want it to be a
little bit softer, warmer, this is one of those areas where
you want that customization because the use case for this room might change throughout the day. We are going to use a
feature called True Image and that True Image feature has been part of the Savant app. That's something that they
patented a number of years back. It lets you take a picture
and it could be of a room. And it takes a quick snapshot
of when the light is on and when the light is off
and it uses an algorithm then to in the app, show in the app, what's happening in that room as if you are standing there watching it. Not only do you get the
personalized aspect of, hey that's my kitchen,
literally my kitchen in my app.

But as I might adjust brightness, colors or anything like that, the app will reflect that visually this compliments our existing
dimmers and switches, it's the same kind of industrial design that you'll see on the dimmer switch. So I'll switch to that
real fast so you see it. That's our normal dimmer switch
and this is our fan switch. So it blends in very well. The fan switch, it can make your traditional
ceiling fan smart. So it has the 25, 50, 75 and
100% percent power levels. So you can turn that up
and down on the switch. If you have a light that is maybe like a cool sort of
Edison bulb from GE like that where you don't wanna get rid of it but you wanna make it smart. This is the option to do that.

So you can replace an existing wall switch with one of the dimmers or
just the on-off switches. And you get the same level of control as if it were a smart light. It's just being controlled
by the switch at that point. So this is a unique design now where you don't need that neutral wire but you can still install this switch and you get all the
benefits of smart control whether that's in the app or voice, or out of home or wherever it might be.

I've got the ability to
group this with other devices in my bedroom, it can be plugs, switches, bulbs, whatever it might be. And without needing to use an app without needing to maybe
use a voice command that might wake up my wife,
if she's already asleep, I can use this remote. And I get that on off and dimming control without needing to open up the app or use voice like I said. We are going to move outside. The first thing I'm gonna touch on. 'Cause this use case
resonates extremely well with our customer base. Security is obviously top of mind when people talk about smart home, like convenience, security, that kind of stuff.

Those are always like the two things that people think about just set it on a schedule so that as soon as the sun
goes down, your lights turn on. And then as soon as the sun
comes up, your lights turn off. It's really easy. And then it also blends
in with holiday lighting, invented the light bulb
and brought it to market. What we've done with the PAR38 is we've taken that best
in class traditional light. And we've made it smart. So this is full color. I get all of the red,
green, blue kind of views that I would on our existing lighting. And then I can also do the
white temperature control. So I can go from like
a warmer sort of whites like that brighter, almost
bluish security kind of lighting. – [Andru] So there you have it guys. That was your look at
the upcoming products from GE Lighting, a Savant
company dropping later this year along with the highlights
of my virtual tour.

If you want more information on any of the products we
talked about in this video be sure to hit the link down
in the description below. Thank you so much for
watching as always guys. I appreciate your support. I'm Andru Edwards and I'll
catch you in the next video. (upbeat music).

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