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[Music] in your globe smart outdoor spotlights box you will find four smart spotlights four ground spikes the smart controller power adapter outdoor cable two allen keys and your information sheet download the globe suite app go to the app store or google play and search for globe suite download the app open it and follow the on-screen instructions to log in or register if prompted allow globe suite to send notifications to your smartphone or tablet the led spotlights can be installed in a variety of locations outside however since certain outdoor locations may bring your device further away from your wi-fi modem we recommend quickly assembling and pairing your device at the desired location before completing the full installation to assemble the device connect the power adapter to the smart controller align the arrows on each end and tighten the seal next connect the smart controller to the outdoor cables now connect the led heads to the pre-assembled wiring align the arrows on each end and tighten the seal to pair your device plug in the power adapter at the desired location the spotlights should start blinking automatically if they do not you can manually put them into pairing mode hold down the power button on the smart controller for 5 seconds once they are blinking rapidly this means your spotlights are in pairing mode and are ready to connect to connect to your smart spotlights ensure you are connected to a 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi network in the globe suite app choose add device or tap the plus sign in the top right hand corner of the screen the default scan connection method will automatically start ensure your bluetooth is turned on allow the scan to complete to discover your smart devices when prompted confirm your wi-fi name and password wait a few moments for the spotlights to connect once your device is listed you can rename it as desired then tap done once your device is successfully paired at the preferred location you can confidently proceed to the full installation before proceeding please unplug the spotlights there are two options for installing your spotlights spike mounting and screw mounting based on your preferred location choose the best mounting option for garden or lawn installations remove the screw at the top of the ground spike and then reuse it to attach the spotlight to the ground spike secure using the included allen key next reattach your spotlight to the pre-assembled wiring now simply push the spike into the ground at the desired location and adjust the spotlight head if needed if mounting on a solid surface you will need a screwdriver and additional screws use the included allen key to detach the swivel base from the led head by removing the screws on either side next secure the base to the desired location once in place reattach the led head by fastening the screws back on either side then tighten with the allen key reconnect the spotlight to the wiring make sure to properly align both ends of the cables for a proper connection and tighten the seal once the spotlights are installed and adjusted as desired plug them back into their power source you can now control your spotlights from the globe suite app on the globe suite home screen select the smart spotlights to access its controls tap on in the middle of your screen to turn on your lights in the color panel you can adjust your light's color using the wheel or one of the preset options you can also adjust the saturation and brightness using the sliders select the mood panel at the bottom of your screen to access active lighting options choose one of the preset options or tap add a new mood to create your own to explore automatic lighting routines choose routine at the bottom of your screen you can choose from a variety of preset routines which were designed for easy everyday household needs use the option add a new schedule to create additional routines that fit your specific needs to set a countdown for your spotlights to turn on or off use the timer at the top of the routines panel connect your smart spotlights with a voice assistant and control your device even when you don't have your phone or tablet hey google amazon alexa and smartthings can be connected directly through your globe suite profile while siri commands are created within smart scenes to pair your device go to your profile then select the voice assistant you would like to link your device to and connect your account to the glove suite app discover all these features and more with globe suite explore the rest of the smart home collection and make your home smart with globe

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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