Did you know the HGTV Smart Home 2021 has a Columbus, Georgia connection?

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[MUSIC] This past year, I served as the Tech and
Wellness Expert for the HGTV Smart Home for
2021 in Naples, Florida. It was super fun. I'm very passionate about creating tech
and wellness and making it fun for the family. Often times so many people get
overwhelmed with technology and that's why we wanted to make sure that
this house was loaded with so many fun, innovative technology pieces that was
fun for every member of the family. One of my favorite things in the home,
we have a kitchen garden.

It's a rise garden,
it's a component that's in the pantry. So you can simply go and snip and
clip herbs from your pantry, it's all ready to go. Another really fabulous element in
the home is the Corian countertops. So many of us have wires and
different things to charge our phones or we need a place to charge our phones. It's very simple. I met HGTV when we were doing
a dream home interview, and we are working on
a Carmen Johnston Gardens: Alexa Skill. And they wanted to know more about it,
and one thing led to another, and they said would you love to help
us pick out the technology for this Smart Home 2021 in Naples, Florida? So it was really a passion project. I own a landscape design
installation company and we travel all over the Southeast. And I actually started gardening
with my dad when I was little. And I've had the business now for
14 years and we actually have a lot
of clients in Columbus.

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Well, we are incredibly excited to
have the opportunity to be on HGTV. And yes, I do think it's gonna catapult
the business a little bit further. We are extremely busy right now and we're
so grateful for so many of our clients. And yes, I do think it's gonna take us
to the next level, fingers crossed. Hopefully it will. [BLANK_AUDIO]

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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