Square Enix at E3 2021 in 11 minutes

Square Enix at E3 2021 in 11 minutes

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Windows Blue: Will It Be the Ultimate OS Version?

If you are a technology enthusiast then you might have heard about the new term Windows Blue that seems to be the new terminology for the upcoming OS by Microsoft. This OS is the upgraded version of Windows 8 that will have enhanced features and added functionality. According to online news source, this version will be available to RT and server both; this also includes the professional and desktop personal use systems.

April Fools’ Prank and Security Risk

It is always about staying secure online especially with so many threats like spams, virus, malware and spyware. Another thing that you need be aware is about threats that hackers pose. As we all know about various threats and scams that came out on April Fools’ day. Though there are numerous means of playing prank on people but the most prevalent are the online scams that people often fall to. Malicious scam pose greater risk to online security of anyone who falls for it. Things like phishing has been long known to lure a user into divulging their financial details online. You will not even be aware that the link you are accessing will ultimately lead you to a phishing website.

Tapping Into Chinese Tablet PCs

With brand names like Onda, Yuandao, Zenithink, Teclast, Cube, Gemei, and so much more, it’s hard not to be taken in this mystical world of Chinese tablet PCs. These tablets do everything the iPad does, sometimes even better. They can, for example, turn any HDTV or LCD monitor into a “smart” TV that can play all available media on the internet.

Is Technology Taking Control of Your Life?

Entertainment in the present age has demonstrated some remarkable growth in terms of abundance, accessibility and availability. Consequently, what we are faced with today is “Entertainment Overload”. When you persist in trading finite time for infinite entertainment, you will soon run out of time. So what can be done about this troubling phenomenon? Inform yourself of the situation and take action!

How to Set Up Windows 7 From a Pendrive

The method is very simple and you can use without any hassles. Needless to say that your motherboard should support USB Boot feature to make use of the bootable USB drive. Requirements: USB Flash Drive (Minimum 4GB) Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation files.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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