Physicist Michio Kaku on The God Equation | Engadget Podcast Live

Physicist Michio Kaku on The God Equation | Engadget Podcast Live

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Lynec M6 Quad Core XBMC Android TV Box Review

Lynec’s M6 Quad Core Android TV box can do more than stream media online. Its solid build quality, powerful hardware, XBMC, and affordable price combine to make it a definite must-have for people who want a complete media streaming solution.

Characteristic of FZ1800R16KF4 IGBT – Power Electronic Modules for AC/DC Motor Control

FZ1800R16KF4 is an 1800Amps/1600Volts single switch IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) silicon module with IGBT2. It is a triple common emitter common gate transistor. Its height, weight & depth are 38mm, 190mm & 140mm respectively and net weight is 5 lb 1 oz.

How to Distinguish Between a Real and Fake Tech Support Company?

The concept of online technical support companies have been resonating and it has reached its highest crescendo, at the same time, the demand for the service has also given a major fillip to the trend of online repair. Now-a-days, people are no longer eager to carry their computer to the technician for a fix; rather, whenever there is a mess then there is only one thing that resonates and it is online computer technical support.

The Role of Science – A Blessing Or a Curse

Communications revolution has its downside. Cell phones, papers, and laptop computers makes people accessible almost anytime, anywhere, causing some users to feel caught in an electronic we. At the other extreme are technology addicts, who have a compulsion to be connected in order to know what is going on.

Shhh – Not In Front Of The Television

It used to be called the “idiot box.” Now your smart TV may be listening to everything you say.

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