#140 IKEA Tradfri IOT Smart Lighting System Hack

Grüezi YouTubers. Here is the guy with the Swiss accent. With a new episode around sensors and microcontrollers. Lately, IKEA jumped on the IOT bandwagon and released a new line….

#347 Measuring Mains Voltage, Current, and Power for Home Automation

in video number 321 we looked at dc current sensors today we will look at how to measure ac mains currents which is much more difficult and more dangerous because…

#354 Tasmota vs ESPhome: Who wins? (DIY Sensors, ESP32, Deep-Sleep, etc.)

I talk about Tasmota and ESPHome, along with Home Assistant, in many videos. Most of them focus on how to flash and integrate devices and sensors that are easily available….

#352 Raspberry Pi4 Home Automation Server (incl. Docker, OpenHAB, HASSIO, NextCloud)

the raspberry pi is grown up now to be a perfect home automation server today i show you why and how to set it up conveniently in the end you…