The best laptops and tablets for the 2021 holiday season

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Nano Projectors – Very Small Can Actually Be Really Big

Digital projectors these days are used in many different ways. They are put to use for business presentations, classroom teaching, any kind of conventions, but also for leisure, e.g. playing computer games at home. While there are many different projectors to choose from, most of them are rather heavy and bulky in design.

Solar Charger Fundamentals

Solar chargers are portable and compact devices that use solar energy to charge batteries or produce electricity. Solar power or energy is the energy derived from the sun. Popular devices that can make use of these chargers to power themselves or charge their batteries include: cell phones, flashlights, iPods, iPads, mobile phones and other compact audio devices.

A Better Understanding of Apple Certification Programs

Apple Certification has become increasingly popular over the recent past. It is one of the best programs that are widely used in organizations, institutions and other niches. This is largely attributed to the fact that there are two major certification paths for Apple including application oriented and trouble shooting oriented.

How to Increase Your iPhone / iPad Storage

Some consumers fault Apple for not allowing USB ports and devices on the iPhone and iPad to extend the storage of their devices. An elegant solution is to use cloud services like Dropbox, Sugar Sync, or Skydrive, but these will cost you a lot in terms of bandwidth use (and dollars!), especially if you want to play movies.

What Are Private IP Addresses?

Private IP addresses are reserved blocks of IP addresses which aren’t supposed to be publicly used. They are aimed for use within private networks.

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