Top 5 Raspberry Pi DIY Projects of All Time

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Hey there eggheads! Juan Carlos Bagnell
here for Newegg Studios. We're focusing this month on the wonderful world of DIY
and maker tech and few things have had the longevity and versatility of the
ever-popular Raspberry Pi. First introduced in 2012
the RasPi is a single board computer that basically fits in the palm of your
hand. There have been four main versions with
a few unique branches off the product bush in that time and the latest version
is surprisingly fully featured. With its combination of small footprint, low-power
drop, customization, and amazing community support, the Pi has been used in
thousands of different ways by clever geeks over nearly a decade. We rounded up five of our favorite uses here for you today. First up a smart mirror that is
sure to delight any science fiction fan. By using an old TV or monitor, a mirror,
some framing materials, and your Pi, you can make a mirror that tells you the
weather, reads the news, and displays calendar alerts while you go on about
your morning routine. Oh and it's also a functional mirror. It's your Deus Ex dream apartment minus all the scary cyborgs. Next is a device
that if you didn't already know you wanted one you will as soon as you see

The Pi-hole as it's called runs on the even cheaper younger sibling of the
Raspberry Pi 4, the Pi 0, and blocks all annoying ads across your entire network.
That means you won't have to fiddle with an ad blocker on every device and in
each browser. The Pi-hole does the work before any device gets involved. It also
includes the ability to whitelist network-wide, so if there are any sites
you want left untouched it can do that just as easily. The Pi has always been
pretty amazing at running emulators of your favorite classic gaming systems
without being as bulky as a console. With the Adventure Pi things are taken to a
new level by building the Pi into a portable arcade cabinet complete with
old-school stick and button fighting controls. This one has some seriously
cool features and a stunning build quality, so if you choose
to make one of these prepare to have a ton of jealous friends as you school
them good in Mortal Kombat 2.

With how expensive smart home security cameras
are, especially once you add up the hardware and subscription costs, these
safety systems can be out of the reach of even the most fastidious tech fan.
Luckily with the Raspberry Pi you can build a full-featured
smart security camera, complete with object detection and alerts, that has
more capabilities than the consumer alternatives while costing way less. The
fine people at the Raspberry Pi foundation have also just released a
super high quality camera sensor add-on, so you can have a crystal-clear view of
what you want to protect.

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And finally, because you can never have enough RGB in your life, why not build a multi-color light show that reacts to your music and
movies in real time. It acts as a visualizer, if you remember the old winamp days, that you can program with custom colors, patterns, and sensitivity
to put together some pretty dazzling light shows. Great for parties, game
streaming, and it'll help wake you up if you're a deep sleeper. That's gonna do it
for our roundup of our favorite Raspberry Pi projects, and we'd love to
hear what some of yours are. What are you doing with these punchy little project
computers? Drop us some comments down below, and make sure you check out the
links in the description for this video for more info on the setups we described,
and ways to purchase some of the project accessories you might need. As always
thanks so much for watching, sharing, and subscribing.

For Newegg Studios I'm Juan Carlos Bagnell, and I'll catch you all on the next video..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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