Top 50 Amazon Prime Day October 2022 Deals (DAY 2!) 🔥 Better Deals Than Yesterday?!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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These are the top 50 october
Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals. And today's brand new deals are awesome. Let's begin with a pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds at 43% off and $16.97. I
bought these because I wanted to see if the audio quality was as good
as the reviews had stated. Expanding in the video description box, you'll find that link, as well as a link
to an eight foot premium Christmas tree.

This has a $270 coupon attached to it, meaning you can lower your
price from $400 to $130. That's a great deal. Christmas trees as a whole, not a good deal this October Prime Day,
but this is the one exception. I thought I was being punked by viewers and subscribers,
all requesting Croc deals. And then I learned Crocs
have made a comeback. So up to 39% off if you extend
the video description box. If the deals change,
I will be updating the list, trying to lock in as many
coupons and prices for you. The 50% off the anchor wireless charge station you see right here for your
iPhone or your Apple Watch.

So you could charge them simultaneously.
$10. Lowest price in 30 days. All of these deals are
restricted to prime members. If you're not a prime member,
use that free 30 day trial that I've linked to below, and you could score
things like $50 off a cricket. My wife's really into cricket. In fact, everything cricket is
reduced to a great holiday pricing. And if there is an item that you buy
and you don't really like, or another price becomes available
from someone else, the return policy for most of these
products is up to January 31, 2023.

So you get a lot of peace of mind. You can stretch your paycheck
out over another month. The 51 price drop on this under desk fitness bike that you
guys have also requested. $19.60. I think the price of shipping this
is more than the unit itself. Anyhow. You can score up to 53% off
all sorts of champion apparel. These are some really good deals if you're looking to warm up with the
cooler weather approaching. Expand the video description box. You'll find a link to the sale. A reminder, I do use affiliate links,
which means I benefit monetarily if you're kind enough to use one of my links
that supports this channel. The Apple AirPod Pros that you see right here was probably my least
favorite deal yesterday. But I'm flagging this again because the price has dropped just a little bit
more on something that is brand new. To see any reduction on something brand new from Apple that's on so many holiday
wish lists, I am including that.

Expand the Video Description
box for the link. If you have a lot of people coming to stay with you this holiday season,
the intex pull out inflatable bed. It's 42% off, $64, down from 110. I should mention none of these
products are sponsored. Amazon is not paying me to make this
video, although I wish they were. The Casper sleeve silk
pillowcase you see right here. As you might know, silk pillowcases, which have all benefits tied to your skin
or your hair, are usually very expensive. They're much higher than this price,
let alone the fact that this includes a sleep mask, making it
a potentially great holiday gift.

$60, down from 120. That's a 50% price drop. I will have some mattress
deals in a few moments. I know you guys have been requesting that if you found the price of a Vitamix
unapproachable in the past, as I have, you can now get into the Vitamix family
with that quality, the warranties and the $149 price
drop tied to this $250 list price. Even the list price is
actually not that bad on it. As I stumble over my words, you can score discounts of a wide
variety of Fisher Price toys. We have a toddler.
We have a new baby in the house. It's a category I'll be
looking at as a whole. Toys are best purchased
closer to Christmas. But if you're worried about stock, shipping, inventory, you can take
advantage of some of these deals. Right now.
The Shark self empty roboback you see right here is within $10 of what
it sells for on Black Friday. $600, down to 389. That might be worth a look,
although there are some Roborock deals that I happen to prefer
a little bit in a few moments.

The Shark air purifier you
see right here is $230. This is a smaller version than what I featured at Sam's Club or costco one of
my prior warehouse Club video roundups. $230, down from 330.
How are you guys doing? I want to thank you all for watching
yesterday, for the support, for the comments,
for joining me back today while I sweat and seem probably more disheveled than I
was yesterday, whatever day that was, I was going to say last night,
but I haven't slept. $84 for this monochrome wireless
laser printer, down from $315. This is a 73% price drop. This is a bare bones laser printer. Each cartridge will give you around 16 100
pages of printing for the $84 printer. If you're looking for more of an all in one and you don't do the vast majority
of your printing in black and white, the Canon all in one printer
you see right here is great.

$160. I believe that Canon is one of the few
brands where you can use thirdparty ink without any issues like you might on an
Epsom, but please, doublecheck that. This Shark Steam Pocket Mop,
a hard floor cleaning system, is 43% off. $51 is another prime exclusive. This Lasco Oscillating ceramic tower space Heater, at $55, is a Maventhusa brand
that's always very well reviewed. This is something that you
could buy while it's in stock. It's typically harder to find as we inch
closer to Christmas, let alone on sale. If you're looking for a new age smart space heater, this one from Govie,
which is $72, includes an app so you can control every element
of your space heater. In fact, if you leave it on, you have an
extra security check through your phone. You can monitor the temperatures. There's an additional $8
coupon attached to this deal. A quick way around this, though. Just buy a regular space heater and plug it into a smart outlet and you'd
accomplish the same thing.

There's an additional $40 coupon that you
could apply to the Solo Stove Campfire. This brand makes a lot
of premium products. Great for adding ambience to a backyard
for s'mores, a camping trip. You get the idea. The Coleman gas planter
could go with that as well. 50% off that's 22 39. A 50% price drop. I'm excited by some of the instant Vortex and Instapot type deals that you
are seeing this Prime Day. 123 49. All pricing on par with what we typically
see Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you expand the video description box, you're going to find that link the Ninja
ice cream maker at 131 of the best prices I've seen attached to this,
there's an additional 10% back. If you have an Amazon Prime credit card, you apply it, you score
that additional incentive. That is one of the better prices. I don't know who wanted ice cream makers
with the cooler weather approaching, but I'll eat ice cream any time
of the year and I support you.

If you're looking for just a basic 32 inch smart TV, the $100 television you see
right here from Insignia, which is made by Best Buy and actually
shipped from Best Buy, strangely enough, is a good TV price if you
want one for a bedroom. If you can hold off as a whole,
TV purchases are not great. This October prime day. The 55 inch class four Series 4K smart TV you see right here as a Roku
model is $600 down to 300. That's a $300 price drop. If you can't wait, buy it now. If you can wait, I would hold off. You'll find significantly more selection
of the television deals as we approach the two weeks leading
into Black Friday and beyond. But if you need a TV, an example of this OLED 42 inch LG
offering right here at $403 is quite good.


I just wasn't blown away. The Acer 23 eight inch full HD,
zero frame, nearly bezeless monitor bezolis, I think that's
a word $95 down from 150. And if you guys see me looking down,
I have my computer screen with all the deals in front of me, so I'm
not trying to avoid looking at you. The Samsung Galaxy Flip you see
right here is $950 down to 800. That's a $150 price drop. That is a cool concept phone that is
unlocked to work with any other carrier. If there's a deal you want featured that you don't see as I make
my way through this list. Please leave a comment. I'll be updating all of the links
in the video description box and later today on I will also have
some additional deals that I'll post.

The SimpliSafe nine piece wireless home
security system at 180, down from $300, is a great contract
optional security system. I actually prefer these
to the ring systems. This does have an indoor camera, but if you are looking for an outdoor
camera system, the Blink outdoor third generation floodlight with the wireless
camera at $85 is a $55 price drop. Amazon is trying to incentivize all
of the brands it owns this second prime day of the year, and the Blink mini
would be included in that roundup.

You're essentially getting two cameras for the price of one and a 54%
price drop down to $30. That's a really good deal if you're looking just for an indoor
wireless night vision camera. The extremely wellrated catchy indoor insect trap $36 another
prime exclusive access deal. The mattress deals as a whole were better Labor Day and you'll get another
chance closer to Black Friday. But if you absolutely need a mattress, many of you guys have been asking
for these up to 30% off the very wellrated Tuft and needle brand that you
can browse the different sizes. King.
Queen California king. The Ashley furniture deals quite good. Not the most easy shopping experience
with how this furniture section is split up, but you might find something you like
if you make your way through this section. Again, extend the video description box,
you'll find a link. If you're just looking for a basic soundbar, one with great sound,
this Sony option at $98. A 25% price drop. You could get it tomorrow
depending on where you live.

The JBL soundbar with the built in subwoofer right here is a inch
wireless subwoofer system. That's significantly better as a whole,
but it is quite a bit more expensive. 289 down to $600 if you are budgeting for the end of the year and Christmas
gifts or Hanukkah presents, it's nice to have this bonus time as a way
to make your way through items that you might want as well as
items that you might need. Some of the essentials from contigo the food saver rubbermaid essentials up to
35% depending on what it is that you buy. Great for Thanksgiving.

The Megawatt 80 pack powerful vacuum
sealer $40 down from 90 we all are affected by the rising cost
of groceries inflation. This is a great way to ensure that produce is kept a little bit longer in your fridge
or freezer, and the vacuum sealing system would be one of those
ways to save you money. The Westinghouse $850 dual fuel generator
is a really solid option if you live in an area with inclement
weather or power outages. $850 down from 1249 although I did collect quite a few requests for those of you
asking for solar generators yesterday.

The Jackie solar generator issue
right here includes the solar panels. And this is a 33% price
drop of $550 reduction. I'm trying to make sure that whenever I
mention a price, if it really is the lowest,
I'll tell you if it's something you see on sale frequently,
like the Roku Express 4K. Right now, I'm only including this because
you guys have asked for a great streaming system as an alternative
to the Fire TV stick. This is a 38% reduction.
It's $25. It does include a premium HDMI cable,
which on its own is worth about $10. The HP Pavilion laptop at 750 den from 949 is on the more expensive side,
but it includes an I Seven processor, 16 gigs of Ram and a 512
gig solidstate drive. It's a very good system. If you cannot hold off for a laptop, some of you cannot wait
till the end of November. The Microsoft Surface Laptop,
my wife's laptop, 25% reduction, 899 is a competitive price
for this touchscreen system. There will be better tablet deals later down the line, which is why
I'm not including them today.

The apple.
MacBook Air was on my list yesterday. The $799 price you see right here is
actually $50 less than what it sold for on Prime Day, $50 less than what it
sold for on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. So this would be an example of a deal
that is, in fact better if you are in the market for a slightly
overpriced Apple laptop. The amplified HDTV and tennis.
You right.

Here is the number one bestseller,
perhaps the best, featured 5432, perhaps the most wellreviewed
antenna on all of Amazon at $29. That might be something,
if you are looking to cut the cord, that you could include the Roborock
Q Seven max Robo Mop and vacuum. A little bit different than the prior model I showed you from Shark
because this is also a mop. It has a lighter mapping technology. It's $400, down from 600 legitimately,
the lowest price in 33 days. I know in some of these products,
we all feel that Amazon jacks up the prices and then they lower them or
the merchants are playing games with us. This is actually a very
good price on the Q Seven. If you want a selfempting version
of the Q Seven, this $579 price you see right here is $20 better
than it was yesterday.

So I did not feature it on my list yesterday because I was hoping
for an additional price drop. We are seeing that today. If you are looking for a self emptying
RoboVac that has up to a seven week dustbin capacity, that's
a great system to include. The Aqua Oasis. Coolness, humidifier, $24. Again, the 52% price drop you're seeing
legitimately the best price in a month. I don't expect this to be lower as we approach the holidays, although
we're technically in the holidays.

The Philips Sonic care for technically
rechargeable electric toothbrush. $60.
Down from 100. I know I'm speaking quickly and trying
to make up for all the lost time that you guys are spending watching
my videos and I so appreciate it. The everlasting comfort
lumber support pill. If you're watching me at work or at a desk right now, 48% price drop
on this very wellrated. Beauty.
$27. And finally,
if you are looking for luggage, luggage has an asterisk attached to it
because after Thanksgiving, the luggage prices will be significantly
better than what you see right now. But that might not help anyone
traveling for Thanksgiving. So if you are traveling the Samsung and American tourist deals you see
right here, they are few of them. They are very good.
They're not the same variety of sales that we will see in a few weeks
if you are able to hold off. Thank you so much for watching.
Love you. Bye..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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