TOP 7 Smart Home gadgets during Singles day 11.11 in AliExpress

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do you know that during the 11th of november there will be a big global shopping festival in aliexpress it's kind of chinese black friday and it's also known as singles day aliexpress is a website with a worldwide delivery that provides all kind of gadgets sensors iot and smart home stuff that are going to be heavily discounted for 48 hours this will be the best time of the year to purchase some smart home items and to make your home even smarter in that regard i did a research which of the items are really discounted and i rank them for you so you don't have to bother on top i will not just list you seven items that are going to be greatly discounted i will also try to point you to a good tutorials that you can use immediately after you receive your items and you'll be able to get the max value of your purchases if you like anything of the items that i'm going to show you can use my affiliate aliexpress links that i'll list in this video description if you buy something from there i'll receive a small commission from your purchase with no additional cost for you i also want to share that i'll talk about aliexpress but not because this video is sponsored but because i'm mainly using this site for my purchases and i can speak from my experience of course singles day discounts will be available in other big chinese stores like and you can use it instead with that being said let's start this video first a very important thing is to clear out the exact start and end date and time of the global shopping festival in aliexpress in order not to enter too early or too late in the game the aliexpress global shopping festival will start at 0 hours 0 minutes and 0 seconds at the 11th of november pst time and it will end at 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds at 12th of november that means it will be available for around 48 hours before the exact global shopping festival aka singles day there will be a warm-up period in this warm-up period aliexpress is slowly revealing the top discounted items that will be available during the global shopping festival i used exactly this information to find the best deals in advance for us smart home makers during this warm-up period you can add the desired items in your shopping cart to collect coupons if available and then you just have to wait for the global shopping festival to start so you can purchase the discounted items that means that if you like something from my top 7 smart home ranking you can add it in your aliexpress shopping cart immediately but don't buy it until the singles they start having cleared this out let's go to item number seven of my top seven smart home gadgets ranking in aliexpress during global shopping festival the number seven is a robot vacuum cleaner and i'm talking about the brand new model from this year called romarok s7 which along the automatic vacuum cleaner have also a mop you can integrate the raw rock s7 with home assistant but first you need to extract the cloud token as i'm describing in this video and then you can try to add it using the native cherium integration available in home assistant i will list several links in the video descriptions as from what i managed to understand up front in many aliexpress stores the first 50 rovrock orders will get some free accessories the next item which is number six is much much cheaper than the previous one it is a wireless battery powered temperature and humidity sensor coming from xiaomi that you can also add in home assistant and i'm describing how you can do that in details in this video of mine using this sensor you will be able to check the temperature and humidity inside home assistant and you can make automations based on that the battery of the device should last around one year so you set it and forget it until the next singles day in the new year and when we are talking about new year what's better than a smart holiday lights with multiple effects that can be controlled from a phone or home system and here comes the number five of my top seven smart home gadgets ranking in aliexpress during singles day to get your smart core data lights you need several things led strips power supply unit a controller that you have wled software installed and that you're going to connect to your wifi so that can be controlled from your phone or home assistant you also need some cables as well as this video where i'm explaining everything step by step the most important part here is to decide how many amps your power supply should be based on your led strip type and the length but please check my video first as everything is explained there then you can buy the needed stuff from aliexpress or moving to number 4 of my top 7 smart home gadgets list in aliexpress during singles day number four is also having led strips involved but this time the leds will be put behind a tv and will be in sync with your tv image giving you the best ambient light experience in your neighborhood for that you need almost the same stuff as with the holiday lights that is led strip but short of inland unless you have a real cinema screen in your home power supply and additionally you need a raspberry pi 0w which will be the brain of this project with installed hyperion software on it as well as hdmi capture card this time i have two video tutorials about hyperion and tv ambient light one for the implementation itself and the other is how to add the hyperion in home assistant of course if you prefer to read i have these tutorials as written articles on my website going to number 3 which is an universal remote control called broadlink rm4 pro that can be used to control your home appliances using infrared and radio frequency turn on tv okay you can create scenes and automations and it even have an optional cable with sensors that can show you the temperature and humidity and probably you guessed it right you can add the broadlink rm4 pro to home assistant and i have two videos one for reviewing the product features and the other is all about adding it to home assistant next item which is number two from my list is a must-have for any smartphone maker it is an esp32 baseboard called d1mini esp32 on this board you can install multiple softwares like transmotor esp home or you can upload a custom arduino project like i did to control switchbot products in this video on top you can attach all kind of sensors and relays on the d1 mini esp32 and it is so cheap that i just can't get enough pieces of this board so if you want to get one use the links below the item number one from my list is a big one it is a creality 3d printer andr3 v2 with this printer you can print all kinds of stuff some of them useful some of them totally useless if you have kids this printer will become kind of best toy that produce new toys on demand setting up this printer is tricky and start the printing the end result was this but i have a video where you can see all the glitches that i faced and avoid them beautifully if you always wanted a 3d printer now it is a best time to buy it on top this is the probably the best 3d printer that you can get under 300 doors and the price during the aliexpress global shipping festival should be probably the best during the whole year with that my top 7 smart home gadgets ranking in aliexpress during global shopping festival concludes if you wish to secure this channel existence you can do one of the following or best all of them subscribe for my channel with the notification bell like this video check the support methods in the video description join my discord server follow me on twitter and remember home smart but not hard i'm kill and i'm done speaking bye

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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