Türklingel Smart machen “vorhandene”[ ioBroker ], mit Xiaomi Tür-/Fensterkontaktsensoren für ca. 15€

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Hi Guys,
welcome to a new video around the topic SmartHome.
Today I want to show you how I do my doorbell smart,
I have do the whole with the window/door sensors from Aquara/Xiaomi. I have a relatively old doorbell and it was very easy
to implement the whole. To the people with a Siedle Doorbell,
it works for you, too. it's just a little bit
demanding. You maybe have to do a little bit more…
No i'am sure, you have to do more.
I'll say a few more sentences later and at the end of the video.

So do not give up if you see my doorbell. It works for you as well
It's just a little bit demanding. OK Lets start it.
Let me show you how I did it, enjoy the video. So Guys,
I'll show you how i build it now. I've already assembled mine, that's why
I'll use that again to demonstrate it for you. You have to open the device first. It's extra up here a recess for open it. You go with one
small screwdriver in and open it.
It's designed to change the battery. If its open,
remove first the battery and then you have to remove
this protective cover, or the Just be careful here That divides is only plugged. So! Here is the board,
you can lift it out.

I already have the cables connected, but that doesn't matter now. Here is a small push button, for pairing. If it falls out, just plug it in again. I'll leave it that way for now. Now to
the board, on the board is this switching elements. Wait, here it is.
these switching elements. If a Magnet comes close, this
contact becomes closed.
We are now bridging the whole here, or we are mounting
parallel to this a print relay. This takes over the function of the magnet. you just have to connect the cable here an solder the cables on it. If you did that, you'll have to reassemble everything.
Make sure that the button is correctly installed. Otherwise you have to open it again. Pay attention that you install everything carfully. Here are also small recesses. Here here…. The board only fits in this way, make sure that the button engages again….
So he works again.

Then here comes the cover back on it. just stick it on and insert the battery. Before you move on, test it out. Here is a small LED and if you press the button, the LED will flash. I hope you can see it, or you might hear it. The Xiaomi Gateway says something in the background when I press the button. The battery is in, function is still
given. The cover can be mounted again Now you have to connect the print relay Just put a cable here and
the other cable here. the whole thing is intended for people who are familiar with electrics I try to explain it now amateurish. You have a coil here, if there is electricity here, here creates a magnetic field. Here is such a small metal that will
dressed and if that dressed here is there such a connection and
then these plates will go here and pushed. Here is the one plate and when the magnetic field was built,
is going here drawn.

Or the middle one
Plate is moved and gets there pressed, to this contact. I draw that on paper. Now the pen does not write … We have a cable here
connected and here and when the magnetic field is built up,
the coil is energized here, that will pulled down here and thereby
here moves this middle Element. Wait … I have to get one
another pen. Then this is pushed here
when the bell is pressed. This is the contact here
closed and that's the same thing also happened here. I also record that again briefly. Here are our cables
connected. The Board is down here
and when a magnet approaches this one is pulled there by the magnet and that is the contact decided. The same happens
Now here with our print relay, the means here is voltage on
the thing is attracted and this middle plate moves either in
the direction or the direction. You have to pay attention to the print relay ….. We have here again
the middle and there is always an opener and a closer contact.
This is a change contact. For example, that this is always here
is actuated when no power is applied.

When the coil is energized,
he changes this way in that direction means then here is the contact
closed and here is open. You can see that here … in the video you might not see that. But now these two are closed here,
if you would measure would be from here to the passage here. On the
There would be no passage here. When the coil is excited, goes over here, then have
we here our passage. Exactly the same happens
to the magnet. Now we have to connect it to the doorbell. We
have to connect these two pins on our bell. When the bell is pressed, power is applied and the coil picks up. This activates the Aquara sensor here. You have to check what voltage is applied to the bell. Do you have AC? …. DC? ….
12V …. 20V …. 100V …. You have to check that first. My doorbell
has 8V AC That's why I have
a print relay took with 12V AC voltage works. You can see that ….. here you can see that, the coil is working with 12V AC voltage ……….. 🙂 It must be about 12V present for the coil to work. 8V is synonymous, I believe the rule with a bell ….

pexels photo 4050415

But the voltage is enough …… So that the whole works. If you have one
Siedle doorbell, where everything is small and compact, that will be a problem now, because that Do not stick to your doorbell
Fit in, what you can do is you just build yourself next to the Siedle
doorbell such a small plastic box where the whole fits in and installs it near. If you have white settle plant there
then you can do a small compact white plastic box. Then you build
the whole thing in there … next to the Siedle Conditioning and that will not attract attention.
And with your wife or your husband will not
Give problems. You just have to do that neat ….

It was relatively easy for me, I have
an old bell, … that's why it was relatively
easy. How the whole thing looks, I show you
now. So people, the whole looks to me like this.
I have a big one here … a big bell cover. When I take it off, it all looks like this. I have the two Wires here from the bell. When my bell is actuated, voltage is applied here
than it will be here pressed this nipple and that
creates this classic gong. What you have to do now is connect the coil from the relay here. About the Siedle doorbell, which must indeed get her signal somewhere, ie somewhere these two wires are coming to you as well. I do not know what it's like when you
have a bus system (doorbell) that exists too.!? But I have no experience. I can do that for you honestly not help.
And it certainly is somehow there is possible, then you would have to bring it to yourself unfortunately. But as i said you to have the two wires from the bottom, from the bell and there you will connect now
your print relay.

In my case, its easy.
the polarity is unimportant here (in my case!!!) ….. The whole thing looks like that, of course you can solder it. For the test we leave that
so. I have done it like this ……. I attach this now with a Velcro tape. Now i have to mount the cover, and i am finish. Let's test it all now… I hope my smartphone will not fall off. As you can see here, it is indicated that the doorbell has rung. Then it shows that the front door is open, because I had to open, just to ring. The important thing is that it works. That's it, cover on it again, done. Just to compare that
is my hand, The bell is so relatively large. Yes …. You have to implement that for your system now. Somewhere the wires of your bell have to
come, and normally it should be 8-12V AC voltage (germany). You have to
pick up and connect the print relay in parallel there and install together with the window contact sensor. Maybe there is one somewhere
concealed box where you can tap that that means maybe is in front of your bell system somewhere still a flush box or you can do it below right at the

If you have a one family house, then you can do it all downstairs,
directly in the bell. There you have probably enough space and it does not bother you. I just got to Google "Siedle connect" and if I look at the pictures there, The whole thing should not be
Be a problem. Of course there are also pictures where the Siedle Bell is really compact, but actually you should be able to connect. I would like to show you the pictures now, but
I do not have any kind of desire Warning for any copyright …. xxx …. I was the days deleted a video just because of me I took the TV and there in the background a cartoon run
is. I do not do that yet times and as I said if you need help You can also send me the pictures if you have questions. if i can help, i will do it.

That's it.
then, I would say. Take a look all right, do not give up too fast!
There is for everything a solution.
So have fun with your SmartHome, see you soon!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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