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[Music] just see like something like this a glue is amazing yeah just like something like short and punchy like a Steve Jobs or like yeah what's it with a glue is the future big blue is our smartphone or smart system of the future a glue is the core that enticed together your future a glue is your home and you think glue is a smart home application we have been developing for the last six months of our university career it's essentially supposed to be a smart move system of the future and so it lets you control all of your devices your heating monitor energy usage and consumption fantastic and it's all mightiness one seamless system so that you can control all of it from one place [Music] we are a group of software developers software engineers and like many creators who all come together to bring you the future of smart home technology at night glow we strive for excellence in security transparency quality and comfort we focus on user experience we put you first we are not cluttering an igloo is our nest product [Music] I'm very I'm one of the organizational managers in the Gantt chart manager and I've been working on both front end and back end of the application my name is Matt I am one of the technical managers as well as one of the organizational managers of night club I've been responsible for saying of meetings working on various components and I am the technical managers I worked on the front end side of things I'm one of the organization managers that laptop and I was in charge of things like meetings and taking care of our wiki pages I also did some graphic design work such as create this room banner and most of the person behind camera right now hello I'm Nina and I'm the project leader and technical lead on this project mostly on the back end of our Mountain system and on our various tools and side projects such as the EOS documentation generation and tagging epi hi I'm mark I'm the liaison for nark life my main responsibilities included creating the company website natural calm handling the marketing aspects of the project and keeping in constant communication with our manager providing progress of these and arranging meetings the Freund framework we have used HTML CSS and JavaScript to make the UI development slightly less time-consuming as a group we decided when using a front-end framework and we chose material design bootstrap the framework itself provides a solid foundation recruiting user interface with a library full of various templates for different website elements in turn making and development a lot museum and more efficiently we have not however relied solely on the library provided by MDB and however necessary I did CSS HTML and JavaScript overall to help create a more unique app and further improve the mobile experience we have made sure not to overlook any of the mobile introductions the user may have as one of our goals was to have a progressive web application this has been achieved on making the web app a pwe has meant after user has proposed a Google web application app will have the same behavior as a native application from their smartphones app marketplace when the backing we use various libraries such as the object relational mapping library called X own it allows us to easily create schemas and update our database without messing around with SQL queries this saves us a lot of time it allows us to run out features faster we also wanted the system to work offline so we can ensure the users privacy and reliability of our product which is why we saw all the data locally owned an SQLite database rather than in the cloud we wanted English to last as long as possible it never want your smart home system to be outdated or unsupported after he years so we have built a plug-in API which allows us to connect all sorts of devices from different vendors our application everyday vendors come up with new devices the plugins system allows us to keep up with the market so if you buy a new smart home appliance you can just go to the marketplace download the plug-in and Okita the Ebro marketplace is where you can search for plugins and some of them are paid [Music] these are handled by our stripe payment gateway once you downloaded or purchased a plugin you redirect to igloo which will ask you to confirm to the solar plugin plugins are certain our marketplace repository and its structure similar to Linux package managers repositories this allows us to test our systems on our developer machines and other systems if you later need to lease a different version of our in anaconda architecture all plugins on the repository are check songs archives and have a manifest file available this is done automatically using a plugin manager tool this allows user to quickly download plugins over the Internet and have it validated before running we also hooked up lights in the in this room and so using the app we can toggle so with them on and off our plugin system communicates over remote procedure calls or RTC so the plugins run as independent processes and it is communicated over network sockets so in the case a plug-in crashes or malfunctions it does not affect the entire cyst smart home system as a whole and the plug-in just gets restarted our smart home system is installed on this 3d printed unit which contains our Raspberry Pi zero w and running our custom Linux distribution called igloo or igloo OS we have created egress to speed up setting up these units and support our hardware changes as you see we have meat to the Raspberry Pi I don't know if you can see but sandwich between the industry and the Raspberry Pi unit is our real-time clock right there and it's connected with these white wires on the back on these GPIO curtains or of the Raspberry Pi and this is so that we can keep track of the date and time when the player when device gets disconnected from power these functions including the ink display require additional linux kernel modules be loaded and the system to be configured to support these devices u.s.

Comes pre-installed with our english server which is the core of our smart home system and our ink display program and services so this automatically starts with system boots up we also enable the internet gadget kernel module which allows us to plug the igloo unit directly to a computer using even a USB cable and I feel as an Ethernet interface we setup the unit's network interface so that we are able to connect to it via SSH for testing and development purposes the ink display on the unit allows you to quickly see the status of your power generation consumption and the battery power level I'm just going to briefly go over our marketing plan for the Eclat location so to begin with we thought it was important that we did some background research and the first significant bit of information that we found was a phone usage was on the increase while PC usage was declining slightly thankfully portability had already been considered ensuring that we would be available on a range of creating systems and the vases we also found that the smart home market revenue was currently sitting at the highest I've ever been and is expected to continually increase for the next four years the market revenue sat at 2.2 billion in 2017 and now sets at roughly three point nine billion an increase of one point seven billion in just four years by time 2024 comes around the smart home market revenue is expected to be about six point 1 billion showing that the markets forecast to grow more and more an ideal time to get into the market following offer this an in-depth market analysis took place using the three frameworks of pest analysis SWOT analysis and Porter's five forces whilst all three of these frameworks generally looked at different aspects there were a couple of key takeaways that were evident and all of them firstly was there are many applications currently on the market most of them focus on specific areas some focus on devices but don't include heating settings and vice versa not clever however focuses on an entire household secondly as were a new company with no reputation and may be difficult to attract customers to the application this is also a difficulty to some of the companies in the market having a worldwide reputation but we do kind of have an Instagram page which we have being pushed into it is important that we take advantage of social media by creating a page on as many channels as possible to try and increase brand awareness moving on to our marketing strategy we have pinpointed a target market in which we believe are most likely to want to try eglee in terms of demographics people aged between 25 and 44 are the biggest users and the smartphone market and will also most likely be the people who make the decisions and their household the sneezes on to our customers which consists of homeowners and residents both of which are primary stakeholders these are the groups of people we will be targeting however we also believe that this group of people is too broad and therefore we have not done the target market slightly this has been done by focusing on people who fall in the intermediate and higher income bands detailed by the Scottish government this is due to the increased cost of turning a household and plas mawr home similarly we would like to focus on people in the UK and USA as these countries have the biggest houseful penetration rate and biggest increases in household penetration we have also been pointed security as a glues unique selling point security is not something that applications are centered around the ever software is this is because the system will be installed locally at the user's home and permissions are available within the app to ensure maximum security at all times what you've seen so far isn't all the igloo can do it glue is packed to the brim with working features things like a personalized welcome upon login showing you the weather for today igloo is desktop friendly tablet friendly and smartphone friendly for portability you can add rooms you can add devices you can delete rooms you can delete devices scan your home for available devices here restrict rooms so that the kids can access them looking for a bit more personalization change your avatar picture to this kitten rename your devices favorite your devices [Music] move your devices between rooms rename your rooms bad vision no problem change the font size igloo is here to make your life easier change account permissions delete users check the status of your devices and device settings export all your data to JSON or XML you can also register users by generating an invite code here and then head to the register page you can turn on and off the main light in temp control directly from the rooms page we have worked tirelessly as a team the last six months to bring you the best smart application that we possibly could igloo is something we're all extremely proud of however there are some features that we just couldn't get working in time for the final deadline this was due to having to prioritize the most important features of igloo in order to keep within time constraints things we didn't manage to complete are the following the overview page providing a top-down view of the home we envisioned this utility to show each device in their respective rooms and a heat map of energy consumption throughout the home schedules the ability to create your own automated routines things like turning the heating on a specific room but a specific time each day account switcher the account switcher we provide an easy more family-friendly way of swapping accounts and logging in oK we've seen the quirks and features of igloo but now let's give you a proper demonstration of the application using our demo website which you can also visit and log in to and also explain why we mentioned minecraft earlier anyway here's the login page we Logan here's a dashboard as its name suggests this is a central location where most of information is shown the a better status of the home battery storage is shown over here next to the end sharp which shows us the power generation in yellow mixes from the Sun of course next to the power usage in both in kilowatts below these you have the favorite section which gives you quick access toggles to your devices and some tips on how you can save power everything on this page is dynamically updated including the green on the top left now let's make our way over to the rooms on this page we have well the rooms and some quick toggles on these cards as to reduce the number of clicks that it might take for user to let's say turn a light on or off it also shows a current temperature of the room with a handy dandy indicator both the room is getting a little hot heading into these rooms we can see that the devices are grouped this is to avoid having all of them dotted around the screen the cards also show how long the devices have been on for and when the last time it was switched off okay let's change the font size it's a bit small for me perfect igloo also has the ability to use custom fonts and it also has an option to respect to browser default fonts in case a person uses their own accessible typeface for websites on the subject of accessibility igloo meets many of the web content accessibility guidelines meaning that the contrast between text and backgrounds is high font sizes are large enough for most users anyway and we'll just to make them bigger or smaller and it also is compatible with screen readers it's easy to forget those of us who are less fortunate and require accessibility options which is why it's one of our top priorities when making a query right let's pick up the pace we're nearing the end of this video minecraft what you've been dying to know about as previously mentioned because shipping future on skaaland will take a little while we've recreated something similar in Minecraft in order to demonstrate our application working in a real-world way hooking up to our plug-in API all right let's run the server step 1 buy minecraft step 2 joining the server let's enter the details demo don't knock Lancome here we go [Music] okay look I know we're over the limit just by a little bit but there was a lot of important stuff to cover but don't worry this is the end the rest is just credits and bloopers anyways we've had an absolute blast with this project especially making this video and we hope you've enjoyed watching our journey please do consider heading over to demo knock loud comm so that you can view the app in action and if you have a copy of Minecraft you can join our nut closed server to see how the plug-in API allows us to toggle the lights in Minecraft and for it to show up in the web app anyway thank you again and enjoy these bloopers it's okay minimum focus distance what's what's igloo mine's the last bit we're in like and I'm also gonna be on camera and it spans me like didn't appear as the ethernet we also enabled the ER then we also did kernel module which allows us to plug the igloo Internet

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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