Unboxing Xiaomi Mijia Gateway 3 Multi Mode Gateway Homekit Smart Home Indonesia (FULL WALKTROUGH)

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Hm Google, Let's start unboxing right now! Okay, boss! Don't Forget to Subscribe Mr Bibbo Channel! Let's Go! Hi, how are you! This time we will review the latest devices From Xiaomi that is, Xiaomi Gateway Version 3 What are the advantages and disadvantages of this device Compared to the Previous Gateway. Get on with it, Let's Go! Mi Gateway version 3 Is the third generation Xiaomi gateway which is equipped with a triple connection that is, WiFi Zigbee and BLE in the box there is a multi-language manual and one power cable with micro USB type There is also a charger head with an output of 5V 1 A and a Gateway version 3 that looks so sexy Xiaomi Gateway 3 has a perfectly circular flat shape and has a pretty white color There is a Mijia logo on the top of this device on the back there is a micro usb slot and on the front there is a button to reset this device Xiaomi Gateway 3 is made of solid plastic material and white so doff at the bottom there is also anti slip rubber which makes this device safe when nudged and flicked Compared to Mi Remote Gateway version 3 is like a nut split in two because it has a similar design Only the size is bigger mi remote than Xiaomi Gateway 3 equipped with dual antenna WiFi, using 2×2 MIMO wireless technology with a more stable signal and a wide range This device uses Zigbee 3.0 which is said to provide a faster response than the previous gateway The following is detailed info from Xiaomi Gateway 3 Immediately, we turn on this device open the Mihome application and click add newdevice New devices will be detected automatically and click to add new devices.

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Then press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds Select the wifi access point and wait for the device to connect with Mihome In the display settings Xioami Gateway 3 seems very simple There are 3 guard options, namely at home, away home and sleep then underneath there are 3 more options the Alarm trigger device Alert Log and Child Device On the 3 dot icon on the top right there is a guard setting to adjust volume and duration alerts Then there is the light indicator to turn off and turn on the device indicator lights and there is a BLE gateway to add devices with Bluetooth low energy connections then automation If as a trigger device is available as an alert and if used as a respond three preset guard options are on and off which is already available now we will try to add a zigbee door sensor device to this device Door sensor added successfully now we try to enable the guard on this device by activating the door sensor as an alarm trigger The alarm sounds like this What do you think now we compare the alarm sound from Gateway version 2, Gateway AC and Gateway 3 Let's Go! Xiaomi Gateway 3 is not so good for security alarms There are no other sound options available And the sound issued far less than the previous gatedway Its features are mediocre However, unlike the previous Gateway Xiaomi gateway 3 can be used as BLEGateway too So you no longer need to buy another BLE Gateway device and good news for iOS users Because this device can be connected directly to a Homekit device Unfortunately I'm not an iOS user so I can't try it yet Xiaomi Gateway 3 is equipped with the latest technology in it like ZIgbee 3.0 and a wider range of WiFi connections and if in the future Xiaomi produces devices that only support Zigbee 3.0 then, you must have it here is the rating we gave for Xiaomi Gateway 3 In the next video there are still many devices that we want to review So, stay tune on Bibbo Channel and, bye bye!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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