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Students implement
projects independently in later semesters. Here we see an example of how
physically impaired people can operate a computer
or control toys with a technology they have designed themselves. The so-called "flip mouse" is
built by the course itself. Students learn
to solder the hardware, manufacture the housing using 3D printing, among other things, and
assemble the flip mouse. The software is then
loaded onto the device and with the help of the mouthpiece it is possible to control the computer mouse by
moving your lips to the left / right and up / down . You can click left and right by sucking in and blowing in
. In addition to increased comfort
by controlling the environment via voice, tablet or smartphone
, smart homes also offer increased energy efficiency. In addition, the security in your
own four walls can be increased. For example, household appliances
recognize whether the stove is switched on when a resident leaves the apartment.
But there are also intelligent solutions that reduce the risk of injury to children,
for example through open windows.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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