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I'm hungry! ah now that's fresh! Kate! Do
you have a death wish? Want some? It's good. More for me then I'm not drinking glue silly have an
empty glue bottle wash it out with soap and water then fill it with something
sweet make sure it resembles glue like this time to fill er up
looks enough a lot like glue right put the cap on and you're done oh let me
give it a try perfect hey don't you rent 8 is it house clear I'm starving it's jitter for chewing I
don't see anything Jennifer you got grub whoa
that was fantastic have an empty Pringles can outline a cutout like this
then cut it out with a blade be sure to disguise the can now it'll look like a pencil tin once
that's done fill it up with a snack nice choice still have the lid cut off its
Ridge and drop it in this way your pencils can sit on top pretty brilliant
right tummy feel better now Kate okay Columbus had three ships the Nina
the Pinta and the Santa Maria oh no was that me Shh lunch isn't for another two
hours I'm so embarrassing good thing I have an emergency snacks –
I'll pick it a red one those are my fave oh no snacking in my classroom young
lady you don't have to wait til lunch okay okay I'm putting it away all right
I can totally make it to lunch I just have to focus second thought whoa I
still have a glue stick in here something tells me vicki has another
brilliant idea if you have to hide snacks in class use an empty glue stick
case the most important part take out the glue you don't want to eat that
don't forget the bottom piece make sure to rinse out the glue casing to get any
lingering chemicals out of there now comes the fun part take some of your
favorite candy like these gummies here out in a stack to stick in the tube now
watch as they slide right in there perfect fit when lunch is a couple
classes away nothing tastes better than a sneaky snack don't worry it's just glue nothing to
see here you know glue gummy snacks same thing
you'd better to fast Vick alright time to buckle down and get to work let's get
all my stuff set up here oh no I'm all out of my pink paint because when I just
bought this at least I still have the yellow one ready to go and I'm out of
that one too great well not too bad
perhaps some sugary sweets will cheer you up sure why not whoa there she blows
it's raining skittles rejoice blow what's been expecting this to happen hey
check out my water the candy made it into a lime green color awesome it
almost looks like it's a radioactive or something doesn't it if what piece of
candy did all that just think of what other colors we can make if you have an
empty tray like this try making your own candy color palette after you add some
candy brush some water on the pieces like this it looks like actual
watercolor paint who needs to go to the art supply store when you can just use
your favorite candy wow these girls are definitely inspired by this accidental
discovery whoo that last one is definitely frame worthy and if you carry the two you get 245
which is also the answer to number seven on the previous exam but we'll cover
that tomorrow oh man Saved by the Bell I've missed you so
this last hour whoa isn't that a little loud Sophia cool your jets I'll turn it
down let me see wanna headphones what a mess but how
does this even happen in there I think this gum may prove quite useful I gotta
take a plastic gun case like this one and take the gum out
add some personal touches like fun stickers cute right with the case spread
open punched two holes in to one side now add a keyring finally you can listen
to your favorite jams in public hey Sophia come on we're all going to lunch
now you can keep your earbuds and neat and tidy for next time and you never
even have to throw them in your bag genius many people don't realize that teachers
job isn't done the moment the bell rings whew all this greeting has got me beat I
wish I had time for a little nap yikes all those red marks mean one thing
D all right it looks like Miss appley is finally taking a well-deserved break huh
if I make it to the teachers lounge in time I can catch the last ten minutes of
my favorite soap but little does she know Katie's been lurking around the
corner waiting for just the right moment to pounce good the coast is clear
looks like miss Appleby grated this morning's exams is mine in here
seriously she called me stupid this can't be right I studied my butt off for
this looks like things may turn out in my favor after all
for this prank you'll need an empty cup and some chocolate brown putty like this
if you flatten it out a bit you can actually make it look like spilled
coffee looks pretty real doesn't it don't forget to stretch it out to make a
splatter effect what I was on drew two minutes how did this happen
let's see that it's soaked through the entire pile hold on a second
is this even coffee I don't know what this is but it's disgusting some days it
takes everything you have to stay awake in class better get going guys the Bell
doesn't dismiss you I do now sit down oh man we were so close to being out of
here what time did I eat breakfast like four hours ago
my stomach is grumbling something fierce maybe I have something at the bottom of
my backpack let's see here okay miss Appleby isn't looking the minute dive on
this pasta I whipped up last night huh is this pasta even cooked look what
I have want to do a little pranking this fine
afternoon okay I just gotta get to that chair without the teacher seeing me
yikes that was close now I'm gonna put some of my dry pasta
underneath the legs did I hear someone say something nothing to see your teach
we're just taking notes oh boy here comes the big moment let's
was that crunching noise did the chair break or something Jennifer and that was
awesome you're the queen of pranks

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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