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HP Pavilion 500-200t Guide – A Popular PC That Offers Multimedia Tools, Customization, and More

The most sought after desktops these days are ones that offer versatility and expandability. One that offers both of these is the HP Pavilion 500-200t. It offers everything from multi-core processor power to advanced audio technology. Whether you want to use it for the home or office, it comes with both wireless and built-in wired networking.

Is Chromebook 11 Worth It?

Chromebooks have always been fascinating this time it is about the latest Chromebook 11 by HP. This Chromebook runs on Android OS and Windows. It is designed to run the Chrome along with other programs. Now the question is how good it measures up against its rivals in the market. Let us find out what HP has to offer us with this new product to its technology users.

Should You Upgrade to iPad Air?

This year seems to be lots of changes when it comes to Apple that has launched the latest tablet the iPad Air. This is what makes it difficult for most of the Apple fans to decide which one to go for. iPad Air is sleek and slimmer while iPad Mini has Retina Display but thicker in chassis. Some things like 10 hour battery juice might have you wondering which one is better other things like similar camera and same color options are enough to confuse any user. Let us compare and contrast these two tablets and find out how one is better than another on various criteria.

IOS 7 Keyboard Tricks and Tips

iOS 7 has come out with many changes that includes new features, control center, app interfaces, new icons and sports a complete new look. However, for all those who are more keen on texting and messaging they need to know more about its keyboard secrets. There are hidden tricks and tips that you can discover to make it easier for you to use the keyboard.

Technology, an Enigma

When has technology gone too far? Come and see 3 things that can point to just that.

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