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Which EReader Is Best?

If you would like to know what the best eReader is, then I’m here to tell you that there is no definite answer to that question. The device that may be right for you may not necessarily be right for the next person.

Using the iPad As an EReader

Over the past few years, the iPad has experienced tremendous growth, at around 2000 sales per hour. The types of people that buy a iPad tend to have an array of interests. Some purchase it simply so they can have one, while others may purchase one for gaming, and then you have those who are still on the fence on whether or not they need one.

Why You Should Stick With the Kindle

Those early eReader days when Kindle was king have long gone and now there are many devices available within the marketplace. Healthy competition has the added advantage of keeping all competitors on their feet, which ensures that they are motivated to produce the best.

Do You Need an eReader Device?

eReaders are growing quite rapidly in popularity, to no surprise to us all. After all, people typically like the thrill associated with a new gadget.

The New Chips For eReaders Is Set To Enhance eBook Reading

There are many market analysts out there that believe, over time we should see a big drop in the prices of eReaders such as Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle. A manufacturer of chips, Freescale Semiconductor is currently developing a chip specifically for eReader devices.

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