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today we are headed back to dollar tree for 
another round of my top blanks to use with your   cricut i'm gonna show you what items to buy give 
you free cut files tons of tips and tricks and   show you how you can make over even the cheapest 
items at dollar tree into some amazing decor this is whiskey and whit my name is whitney and 
on this channel i love to share diys and budget   home decor i also love to share tips and tricks 
around cricut but you could use what i'm sharing   today with any vinyl cutting machine that you 
have also i want to give a huge thank you to   thrive market for partnering with me on this video 
and supporting whiskey and what let's get into the   first project so we're going to start off in the 
glassware aisle and i'm going to grab one of these   small appetizer plates they have both square 
and round so for today's project i'm grabbing a   round one everything we're going to do today 
you're going to want to start by measuring the   middle of my plate's about four and a half inches 
so we are going to upload a free file by clicking   upload selecting the file that you can get from 
my blog which is linked down below and then we're   going to import it as a cut image once it is on 
our canvas then we're going to get sizing which   is up here and i decided to do mine four inches 
wide because our circle is about four and a half   inches i wanted some breathing room then i'm 
cutting it out on some black matte vinyl all my   supplies will be linked for you down below these 
are all my favorite things and then i'm gonna use   some expressions vinyl clear transfer tape another 
favorite to apply it to the center of my plate   it is that simple the great thing here is you 
can use it in a variety of different ways for a   decor purpose because we're using vinyl on the 
plate here i would not recommend this for food   but what i want to do with these is put them 
on my dining room table in an arrangement idea number two is also in the kitchenware section 
bamboo spoons i've been loving to craft with these   they are super simple and you can make them look 
really high-end so i'm just taking some one-inch   painters tape wrapping it around the bottom 
of my spoons to give myself a striped look   and then i'm painting it with black chalk 
paint i ended up letting that dry and then   moving my tape around so i could create another 
set of lines and you'll see here in a minute that   i'm just gonna end up painting the entire thing 
anyway i ended up cutting out these sayings gather   and let's eat in the font white love you can 
download for free at dafont they're one inch   tall and i'm applying it to the handle of the 
spoon sometimes you gotta use your squeegee and   help it kind of get started then when that was 
done i decided to make a thicker black stripe   on the handle i like this much better i wrapped 
that section with some jute twine added more twine   to the ends so they could be hung up and these 
are ready to go to be displayed in your kitchen idea number three are custom tags you can either 
grab the wood ones like this or i like the paper   chalkboard ones that come in tag shape and circle 
now i designed a ton of options for you so you   just need to import it and size it to three and 
a half inches wide and cut it out now a quick tip   here is to use the iron on cut setting when you're 
cutting vinyl with intricate designs it's gonna   yell at you to mirror it don't worry about it 
that's just gonna help so it doesn't cut as deep   then i'm applying it with my expressions vinyl 
paper transfer tape so i don't rip the paper tag   and it's that easy if you have any run over 
of the lines on the edges just kind of push   it over the edge it'll give you a seamless look 
and these are ready for your gifts and parties   we're gonna pop over to the actual 
craft section for number four   i loved sharing these in my last video and 
so i've got some more ideas for these wood   organizers that make beautiful signs we're gonna 
stain it in early american stain but you can   stain or paint it whatever color that you want 
that matches your decor i just love this color   and then i'm cutting out this decal that's free 
over on my blog six and a half inches wide the   square is actually seven inches so i did six and 
a half inches to give myself some breathing room   now because we've got stained wood here we're 
using the expressions vinyl paper transfer tape   less tack so it doesn't rip anything up and then 
i applied my fun little design and i absolutely   love this quote you'll have to let me know in 
the comments if you know what show it's from so this next one is actually going to be for finn 
and it is their night lights so by the time you're   watching this we have actually sold our house and 
are moving in with my mom and dad for a couple   months until we can close on our new home and 
so finn needs some nightlights for his new room   so i decided to search for bluey coloring pages 
on google and then i uploaded those images into   cricut to make my own cut file i'm going 
to start up here at the top and select   crop so that i can get rid of any 
of the extra stuff on the outside   and then go back to this first screen and select 
magic eraser that's going to allow me to click on   any of these white open areas and get rid of them 
so that it will cut out and you can also select   preview up in the corner to make sure 
you're getting everything you need to cut   out especially if it's a multiple colored image 
then add it as a cut file and you are good to go   if you've got something small like this i suggest 
cutting it on an iron-on setting and here are the   sizes for bingo orange and bluey is blue then it's 
as easy as taking your transfer tape and applying   it to the center of both of your night lights and 
they are good to go finn absolutely loves these   and they give off a really good amount of light 
and i like that that one looks kind of orange and   this one is blue for bluey these will be great 
for my parents and then also at our new house   i got really excited in the store when i saw these 
wood rounds and i actually grabbed them to send to   jennifer a little bit of calm and crazy for our 
mystery box i grabbed two for myself and decided   to stain both of them with early american stained 
by minwax then i'm taking some one-inch painters   tape to section off the bottom part so i can paint 
it black to get a really pretty two-tone look   i'm not waiting for my paint to dry i'm just 
peeling off the painters tape so that i've got   a nice clean line now here's how easy it is you 
can grab this from my blog this file and cut it to   seven inches wide apply it with some paper 
transfer tape so it doesn't peel up that   paint you just put on add the hanger back 
on and then i just made a fun bow with some   ribbon i had in my stash and glued it onto the top 
it is that easy to create a beautiful sign like   this especially with a free cut file you can just 
import and cut i also have this one which is life   is better at the lake this file reminded me of my 
husband and this is going to be so cute on our new   door so also part of moving is organizing all my 
craft supplies and i want to make sure i could   find my scraps when we got to the new place so i'm 
grabbing some of these little file folders from   dollar tree and i'm cutting out the words that i 
want seven inches wide in the font steinfeld i'm   using clear transfer tape here versus the paper 
because i'm not applying it to a delicate surface   and i'm adding paper scraps to the gray one and 
then the two pink are for vinyl neutral scraps and   color scraps then these are really easy to put 
on the shelf add things as we go all i have to   do is slide in any of my scraps of paper 
or vinyl i can organize by color and then   there it is when i'm ready to craft again i love 
saving my scraps because it helps me save money   you know i love to save money when it comes to 
diys i also love to save money when it comes to   our groceries and that's what thrive market helps 
me do it is an online membership based grocery   store and their main goal is to make healthy 
living easier more accessible and more affordable   for everyone before i started doing whiskey and 
what full-time i actually worked for a natural   and organic food distributor but now that i don't 
work there anymore and i live in a smaller town   the products are either hard to find or when i do 
find them they are really expensive this whole box   that i got from thrive market if i were to 
buy it in the store if i could even find it   it would probably be over a hundred bucks based 
on my math i got everything in here for under 60.   so that is a huge amount of savings and with 
the membership that you can either do monthly   or you can also do annually the savings pay 
for itself it's so much easier i don't have   to go to the grocery store so i got some of 
these brainiac applesauce pouches because finn   is super obsessed with applesauce i also love 
simple mills crackers so they're sea salt ones   one of the big staples on my calorie deficit is 
soup and i love these rayos ones veggie sticks   for finn some chips and salty snacks for me and 
these i am loving you treats for sebastian the   biggest thing that i love about thrive 
market especially with it being a membership   based store is that i can get regular size items 
and i don't have to buy these things in bulk   you can click the link down in my description 
or you can go directly to thrivemarket.com   whiskey and wit through that link you will get 
30 off your first order as well as a free gift   worth up to 50 dollars when you join thrive market 
got my snacks now let's head back and do some diys   i get a ton of questions on yay or nay dollar tree 
cricut items are they worth it or not i love the   scraper and the little weeding tool and i really 
do like their vinyl it's not super high quality   but it'll work when you're labeling stuff or in 
a pinch and they have some really pretty patterns   j money diy recently sent me some of their faux 
leather rolls in a mystery box and i ended up   cutting them on the faux leather paper thin 
setting it cut really well it gave me really clean   lines and i was able to make these really fun bows 
as well as some keychains that i also customized   with heat transfer vinyl i'll link this video 
down below if you want to check out that project   i've been really enjoying making over 
pizza pans for signs so for this one   i'm going outside grabbing some flat black spray 
paint flipping it over because we're going to use   the back of the pizza pan i gave my pizza pan two 
light coats and then i also followed up with some   matte clear spray paint this is going to help have 
your vinyl stick and not have it peel up the spray   paint so then i'm using this free file from kahlua 
designs it's one of the only ones i didn't design   in this video i'm applying paper transfer tape and 
then i'm going to cut out any extra transfer tape   that i don't need from the file that is going 
to allow me to not have extra things sticking   on to the sign that doesn't need to be there so 
i cut it apart to allow for more control on where   things were being applied so my lemonade is on 
the bottom part and my stopping for ice cold up   at the top is easier to apply when it's its own 
piece then i saw this idea from j money diy she   did this to make a tray adding the nautical 
rope around the edge and i thought it was so   pretty i had to try it out myself i will link 
her channel down below and then i finished it   off with some more nautical robe on the back to 
add a hanger with some hot glue and then i added   a box i thought it went really well with the black 
and the nautical rope and you could do whatever   color you want here that's the great thing about 
diy you can take what i did and make it your own number 10 are these glass jars these are awesome 
for vinyl at dollar tree and because we made   something for fin i'm going to make something for 
sebastian whatever jar you pick you just want to   make sure you have a flat outside so that you 
can apply vinyl i'm going to use this one from   christmas time i'm starting here again with that 
spray paint i'm gonna spray paint the lid give it   two light coats and then i'm gonna follow up with 
that matte clear to seal it then here is how you   can create a decal with your dog's name cut out 
you're gonna start with the bone it's four inches   wide then we're gonna add some text i'm typing out 
sebastian and then i am gonna pick whatever font   that i want this font is called subscriber and i'm 
also making it white just so i can see it on the   screen we're gonna select both the text and the 
bone and then go up to a line and select center   then with both of them still selected we're going 
to click slice that's going to act as a cookie   cutter you're going to get two sebastians out of 
it and then also your bone which sebastian is cut   out of then you're gonna cut it just like normal 
and i'm applying it with the paper transfer tape   so i don't have any issues peeling off that spray 
paint and then to finish off the look i added this   really cute ain't too proud to bag decal this is 
another one of mine you can get over on my blog   this is three and a half inches tall and then i 
did some one and a half inch tall little pause   again another free file you can upload if you want 
to match this and i applied it to the outside of   the jar this is gonna be great for my parents 
so that all of his treats are centralized in one   area just dump them in and it's good to go and 
i also like that the top twists on to keep them   delicious for him now you guys got to let me know 
down in the comments what breed of dog do you have   and what is their name these ceramic tiles are a 
recent item to hit dollar tree and i love finding   new things for this one i am giving you this party 
of file you just want to make sure it's three and   a half inches wide when you start then add a text 
and add whatever number you want whether that's   party three five seven nine eleven whatever once 
it's in the spot that i want i'm gonna select all   of it and hit attach that is going to allow it 
all to cut as one file and then we're gonna weed   it out and apply it just like we would anything 
else i'm using my clear transfer tape versus   paper because this isn't a delicate surface and 
once i went to apply it i wasn't a huge fan of   the double line so i only applied the line at the 
bottom but you could do whatever you're feeling   that's the great part of diys you can make it 
your own i pushed the extra vinyl over on the   edges so i kind of got a seamless look and this 
thing is going to be great for tiered trays i did   the same thing with this you are enough another 
file of mine on the circular ones and i love these this next one has to be one of my favorite 
dollar tree pieces that i've done and it's   made out of these wood pieces i grabbed three of 
these as well as a long piece that's about two to   three inches wide to brace the back i put them 
good side down so i could create a larger sign   i'm hooking them together with some super glue gel 
as well as my hot glue gun the super glue gel for   long lasting stick and the hot glue for an instant 
stick i added some weight to the top so that it   would be evenly dispersed and then i finished 
it off by adding some additional little popsicle   sticks just to brace the two sides after giving 
it a quick sand outside i also went through and   stained it in the early american i'm using that 
all video long it's just nice when things match   and then i'm going to create a stencil 
using this hack with quick cover   the key here is to make sure you get the quick 
cover and not this vinyl top liner that will   work as well you need the quick cover it's as 
easy as applying it to your mat just like it   was regular vinyl but you're going to have to trim 
down the width because it's wider than 12 inches   and make sure you get it down without any 
bubbles here was a disaster so i had to fix it   i like to cut the quick cover on the iron-on 
setting that has always worked for me   and then you're going to peel it right off of 
your mat and then get weeding just like it would   be regular vinyl now here i'm doing a stencil so 
i am weeding out the inner parts of the letters   instead of the excess on the outside so anything 
you want to show up on the sign this is a file   that i made for our new house specifically 
in mind and it is the lyrics from the new   luke bryan jordan davis song called by dirt we're 
country music fans in our house and i thought this   kind of fit our next chapter really well and 
it's easy to apply with that paper transfer tape   once i got that all centered and 
stuck down i'm using mod podge to   seal down my letters just to make 
sure there isn't any bleeding   and then i'm going through with some white acrylic 
paint on a disposable makeup sponge to dab it in once it's dry peel it off remove all of 
your little pieces with your weeding tool   and then your signs good to go if you want 
this to be for a porch or outside just add   a polycrylic over the top but i don't need to 
seal it because it's going to be inside my house   i can't wait to find the perfect spot for it 
later this summer when we move into our new place now using that same technique i want to make over 
these wood planks these are in the crafter square   section and they're relatively new to me we're 
staining with you guessed it early american and   then i use the quick cover to cut out four of 
those tile files that i shared earlier on those   bigger signs this time i'm doing a 4.5 inch 
square so it fits right on top of these pieces   i applied them with my paper transfer tape and 
then i went over the top with my little makeup   sponge to create a stencil there as well now 
i really did like the quick cover on top of   that stain color so you could just leave it like 
that as you see up in the right hand corner but   i had committed at this point so i was painting 
them all i used my weeding tool to remove all the   quick cover and reveal the beautiful tile motif 
and then i sealed them with some mod podge so i   could use them as coasters and if there was any 
condensation i wouldn't have an issue these are   so fun i can't wait to use them this summer and 
if you have a sensitive table you can add some   felt to the back just little pieces to the corners 
and it will save any tables so you don't scratch   i love me a good reverse canvas project 
so that's what we're going to do for   this one i ended up grabbing two of these black 
canvases because i liked the color of the fabric   on the inside here which is what we're gonna end 
up seeing get them out of the packaging and take a   flathead screwdriver and pliers to get out all 
of those staples to remove the canvas fabric   then you're going to take your frames outside 
give them a quick sand and then also give them   a quick stain i used early american shocker but 
you can use whatever paint or stain that you want   then i brought them back inside to figure 
out how big my design needed to be to fit   within the frame i decided that was eight 
inches wide so i designed these two pieces   so i could have a matching set and with 
heat transfer vinyl we want to make sure to   mirror it what you're going to do here on the 
left hand side we also want to make sure we put   the shiny side of the heat transfer vinyl down 
now word to the wise if you're new to cricut the   vinyl i've been using throughout the whole video 
is different from this it is a different kind of   vinyl and it only bonds with heat so you're going 
to want to make sure you have the right vinyl   to do this project and it probably won't work 
with adhesive vinyl so just keep that in mind then after it's weeded i'm pressing it at 325 
degrees for 30 seconds i used my frame on top   of my canvas to make sure it was aligned to the 
right as well as the bottom like i wanted it   and then i pressed it to set it now 
i don't like to peel it when it's   hot i like to give it a minute probably 
about 30 seconds or so and then you can   peel off that carrier sheet and reveal 
your artwork repeat the same for your   second sign and then add some hot glue to 
your frames to hook it back to the canvas   you can also use a staple gun to hook it down but 
mine was already packed so we went with hot glue   i love this set i absolutely love the sentiment 
to this sign especially as a mom of a toddler   just want to make sure i'm soaking everything 
in i love the fonts the color all the things   another question i get asked all the time when it 
comes to qriket is when would i use heat transfer   vinyl on wood most of the time i say you don't 
need to do that and i've never used it until   this point but i figured hey this is as good 
a time of any for me to check it out and let   you guys know what i think so i cut out some of 
these office files i added them to one of those   square organizer signs for 30 seconds i ended up 
having to do this twice so maybe 315 for a minute   and it applied actually really well to both 
these and the little wood planks i don't think   it necessarily changed my mind to think i need 
to put heat transfer vinyl on things but those   other ones i plan to use for coasters so i think 
the fact that it's sealed down will be helpful number 16 is an awesome hack if you've 
got a wedding coming up yourself   or for a gift for someone getting married grab 
two champagne flutes or as many as you need   from the glassware section and then i measured 
my glass and cut out both mr anderson and mrs   anderson in a font that i liked i'm weeding this 
as a stencil so as you can see here the white is   what i'm weeding out instead of the outside and 
applying it to my glasses now here because it's   curved as you start to push it down you're going 
to get some bubbles so just take your scissors   and chop the kind of crease give it a little slit 
and that's going to allow it to sit flat on your   glass add a little bit of painters tape just in 
case you go over the lines like i do and then   i'm using this armor etch to etch the name into 
the glass this is just a regular old paint brush   and i'm making sure everything is covered in a 
decently thick coat of the armor etch and i let it   sit for anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes it really 
just depends on when i'm done with the project i   was doing while it was setting then i take it over 
to my sink once it's all set use some hot water to   wash off all of the remnants of the armor edge 
peel off your stencil and painters tape and then   clean it with some soap and water now these are 
all done they are great for weddings they are nice   because they are dishwasher safe they would 
also be nice for retirements to give with a   bottle of champagne tons of different options 
and i love the etching because like i said it is   dishwasher safe for number 17 we're going to 
do the same process but with this beautiful   vase that i found at dollar tree the shape is new 
so i had to add it to the cart i ended up cutting   out these leaves i've got a longer leaf and a 
shorter leaf for you over on my blog the longer   leaf i cut to seven inches tall and the smaller 
one i did five inches tall and then i ended up   doing the two tall leaves first so applying the 
stencil etching like we just did on the glasses   cleaning it and then applying the two 
smaller ones on the two opposite sides   that allowed them to kind of intertwine and 
it just gave me a little bit more kind of room   to make sure everything lined up now you could 
absolutely use this for fresh flowers but i think   i might use this to house these beautiful felt 
peonies that i recently made in another qriket   video i will link that for you if you want to see 
how you can make these with your cricut as well   i heard this so many times before but you guys 
i'm just obsessed with screen printing dollar   tree shirts with my screen printing kit i've got 
a full video that will show you how to do this it   includes all the supplies just everything but the 
screen printing kit is one of the biggest items   that you guys will go to amazon and get every time 
i share it so i know you guys are trying it out   and i love this file from the golden girls i 
absolutely love this betty white file that says   stay golden and i had to text jamie over the 
crafty diy guy the second i made this because   i knew he would appreciate it he also enjoys the 
golden girls i will link his channel down below   what i absolutely love about these is that once 
you heat set it it's permanent it's going to last   a lot longer than your heat transfer vinyl and 
i also like that i've washed my other pieces so   many times and they're not cracking they're not 
ripping it is just in the fibers of the shirt   and a dollar 25 has never looked better i hope 
this video motivated you to get crafting and   also inspired you to think of a dollar tree 
items in a new way when it comes to diy also   a huge thank you to thrive market for sponsoring 
today's video and supporting whiskey and wit you   can head down the description for more information 
on them or you can head over to thrivemarket.com   whiskey and wet for 30 off your order 
and also a free gift worth up to   50 dollars when you join thrive market today so 
be sure to go check them out subscribe if you're   new so you don't miss a future whiskey and whip 
video and i will catch you in the next one bye

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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