Wyzecam 2 Smart Home Camera Integrated into your Smart Home

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Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in again. Now if you remember the Wyzecam 2 that we set up recently on the channel here. That camera, it's a fantastic HD camera, but it doesn't…or it didn't do a lot of connecting to some of those automation services that we really need to create great functionality in our smart home. so I'm going to show you today how to get
that our of your $20 Wyzecam 2. Let's go. Ok, so like I said in the intro The Wyzecam 2 is a relatively inexpensive camera. It has great capabilities in terms of the
physical camera. It's motion detection, its sound detection,
it can detect alarms for you in your home like smoke and carbon monoxide. But what it can't do, or couldn't when it
first came out, is connect to any of your other smart home devices. So what I'm going to show you in this video
is how to start connecting your Wyzecam 2 to other devices.

And then you can go ahead and take what I've
shown you and tweak into however you want to set up your smart home. So we're going to go to IFTTT.com. If you don't have an account, you're going
to need to sign up for one. We're going to search for Wyze and we're going
to connect that service. Now you're going to have to use your username
and password that you used when you signed up your Wyzecam. Once you do that, and you hit "authorize",
you've then connected the Wyze service to IFTTT. Now you have a host of different automation
things that you can use. There are a number of triggers and actions
that you can use with this service. Like I said, motion, sound, smoke alarm, carbon
monoxide. All of those can be triggers. You also have all of the actions. Now, I'm going to create a new applet. Every day at 11 pm, I'm going to enable motion
detection. So I'm going to search for Wyze, and here
I'm going to enable motion detection.

You can see I chose all cameras. You could choose a specific camera if you
wanted. You can enable this applet multiple times
for multiple cameras. Now after that I'm going to create a second
applet. Again I'm going to use the date and time service. I'm going to choose 7am in the morning. Here I'm going to disable my Wyzecam motion
detection. I choose disable, and all cameras. And then I create the applet. So now I have motion detection whenever I
go to sleep at night. However, when Ieave my home, and this is a
pre-made applet right on the Wyzecam IFTTT page, I want to disable the motion detection
when I'm at home. And then I want to enable it when I'm away. So I'm going to choose all cameras, and then
you have to choose your area. This is just like a Google Map. You hit the plus and minus buttons and then
you just go find your home's location.

Save that applet as well. On the flip side, I want to enable motion
detection when I leave home. So all cameras, again. And I've also chosen where my home is located
on the applet. Now I just want to show you if you were to
use Wyzecam as the trigger. Here, like I said, motion, sound, smoke alarm,
and CO alarms. Those alarms can all be the trigger for actions
in your home automation system. Using motion detection, I can create a trigger. Here's what you have access to from this motion
detection. You can see a boolean value of MotionDetected
and a Trigger Time. That's actually the time the motion was detected. One thing to note is that you don't actually
have access to the physical file that your Wyzecam creates.

That's not available just yet on the IFTTT
service. Now moving on, I'm going to choose an action
service. I'm going to choose Philips Hue light. You could of course use anything, and something
that's going to be the most useful is a siren. I'm just going to turn on a light on a color
loop. You would obviously have to choose a light
that has that capability. I have one in my home here. One last thing I want to show you, and this
is really useful as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to use a Samsung SmartThings motion
detector to trigger a recording regardless of whether or not my Wyzecam has picked up
motion. So I'm going to choose "any new motion" from
Samsung SmartThings.

Now I'm going to choose the device. My motion sensor is far away from my Wyzecam,
but it's close enough that my Wyzecam would see it when I record on it. I'm choosing the "Record a short video clip"
action from Wyzecam. I'm going to choose that specific camera. I'm going to create the action. There, I now have the capability of recording
based off of other sensors or other things in my home automation system. You could do this with water sensors. You could do this with any type of sensor
you have in your home, attached to any automation system, as long as it connects to IFTTT. I think this is really great functionality,
and I hope this has given you alot to work with, with your Wyzecam 2. Of course, with just how cheap that camera
is, this is now a great option for those of us looking to improve our smart home..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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