KNX-Fragerunde rund um mein neues Haus mit Kai von @SplendidMinds

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[music] * music * [music] [ music] [ music] [ music] * music * [ music] * music * [ music] [ music] [music] Have a wonderful good evening everyone. I hope this all works somehow and this is all a bit new here. Tonight we also have a premiere, but I'll just wait and see if you tell me that you can hear and see me. That's more important to me, that's more important to me, before we go all out.

So far so good. Sound and picture everything works. Very nice. Then we come to the prime part, and that's the very first time we have a guest in a live stream today, even if the technology doesn't impress me right away. We have Kai from Splendid Mainz here and Kai is relatively busy in the area of ​​Smartum and Smartum with Karnix in particular. We drove community, I don't know, a big one, the biggest, probably the world's biggest community ever in of all communities.

About the Gira G1 and the other KANX server things from Gira. He writes 23 plugins per week, is active at KANX Germany and is also planning Smartoms as a system integrator. And that's how we came together. Because that's what he does for me. You may have already noticed that if you saw the video where I dealt with the system question and tonight you are here.

Well, if things are going well, unfortunately I can't use my keys here, of course that's not working right now. I'll just see if everything worked out and Kai is here. Good evening. This is Kai. I'm here. Do you see Kai, do you hear Kai? It also gives me a short signal there, that's new for us Ali. Well, I can say hello to everyone, then you can also see if it's… And I can hear myself. Can you hear yourself? But I also hear you twice. Somehow… do you still have browsers open where the stream is running? Or would it have to deliver so you very delayed? Technology as in a professional is yes.

Yes Yes Yes. The tip was good. Yes, I had another house on the. Now. OK. Very nice. Well, I have my buttons here, where I can actually make settings. If you see something, they don't work today. So I really have to serve this stream like in the Stone Age with Kurvel and everything here. While I'm talking to her, but I think we can work it out. Um… Yes, we want to talk a little today about a few more questions from my house, but above all about questions from the group and I think that's it, I think the plan doesn't go much further than that. Yes, do we just want to dive in, do we still want to somehow, of course I would have done it. I'm going, you said you have three trio of questions left. Yes, a few everything lies, I have prepared everything. Oh, ha, to prepare that, there I am not. Yes, well I sent you a few things, a few questions, whether we had already talked about them.

For those who want to pass. I don't know if anyone here basically takes a little, takes a little, I don't know anything between sides, hype and and and attack. I don't know if anyone wants to start right away with a question, otherwise I would just start with the things I somehow sent you over the day or if we just give a quick overview of what I'm planning to do, maybe quite reasonable. You can do it if you like? Exactly, I already said in the video on the systems that I also plagued myself for a bit longer with the question of who or what I would like to install and an important factor is that there should be something relatively reliable about it, that there should be some kind of wired solution .

And yes, Geisterkanix has been on my mind for a long time as a thing that at least interests me, so far it has never been realistic because I, well, that they really, you're welcome to correct me somehow if I'm talking nonsense, but the fact that here in a house where you live, after Zuchisten is already, so at least if you want to have the wired flavor , not very practicable and after the selection process that I would like to have something where I can be reasonably sure that if that House now let's say for the rest of my life, which is not lived in by me in any assisted living, nor can I reliably get spare parts or yes I want to expand something, then I would like something that is not attached to a company and then the air becomes very thin very quickly when it is wired and company is independent, so to say actually and maybe from on without a cloud running film. Maybe even without a Cloudlauffilch, although that goes very hand in hand with not being dependent on a company. If you, if you, well, you can always turn that on to the cuddly Ressene.

Yes, exactly. And that was the point where I kind of ended up with Cannix, because on top of that it's also very adaptable or flexible in playing with other things. So there are a lot of solutions to somehow combine the components that you have wired with Kern, for example what interests me most at the moment, somehow with Homekitz, but also if I decide at some point, or if Apple decides against the whole thing the wall goes down, then I say I want to control everything with my new Android cell phone and Google Home, then be able to switch there at any time. I have the Karnix Layer at the bottom and what I do on top of that and what I use it with, I can basically decide again in ten years if I want to. And yes, then it wrote to me and then we somehow met in Hamburg at a, I don't even know where it says, then it goes here.

But at some trade fair for home accessories. That's when we chatted for the first time. Then we started making a plan and talked about a lot of things that you had in your checklist, what kind of funeral do I want, how in such a light are controlled. And yes, we haven't really given up on that yet, but we have a really good feeling about what's supposed to happen there.

Yes, but basically when you buy a car, it's the same. So you also go through the configurator and say, okay, I would like to have the seat heating, I would like to have a navigation system, I would like to have the packing assistant. That means you also have a catalog of questions that might not be that long, but the car usually doesn't last that long and might not cost what a house costs. That said, sure, if you're planning a house and you want to do it right and want to feel comfortable later, then you should just go through this list of questions my Insta-Ximplarisch, other dictators may have others, but go through there and answer these questions we made it together and now we have a really good feeling where the direction is going. And on the other hand, you said yourself correctly, Kanix is ​​a transmission standard, so this is not yet home automation by sea, but it is a protocol that is used to connect components with each other, so to speak, in order to then create a Smart Home since develop.

Yes and we can here we can here first of all get a few things out of the way whether I will be paid by Kanix or I will I could not really say that I will be paid by somehow in detail but no I will not by Paid by Kanix I have for myself and that actually goes for everything related to the new house. I decided for myself that I wanted to do it that way and then looked who, well that's of course the comfortable situation I'm in, then I looked that in Adel Kai, for example, contacted me after my announcement video, that we want to make this house smart and so very roughly the ideas. So I chose Karin X of my own free will. I'm getting paid by someone, I don't know. So me, there are a few, there are a few things in the air that could mean that I won't pay full price for everything, to say that transparently here. That depends a bit on the individual manufacturers, but that has nothing to do with K&X in general. And that allows me to build two too many things more into the house than I could if I had to do it all on my own budget.

But, yes, in the end I might be able to fulfill a few things that would otherwise be based on where the foundation was set. But it's not like I'm telling or selling anything that I wouldn't otherwise tell, or… Well, it won't fundamentally change anything as a result. I might then somehow also have a window sensor for tilting in the house or I might have a sensor whether there is a car in the garage, which I might have saved myself otherwise.

But the bottom line is that it will still be independent. As for the Kahn-X era. No. So also in terms of the other things, including the manufacturers I am currently talking to about working together. I checked in advance with other people who are already a little deeper into the Kahn-X matter . Whether my impression, which I have from the outside, is somehow correct , that it can somehow be reasonable for me. And when I get the green light and they tell me, no, you can do it sensibly like that. Then I have at all the further talks in mind. So, yes, that is how neutral my reporting on this topic is or will be. So, now I've missed the chat a bit. But there are also those who go into great detail, who put their bodies a little behind. Where did we go right here in the, in, in the Follen? We want? The question was answers, how much budget is planned for it. It depends a bit on what I've just snowed on.

How much extra can I make by being in the position I am in and some companies giving me special terms and conditions. That's why I can't even say exactly what my budget is for it , because in the end it can also mean that I'll work off in the future. We'll see. But I think you just said that you somehow have such a sample calculation for a family house again? So I would have the sample calculation on my screen in case of doubt. We have planned a bit of a higher standard for you, from the questions we went through and from the components that are at least up for discussion at the moment. But I would have something with standard components with me, because the question arises how much does a K-Ex invocation cost, because there are a few words that are easy to say, but I would be happy to do that. And I would also have a comparative calculation, so to speak, for a family house with the competitor's Lokson parad, because it's always said, yes, Lokson is much cheaper or something and you can't have that, compare quite well.

So if there is interest, I would just go there and maybe say one or three words, let me see, I have to do everything by hand. What was, look how far I have to get so that you can read it. Do you see? ' Cause I made my screen cup hot, wait a minute. That means I'll just have to redo it. You can do it, I believe in you. I'm confident too. I just have to switch to camera and KS screen here. So I see what I'm showing, the rest of which also draws the screen. So maybe first to the example food. I'm assuming a single-family house, 120 degrees Ameter living space, with guests, VC, bathroom, kitchen, four-seater and two hallways, a garage with wall box, 8 windows, 2 terraces for medical roll-dining and window contacts. For example, not everyone installs window contacts, but in the example there is an electric Marquise. Present notification, all rooms and corridors, underfloor heating with a total of 10 heating circuits. That's about what you can probably expect from the size. Only Fotoholteik 32 Dali lamps we may say something about Dali later. networked on it, detector, removable socket with load measurements for Trumpner washing machine.

Very important at the present time, something like the integration of water meters and electricity meters, so that you can also monitor your consumption a bit. Temperatures, humidity measurements in the rooms, weather stations, the motion detector coming out of the bar, wall display and then HomeKit and Alexa language assistant. Well, then of course there is n't the K&X house and the components that I can calculate now, because that's what makes these manufacturers so flexible.

I can now do that with very simple switch plans, so I don't know how well you can still see it in the camera image. That would now be an MDT Wip button, which starts at €60. Or you can do that with things that are a little more corrected, such as the rocker buttons of a Gira button in 4 planes. These alone are already differences and there are simply a wide variety of manufacturers or all the components. And I've planned it now, once with a focus on gira.

That means a gira x1 and s1 for visualization and remote access. There is also a bit of logic on it and it works as an ip gateway. Then I would first go over it roughly. There may be another sub-question. The whole actuator. So everything that is necessary to switch these jolzien to regulate the heating thermostats. Of course, the thermostats themselves are more like inputs to the weather station, etc. And there are a few more specific components down here . This is the outdoor motion detector, this is the energy meter.

It's not available directly from Gierer. This is the integration of HomeKit or this, for example, load optimization, load management, if you have photovoltaics, wall boxes, inserts and other consumers, then you can see how much electricity I can put where. And with buttons that are already well known, namely with the Gira buttons inssof come here and then we'll be material costs Wow and under construction 12,700 euros market price at the moment. Not catalog prices, but that's actually how you kick it when you order it on the Internet. And only to make the comparison if you would now do the same completely with MDT, there are also a few foreign components in here. There isn't everything from everyone. Then I come here in the example to 9.45 euros, so a little less. However, these are now other buttons, installed and other sighting options. So it's not directly comparable, it really depends on what material you choose, what button you choose, what components you choose. And calculated the bits, just for comparison, the same, i.e. exactly the same requirements with Luxon. Minister, Vanessa, Vanessa, etc., again the Dali light, weather station, sighting and the like.

And then you come to the L5. That means you're pretty much in the middle between these two costs and draws are all actually in the same range. It always depends. What to do specifically. Exactly what you actually do. What I use for buttons, what I use for sights, etc. And that's an example that not everyone uses. So I could also have a lot fewer presence detectors or a lot fewer window contacts or no weather station or no networked smoke detectors. We also have a small question about that. I have to see, they're lying here in the face now. 6 Rauchmälder but only one networking module, just the filling pieces, please. I calculated it in Ad-Hard 2 different variants. That's why I say the calculations, for example, aren't entirely comparable, but I just wanted to point things out. In the above example, I expected that each Rauchmalder would have its own network module.

Then each smoke detector can report its temperature, its battery status, etc. separately, and here I have reactivated it with Q. They are simply the best, I think it's done differently. You can also put a Kanax module in a smoke detector and the others with two wires with this one network then I can at least still query alarm tests alarm etc. what I then no longer get from the five others are the battery status and the temperature. Okay, then I was the question once, I also have to see why can't I move here now ? How does that compare to a conventional electrical installation ? I don't have that kind of experience going out now and the same house you have up there. I mean, you can't really compare it exactly, because then you won't have a Dali control and you won't have a presence report with you, a classic electrical installation, but then you'll probably be well below it.

And at the moment we are only talking about the Rhine material costs. Yes, well I would almost bet if you limit yourself to the basic functionality of an otherwise normal house. So, let's say, I would also add shading and lighting and heating. Then the installation effort is only marginally different. In principle, it's different Verte wiring, but there isn't an awful lot of additional cabling. If you think about it, for example, we have a room here and so it lives 5 electric roles inside. If I implement this in a classic cabling, I already have a lot to do, because I want every roller shutter when I want to switch in a door and it has to be a bit comparable, a classic cabling with the Karnix cabling.

So if I want to switch everything in the door, then I have to pull at least 5 times a four-wire cable from the window to my door. And pack all of that into a switch battery. And that's even more complicated than wiring a Karnix button. That means it depends. That's really the answer. depends on. For a normal institution, the effort is different. Okay, so exactly, then we had to push the cost story aside for a bit now, because I think it's just very individual, we have it now I just said that for me it will be a bit higher than what you just calculated. And it's not yet … Well, no, it's not quite clear which button fight where and especially the things that you touch afterwards.

That's where the range is the greatest, as we've seen so far. So the question is whether I somehow want to have a relatively normal-looking button in a normal frame or a fancy thing on the wall. So the things that really touch you, they somehow make it the most exciting. That's how it is. So the buttons, the actuators, whether I'm going to take a Gira actuator or an MdT actuator, the camera shakes me stupidly, you can see that the daily price fluctuates and that's about the same, you can really make a decision for what you would like to have or where you are perhaps more convinced of but with the buttons the range is just insanely large two I had now shown that is the most common thing you see in most smart around today or in most kanix houses today finds this burden haste and then there's still we were over in our profit and keep something like that then that's good but nice from the camera Yes, already the fingerprints. This is a wall display, where a complete visualization is shown here on it.

And there is in fact almost no limit to the price of such things. Yes. Okay, then the question is how do we proceed? So here we have the question of which technologies are planned for the big light, the mood lighting and the accent lighting. And that has already been touched on, so you somehow have the Dali server in there in the example calculation. That's something we want to do too. Well, we want to somehow mix several things and you can, so you just want to take over that somehow, the Dali and Khan X lighting question, the reasons for the individual things and the differences and with accent meaning I can do two more , say three things about it. Exactly, so briefly on the technical side and then you are welcome to say something about the design. There are different technologies to install lighting. Of course I can make a very classic institution, that is, I take such an actuator for an electricity supply to my light and switch it on or off or dim it. The problem with this technology is that it's completely okay and it's completely fine if you install it, I installed it here in my house, for example, among other things.

The problem is that each lamp that I want to control individually must then be approached individually with a cable. The Dali technology is different. I can just put the whole thing in a chain. So I drive with 4 cords to the first light, although that is already electricity and then just drive from light to light to light and can control up to 64 lamps individually. So dimming, setting color or similar. And of course that makes it much easier from the wiring. I have an actor, this dadie controller, I run the cable, for example, in my kitchen and my living room or wherever. Exactly, well, I have 64 points in every room or in the whole house.

Well, so you have pro-actor, so pro. Yes / Yes. Dali Gate, so this is not a Dali Gate, but Dali Gate what does it look like. OK. And there is a cable that can address 64. That means you can control many, many lights individually within it without having to do complex wiring. Do you have more? Then of course you can have a second or a third or a fourth. Yes, okay. Exactly. And since it's called "Digital-Addressable Lightning Interface". I had to find that out beforehand because I wouldn't have been able to do it. But basically that's "Addressable LEDs" or "Addressable Lights". From then on yes. Exactly, the question now is whether this is a separate bus system. And based on my humble understanding, I would say yes, it is its own bus system that somehow comes from the world of lighting and can then be integrated. You had it too, I think, in the naloxone revenge.

Loxone Vengeance. I don't know how to pronounce that. This can be combined with Karnix and that is also said, that we don't use it everywhere or don't have to use it everywhere. So for outside lights, to be honest, a normal dim actuator is enough, so don’t measure up outside in some super fancy control and then you have to be economical and of course you have to do it with a dim actuator that simply undersulates the lamp and house .

Yes. Exactly. Then back to the light. Well, we'll probably control it with Dali in the living rooms, in the places where it… I don't know, we also have to have lighting from the attic and stuff like that. You just have to turn the light on and off when you walk there. We certainly don't need to put any past things in there now.

So that means for the main lighting we just have the mix of Dali and Kanix wiring and for the accent lighting that is of course always the question of what is an open kitchen then the kitchen can also be left with low lighting accent lighting if you are in the living area the button, on the door tip, then somehow a switchable socket was installed there and the light above it was controlled with electricity in and out. And I think that's a bit, or yes, my plan is that it's too unflexible for me, that I don't know if in ten years I'll be standing on the other side of the new sofa, if the kids have destroyed the other, want to ask or whatever. And I want to do things like that with Philipsium, because it also gives me the opportunity to more precisely control the light that comes out.

So not just having a socket that can be turned on and off, but also being able to say. light color, light intensity. Exactly. These are the thoughts that are currently traveling around lighting. Exactly, and Philips U is easy to integrate. There are special gateways that can do this. But there are also standard visualization servers here, X1 for example, which already has a Philips U control in it. That means that I can basically integrate the Philips U control into the Karn X and then have it in an app and put it on my normal buttons. That means it can be perfectly combined. Yes, and then, that's them too, well, the children actually get the light on and off.

That's just the question of how the whole thing is wired into the system. Well, if we now have a button on the wall with a light on and a light off, then my children will be able to do it just as well as they can currently do with light switches and control the other things with a voice dialer it's just a layer that you sit on top of. I don't know exactly what will happen on a server like the X1. That I could then link it to the Amazon Zillender, for example, or to any other.

That's not for the word. It starts with me. The X1 in combination with the S1, i.e. this module for remote access, can then also directly allex-seintikation. Now you've said the word. Now you said it, but… Then we can go back to the question of whether the X1 has sigby, as far as I understand it doesn't. So I run a Philips U Bridge as normal, which is then connected to the network via Ethernet, the X1 is connected to the network and the two communicate via it.

That means I'm basically in a similar state for the accent lighting as I am right now, that the whole thing is already communicating via Siegby to the You Bridge, for example X1, and then to the rest of the system. But everything that is solid, if you take the house now, turn it around and shake it, everything that stays in it is somehow solid, betrayed by Kahn X and everything that then somehow hangs on a cable and is then, Philipps you things. I'll say that now, well, like that in detail for each individual light with a view of whether we have any hanging lamps in the kitchen above the work surface. We're not in that deep yet. But that's how it works. Good. So I think we got the lighting thing started, it was a bit shaken up. Then we'll take this one off the list. Then we can do this again. That's again, you're Mio already one level too low, I think, in the question, because like Kai said, can't do anything, it's just a matter of how the components talk to each other.

And what you then use to control that is then completely… well, then it's sort of the level above which visualization service you use. And if I've seen it correctly, somehow the last few days, then someone has started some Matters server. So from that point of view, Metta, because cables are tied, doesn't matter at first, because you then have the cables tied to things, then there's a server that talks to the cable-tied things and it can act towards your other Metter devices as if it were then , I don't know, the window contact that is forbidden in the window, the button on the wall or the lamp in the ceiling, which somehow even hangs in there again via Dali, i.e. another bus system, simply a Metter device or a HomeKit device or a Google Home device or an Amazon Echo voice assistant device.

So that's kind of the idea of ​​what I meant when the lowest level is as independent as possible from everything else. Then I can now say, okay, at the moment we're using it, let's all the smartphones here in the house have an iPhone. That means I can do it all with HomeKit and Siri without any problems. But if I could transfer things there and then just use the CarPlay function, so that the tour would already open when you got home and that would then just be over if I had CarPlay in the car and this battle trunk would be displayed automatically when I went into the drive near. Then I press that, then that goes to whatever server you've just got from "One Home", I think, in your list. But you can also hang a Raspberry Pi with HKK, KKN, X there or I think Tinker has HomeKit modules like that too. Hopefully there are things there. I know, can the X1 do that directly? The X1 can't do HomeKit, but the X1 is an IP gateware, so the bottom has the IP switch, the top has the…

Oh god, it doesn't work, the top has these clamps for KhanX. For example, you can also use Home Assistant with it, so you can basically install Home Assistant, give it the address of that of the X1 and then your Karnix Systems homosystem is included. So it's totally friccibel. Yes, I know, it was, it was theoretically yes, my car does n't have a karplet, my wife's car has a karplet and she pulls her car anyway only fits in the Schnell. So we also have gira x1 and yes, that's a bit of the more general part, so what you can control with what, the topic, well, I think ben wrote it a few times in chat and so I can also hear it now Can we do that from breakfast? I don't want to go into the internet with exactly what alarm systems and security functions I'm going to install in the house. I'll have to see what we do afterwards and how exactly like that. We can certainly talk about the cameras when everything is ready to be spoken and when I know which ones exactly .

But it is not yet clear which sensors are installed where in the windows in the water always. There are possibilities. So far I haven't had any problems with suddenly trying this because of my position on the internet. Getting people close to my living here, but I don't want to wake sleeping Storkers either. And that's why I would …

Well, maybe someday we can … let's do it again as our own thing or maybe not a kai, I would also say something about it right away I would say what security options are there, probably you can do everything from the door open until until self-firing system and yes, exactly, and you also get the question again what about surveillance cameras in the new house I'm not a fan of indoor cameras so we'll attach something outside I also have a bulkhead refilled with me at the moment so that i can talk again I also spoke to a police officer friend of mine and he said so too. So just having something hanging outside that looks like a camera is worth a lot.

And yes, we're definitely going to do that, I'm starting to talk about it to others. And inside there will be lights barriers all over Fraud and cameras picking up high, don't break into me, thanks. Well, then we will definitely have presence detectors in every room. I think that's giving away and not too much when we say, if presence detectors continue to be used, which will at least detect unusual movement in the house, regardless of the further security measures, which we have agreed on.

That maybe not back with the world. Exactly, but maybe that's another thing we can talk about. So I had, well, presence detectors in the whole HomeKit and I would be like, where I 'm mainly staying, there's a relatively small selection. But now it's happening more and more. But for me it was always something in my head that I think I can make it possible , because all these presence detectors need a relatively large amount of energy, so you don't really need battery solutions, find it for that.

And if I wire it all up, then I finally have the opportunity, I finally have the opportunity for my house to automatically know where people are and to automatically control the light accordingly. And then you tell me yes, it won't actually do that in the living rooms. We can definitely talk about that again. We can also take Markus' question here again , presence detection movement or millimeter wave. I don't even know what the typical Kahn X sensors use to measure presence and how accurately they measure it. So I know there are zones, right? So there is such a device hanging there and it can say, okay, someone is on the side of the room or on the side. But I don't think they can tell you there's a man in his 80s walking from the TV to the window. So presence detection, K-Nex, there's also a huge cheek where the beginning and end of it, not all have zones, but of course there are zones. And they are in fact quite sharply defined.

The one here is small home automation, made a test video where he tested and was really able to prove that the zones are very trendy. and I can really define very precisely where I want to detect movement and where I don't. So that's okay. And then there are also very different presence detectors. I have a little something there too. That would now be something simple from MDT, where you might feel a little bit reminded of the draft detector. But it has a night light function in it, for example, it can flash and something like that and it can also recognize you in three different zones and then there is here it goes in the direction of high class, that's a stone's True Presence and I have to learn, it is in front of my eyes and I protect it beforehand.

It is in fact much more sensitive, I can set how much it should recognize. But I can also balance things out a bit, pets yes no or people yes no in moderation, but with that I can define it very well. And it also has a few more sensors in it. For example, this one here has the Tzu-Fersens-Plus, it has a wok sensor in it, i.e. air quality. So, VLC not the Asian cooking device.

Yes, exactly. It has a temperature sensor in it, it has a humidity sensor in it. You then have a relatively high multi-sensor on the ceiling or wall, depending on which way you install it. Exactly, but you told me you wouldn't switch gears in the living room light when you go in there. I wouldn't. This is a wish that often exists, but everyone should check their own behavior, how often do I really have the light on when I go into the living room or am in the living room. So we do that in the hallway and we do that in the bathroom too. Nevertheless, we can now override the whole thing with a button in the hallway as well as in the bathroom, for example to trigger other lighting effects. In the bathroom, for example, we can run a color scheme like this. In the living room, I would always clean the presence detector, for example to turn off the light if I'm going to be away for a long time, i.e.

If I forget to turn it off and save energy. But usually I go in and have it comfortable or run through and high and then I first activate a certain mood that I somehow want to have depending on what I'm doing and I wouldn't be there anymore. Otherwise it will be, well I have a lot that is totally annoying because somehow it's cozy on the sofa in the evening and sometimes bubbly.

' Cause I've got my way So what I would always do over 10. Yes. Good, but we'll certainly get through it that way. You can do whatever you want at the end. That's the good thing about it all. You have installed the sensors and you can put out almost any logic you want. Exactly, so your hint was first of all to turn off the light when nobody is there anymore. That helps especially with children. Then they are, well, I don't want to fuss so much, we often leave the clearings on. But that certainly helps a bit and yes, what you said, if you have buttons on the wall and presence detection on the ceiling and you notice, take it, you fill the room or not, then you can adjust it afterwards at any time.

And with that we're already a bit in the whole… …actually, we've almost finished the lighting control. If we have a bit of a button in the rooms, if we maybe then put in one or two spots what you just held up to the camera with your fingerprints, so that we have a visualization on the wall so that we can talk to someone talk to someone who stands at the front door or maybe to fish a scene from a menu somewhere that you rarely use. What do I know, once a year the Rackletz scene or something. then together with the presence detectors for passageways, for … what else do we have for something like that … … for the … … bathroom. E.g. … for the bathroom, for the room behind the kitchen, if you want to go to the Rhine there, on the one hand, you are asked to go here or something, which you don't always … Or with an electric car wardrobe, you don't want one there have a nice atmosphere, you want to build light there, so if you go in, through that, that's totally okay.

But there are partial rooms, where, for example, bedrooms, we have planned, there is now something that is not unusual, a presence detector or an area on the motion detector, so to speak, undermounted, i.e. under the edge of the bed. That basically means that if I turn in bed at night or something similar, then nothing happens, but if I also stand up at night and the underbed recognizes my legs that I am walking, then underbed such a light can be dimmed up, very gently, so that the partner is not woken up or the partner, but I can walk on my side without bumping my foot. But it is important to plan the positioning of this mail a bit beforehand and to think about what I actually want to react to.

pexels photo 323780

Yes, exactly, but that's going to be a lot a few more Hindus. So of course , if I want to have a motion detector in the bedroom in the future, then I have to decide now or not now, but before the drywall is finished. But when I then notice, I don't know, he shouldn't become active between certain times. Or if it does annoy me at some point, then in the end it's all controlled by the software and I can somehow think up new things to do with the things I have or I can just take things out or adjust, depending. Here the. Exactly. You can develop this further over time. So we have another topic about lighting, because you like it, that's this realistic daylight, an HCL light control. This means that depending on when it is during the day, the corresponding light color is simulated and the corresponding heroism.

So not that you stay up at night and the hero light kills you in the hallway. Appearance, but it is quite dimmed, it reaches 5-10% light. Exactly. That's warm for the guards. Exactly. And then the color of the light, so that with HomeKit Adaptive Lighting it means that it is carried along a bit throughout the day. Exactly. What else do we have here? Now I just have to, I always have a few questions in between. We have this. Because Andreas was asked earlier whether this is only something for Neuver, I would say something like that, I can. Well, it's not Neuver in your case, and my own house was Neuver, for example, how do you retrofit that, it's actually laying a Karnix cable, like this one here, it was it for me, I'm so on major renovate the turn.

There is KANX-EF. This is a radio based system. This means that retrofitting a KANX system is a bit easier. And I don't have to do everything at the same time. So KANX is not a closed system. It is open to manufacturers, at that time already mentioned oils. And I can connect just about anything via these gateways here. That means, if somewhere in the house I still have a Shelley or something similar, then I can control it in the same way as the Kanix components . I can only use it and if it is not available, I use radio.

So some followers. Yes, although that's from my that I that one of the big plus points is of course that you pull a cable where the Kanz. But of course, if you start to renovate a few rooms in the house and put in cables and then others at some point or if you just notice something in two years where something is missing, then you don't tear everything again, but then take it you just any of component to it. Yes. Exactly. Then what else did we have? The question of what we have planned for door communication. Yes, of course it is. I'm yes, I'm both, I'm a bit tired used to the one with the natatmo blade now. So in theory I would really like to have a video doorbell that works.

Well, that means that works, then mine works too. They told me that someone would have rang for 15 minutes if I had known, because I could have answered that too. And that's just one thing that we have planned, then what I'm used to from, actually all, from Nukki, Tiki and also the Jails-Mart-Lock, which I've tried out. The fact that you no longer need a key when leaving the house, that's what we want. We can still do that next door. About fingerprint are so definitely have breakfast first. You said the… I'm coming home and stuff… And my front door detects Bluetooth in my phone and goes to features that I'm using at the moment, it doesn't look so good.

Detects the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone. What works is, for example, geofencing, i.e. your cell phone is now somewhere in a closer area or your cell phone is lured into the belanh. then the Mekadresse can be recognized, something like that can be implemented. That's fine. There are also logics for this, for example for the X1. I wouldn't spontaneously think of anything for the Bluetooth, you mean, if I can't do that. Well, the question would be, if you implement something like that, if you say, okay, that person gets mixed up, that can happen with us, no, you drive your car along the driveway, do you drive on Walk along the house, then it lures you in, then the front door shouldn't automatically open, open, because maybe you're going around the back, maybe you're going around the front, maybe you're going to the neighbors, what should you do? Then it would be very unfavorable if the door opened automatically.

So then there is the question of whether you can still combine that with somehow Handy has freshly locked in and the front chamber has no one who knows it. However. We'll manage it somehow and if necessary we'll be in fingerprints or build. That's the plan, definitely first of all as far as door access is concerned. What I'm so good to see that we have here at Matthias. On the twisted goes with Danelock, Danelock modules or Uniflex. It's then less, less K and X. Well, that leads to unifications, so I would like to emphasize no K and X. So now the pure door communication system is not Kanix.

There are then gateways to connect the Mechanix. And for example the door opener, you can trigger it via Kanix, you can see the logic via Kanix. But just to understand, such a Kanix cable transmits with 9600 Baut, who remembers. It's these modems that were kind of around many years ago that transmitted about as fast. That said, that's wonderful for control signals, but nothing for audio and nothing for video. That means something like that is always a detailed system and is then connected to the whole system via a money way. And if you want to have it wired, then usually POE and yes, exactly, so exactly, POE, that is, a network cable that also supplies the power at the same time and then transfers the video image to the network and And then again, whatever visualization can do the things in case of doubt, too put it on a little tablet like that on the wall. Exactly, so this one is, for example, this is the Gira G1, which follows here, Touchdismittestertschan.

It has a SIP, i.e. a SIP telephone in it, which means that it can be called, you have that if I have, for example, either the original Girra system 106 or, for example, a Door Bird Hab or something similar, then it can almost call the thing. And then, in the same visualization, it's not like Merk that it's standing next to Karnix and being pissed off on the software layer. Exactly, and speaking of the software layer, which automation software plays best with Karnix. And as far as I've noticed, they're all reasonably prepared for it and have, I know, in any case, the home is, it's relatively easy to play with it.

With the others, I'm less involved now, but from what I've noticed There is more, from full voice-attending software from open source to commercial, from being operated on the Westberg Pie to somehow finished clients, i.e. finished systems. There's everything. Okay, then we can answer the question right here as to why we don't just relocate Katsieben. So we're definitely going to lay a network. We also want to have some form of network options in every room. who who who who or some of the components which kaj has already held up to the camera also have an ethernet connection at the bottom and yes in that case, for example, yes, the one doing the overnet would talk to whichever server via the network cable and the same would then, so I don't need the netzverkessel anyway I'm so I can do live stream alone. I need the network, so I'll be able to put 2 access points on the different floors and according to that, K7 will be moved one way or another. But you don't want to connect every button and every roller shutter, so you don't want to be able to control every thing in the house with such a thick catseven cable and then you also need a monstrous switch panel in the basement or somewhere also always to bring it all together i like to see that i don't know if you even need IP components for it krist everywhere i would also keep things clear so these cables are certified they can also be connected to a power cable, they are shielded in such a way that it is completely it doesn't matter if 230 volts are running right next to it.

And they just have the necessary fruit tension. So I can check that and everything fits. There is this saying canix, the color blend, theoretically I can of course run it over any cable. But if I want a long lasting system that will provide many many years of enjoyment then I would always run this cable which honestly isn't 2 and it just keeps clarity in my house. So for me K and X is somehow green and then I know from there I can wire K and X moderately. My network is now here an experimental setup. I hope that the ones above aren't just hanging out of the wall somewhere. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is an experimental setup here from the test board. And all my power cables, yes, just have the same color as the power cables.

Then you can easily tell the difference. I think that's pretty good. Yes. Good, then we have the question, also after the topics of the channel "Integrate Somos" in the visualization. Thinks? I would also say that if you already have such a system, then my plan is to integrate it into individualization and use it with the system, so that, I think, said, the bell rings over it, so that in case of doubt although any, I don't know, findings are coming. What I would do to you now, something like that, that works. Yes, exactly. And again, there is a Sonos gateway from the ISE, for example, because I have an integrated Sonos gateway in the X1. So we don't really need anything extra. There are a few more.

So sonos is wonderfully earnable and then I can connect. Connectable? Connectable. I believe if it's not a word, it's just now. Yes. And then you can do that via the Kaniksaster with taxes or via the presence report with states, if the Latvian goes here, then birdsong or whatever starts. With us, when we go into the guest bathroom, a certain light scene starts and there is no relaxing music, it works almost automatically. And the rest clearly in the visionaries. Yes, then the question of whether I already have concrete ideas. I mean, we've already talked about a lot of concrete ideas. And that will also be a living thing. That at some point you still have new ideas, that life changes and you somehow do n't know how to use the children's room and stuff like that.

I think, first of all, we have the things in there and we have already talked about energy and load management and things like that. Well, if you know things like that and if you know and don't know how much water is consumed, the more things you put together, but then we come to the price question from the beginning of the stream, the more things you put together, the more flexible you are also in the aftermath, what you can do with it.

Exactly, if it's done properly, then you can do a lot yourself . The advantage of such a Karnix wiring, so you as a private standard person are not even allowed to actually change a socket or a switch on yours, because that is 230 volts and new electricians are allowed to do that. These are, well, between 24 and 30 volts, it depends. That is, that is in the safe hearing voltage. That is also totally safe. You can close that briefly while the whole thing is running, whether it's nothing at all… That means you can change your buttons yourself later and say I'd like a different button or something similar.

There is someone rumored that I need to deal with the electricians for everything. But that's no longer the case nowadays. If everything is properly parameterized at the beginning, then many visualizations now offer the possibility that you can change a lot yourself, i.e. that you say I would have a longer follow-up time, other light colors, a new scene, a new warning , etc. It all works without this ETS, which is always there and there is really a lot going on these days.

Exactly, well I don't know if we want to, so we can look at a visualization in a reasonable way or do we want to do it somehow in others or something like that or don't we want to do it at all I can already call up a visualization of my house if you So because the question came up once or twice Then I can just answer the question that I've already shown to everyone in advance, whether I've already decided on a switch range No, I have one or two things in mind but there will be it probably I'll keep you up to date So and then take it easy. Then I'll deal with a few things here. I should not forget in networks in the garage. That's noted. My plan is to put a network connection in every room that a person can enter.

It wasn't better if I just share the window. I'd like to change that. Isn't you on screen right now? In winter it wasn't at all. Yes, because I don't know what's happening. Yes, okay. Wait a minute, we just have to answer a question because I lost track of the one that just popped up. So let's take Markus's. Socket in the tree to the basement or each can directly into the UV. You probably really discussed it with that at the electrician right? No, well that depends. These are things that I already have planned for you. Wants to measure the load from the socket individually, or wants to center this socket . then they must be distributed individually. Unfortunately, that's the way it is. If I say, I have to switch the ten pieces or I'm interested in them individually, don't let it, then I can do them together quite normally, just like in a new institution. There are a few sockets in the house that you should definitely approach individually, every large consumer, i.e.

Something like an oven, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, is definitely one of them. And I would always do that on an actual Zelast measurement, that is, the kind of crap how much is being drawn, because you can also include devices that are not smart themselves in the logic. So, for example, if the washing machine is connected to such a measuring device, then I notice when consumption increases and when it then falls again and does not rise again for 5 minutes, then I know the washing machine is done and then I can also issue a disadvantage, even the washing machine itself is not smart at all. So there are things that you should definitely approach individually. You can do that again, it depends, if you have enough space to run all the cables, if you have the money for the actuators, then you can do it with any socket, I wouldn't now, but there is one a few things, sockets outside, maybe a socket in a window frame for the Christmas lights, you can actually turn them on. Yes. And if you had looked at the plan, you would have seen that I already planned this.

Yes, I haven't studied either. ok what? The… Doc Galaxy race more stuff and the whole garden came, let's do it differently. But basically I'm interested. So, what else did we have on here… on KhanX. Then you have to moderate this one briefly umhumm. Here, too, this is a question where I would not say that I have a blanket answer for Parat, because again it depends very much on the individual case . What do you want to do, what are you willing to do for it? If I don't know now, I want that, you just mentioned the K-X radio stuff, would you set up a pure radio system with K-X radio stuff? So if you don't plan to wire something there? Then we would have a way of distinguishing between them.

But that's my personal attitude. So I've seen sparks in the retrofit, at least on the window, because it would have been far too expensive for me to renovate, so the windows would still be carrying individually. For me, however, this is based on an ocean and is integrated into the Karnix system with the one in Ocean, with one in Ocean Gateway. Anyone who knows that in Ocean Protocol is extremely energetic and so energetic. Someone asked earlier what it looks like on my desk. So energetic that there are such sensors, for example, this is a window handle from the Hoppe company. It doesn't have a battery at all, but purely kinetic energy, when I move this handle, the status is sent differently to Ocean Gate and that works very, very well, so if I did then I would always drive a station wagon. I use cables wherever possible, there was the nice saying, more radio, knows a cable and otherwise there is a good solution, for example in the outside product, where I then have to start with radio.

Okay, well, then we have two things that came up a bit, well, the first one just came from Arno when we were talking a bit about security. And now Special Ghost's statement to think about the emergency power supply in case the light goes out, although the light doesn't necessarily go out because you don't have electricity. But yes, in principle this is certainly an important topic. And we have our own plan, so you will install the electric Rolleden and there is the legal regulation that there must be an escape route on every bag or it must be possible to create it. Wasn't that two ways to leave the bag? Exactly. And smart home or not? So just electric roles in a classic institution already have the problem, if the power goes out, you don't lift things up. Such a modern tank, you don't pick it up at the moment. And there are two variants, crank or emergency power. And we had already planned emergency power for you anyway, so that the institution practically does not fail.

And in the event of an alarm, you need the escape routes to be established more or less automatically. Yes, we actually had, we just said, I'll have to take a look, now I've somehow overlapped with Hallis here. We wanted to look at your home, at your visualization. A home. Well, how about surprise? Are you using a Girahom server? No, I use a Girahom-X1 in Ad-Hard. No host server. Yes, that's such a handi-who. I have it on the size like so will be on the phone. Of course I can somehow make it bigger.

But I have it now on the size like so on the cell phone. You can basically do it however you want. I have floor by floor cadillate here, top floor. It's in my office right now, so you can just come in here. And then you can see my light is running at 26%. That separates automatically with the Rolledin, are shut down. I'm snuggly 23.2 degrees in here, even though I don't heat. But that's because somehow PC and monitor have enough defense, produce. I have a bit of a history. I can control my ventilation with it. I can see that my windows are closed, that the… I have a sensor with a battery in it, that the batteries are ok. I would have my Sonos here. I could get my attention now if I wanted to. I see if I need to change a filter. And and and. And I see, for example, Last Presence. I'm kind of in the room right now when he recognized me.

Exactly. And at the moment, for example, with the scooter, you looked and I'll get on it. And then I could boot it now. Yes, if the rumble is heard, but that's just doing. Or just dim the light or somehow change the color or something. I can do almost everything with this visor. It's not that fancy now. So there is certainly something that is even cooler and late. But that's just that everyone in the family can really use it. So woman, child, sometimes a guest or something. Everyone gets along with it in a way that's pretty cool. Yes. And there are just enough things that I can still do. So when I take a bath with an art floor gesture, there is now, for example, a visualization of how the temperature is developing, how the actuator for the underfloor heating is currently working.

I think they're pretty bad at times. Someone here has already looked at the picture. It was so difficult on mobile. Theoretically, I have my outer chambers in here with me, which I won't show at all now . I have the outside area. Yes, and you still do quite a lot of things that you flange there. So you have this the cloud history for the metrics you offer.

And loads of integrations of stuff too? Exactly. So there is an integration for Shelley from me, this value recording is now also local. and integration on a whole lot of other things that exist, just to bring everything together on one basis. Yes. Yes, snort microphone food on a cat. I think it's possible. I would then, so does anyone have any specific questions about the visualization. So to this visualization, that's it again, everyone can do it, so you can do what you want.

And you can also, if I didn't understand correctly, I could now hang another server next to it and run another visualization for the same components. I've been able to do Home Assistant for a long time now thanks to Millie. And not so anymore, because I didn't have the time to run all the updates somehow. I somehow still have EasyKarnX on my cell phone. I can't show that now, but this is yet another form of Visa-Ion running simultaneously on a Visa-Ion version on the Apple Watch. So that works fine. When is dark mode coming? I don't know if…

Well… I don't think that's a job for you, a character like that. And … yes, well, that's the thing, because yes, too … because that's where I do a bit of the rear talks again. So now this is still on the screen again, because I got these reproaches or worries or questions or something from people after my announcement. So how much I do anything about Home Assistant doesn't depend on whether I use Khan X or not. I would even say that the likelihood that I will somehow make things, i.e. Home Assistant content, is almost greater if I live in this house with Karnix in it than it is now, which is why some HomeKit things don’t work all the time, which then already on HomeKit just don't get on your nerves.

And then I also have to see that they also work in Home Assistant. So from that point of view, that's the nice thing when I'd like to play around a bit in Home Assistant and want to connect other things. If I like then somehow I don't know, I saw recent module to adjust standing desk. If I find I want to tinker with it in Home Assistant or somehow assemble my own visualization, then I can do it. And if I then have the visualization from whatever server in one or two places on the wall in the house, for example as Gierer even showed, then everyone in the house can do it and someone then objected to your wording . That's the woman. Of course, that is always independent of who is interested in it in the household and who is not. But I think for both of us it 's an issue for us, but on the partner side, it just has to work above all. And the same goes for the children.

Well, if you now know here what I the greedy stuff has on such a wall tablet and everyone can just wipe through and set the light or the temperature or whatever we always set in any room and you can tinker something for yourself at home Assistant or with anything else. Yes, then for me the nice thing is that the whole thing doesn't get in the way. Exactly, that was absolutely irrelevant. That was a bit related too. In fact, we have such a Gira G1 in the children's room, because we, well, because you have a band, everyone goes there, we look up at the same time. They go up using a timer and an astro function. And now you're activating all the lights, you don't press a little button somewhere next to the door, each lamp individually and you can use it to control a lot of things individually if you really want to control some of the parts closely .

And that doesn't have the ladder to the gate with the Baptism call? So, again by. Do you have that hanging in the children's room? In fact, we always have one hanging in our genatz. A list gets longer. No, no, I have to admit that I'm making a rude martner. I don't have Key 1 in the children's room. Good. Then we had light collection culture heaters, attendance, Rolledin and energy measurements. Do we have any other topics that we don't talk about in the house? Now I have to go after it in my head. I still have Filstandssterne, Feldmit spontaneous somehow pure. So a bit of a garden player, we'll have to see what that actually means.

So Filstandssterne, I had with one, from my environment with one, I don't know exactly what I'm like in the categories. someone who works with Gerden. And then he also said, no, the advantage is yes, if I can then simply control one, that in case of doubt, if the systems sometimes run empty in the drought period, I can simply let the tap water run. Then I somehow automatically separated the two water systems, because there is no backbone and otherwise it has to be made in a complicated way. But that's it, that's one of those luxury things, for example, which I also said I would probably delete if it were now.

But if I have the opportunity to do things like that in the end… yes, then I believe that you can bring in a couple of nice players later on, and then the automatic garden irrigation will also come into play. if I just don't have the topic of several words and stuff. So what we can and want to do in the garden afterwards is another question that I don't really have a plan for yet. But one prerequisite is that I first know how much water is in there. And then I can still decide what to do with it automatically. Then because it is straight, the central living space ventilation is planned. So, right here. So, the ventilation and criminalization, where there is also wonderful integration. We also go for a bedroom for example in the evening.

So these decentralized ventilation handles are extremely quiet these days, but are we realistic. So when I'm lying in bed in the evening and there's no other noise, then it's a lot. And it's also wonderful when you go into a bedroom, the presence matter recognizes okay, you're just coming in, then it goes on mute, mute for floating hours and then I can fall asleep in peace and only then does it gently go up again and in the morning , when the presence detector detects that there is nobody in the bedroom anymore, then the thing goes into shock ventilation and you have to restore proper air for half an hour or 3-4 hours . So you can integrate that wonderfully and it just fits perfectly into such a system . And then, because the question was what else we had, charging management, well, actually in the connection with a wall box, you have to determine how the energy can, not exactly where to push it and where not.

Without emptying the attic of the house. Exactly. Then here is the question a few times, whether we also use something as a sink, what we use, rain, what what splinters or just fresh water. This is actually a topic that I actually really enjoyed tackling. We haven't even started yet, but there's so much I'd like to do, but everything has to be planned and organized. And then I have to put the tank somewhere for it, even if we actually have a lot more space than now. So the Hauswitzersraum already said that. Since not the workshop room, the current workshop room, you and the heating engineer made do with the space and whether we can somehow get in big service water weed I don't know. But I also have no idea how big the plants are. This is a topic that has actually just been pushed over backwards so far. And yes, that's the whole truth. Then we had the question here as to whether one could find your list of questions online, so it was relatively early on. Unfortunately, I couldn't open the link on your website.

Do you just have it publicly or is it a trade secret? And you have to be with you… Don't ask Hades, you're public. But I have to say or admit that after you put on the first video , the website was not available for a short time because I somehow just had X-folding the website trafix. And in the same context, it's really nice that so many inquiries came to me. I have to clean up first. So I think there were 120 follow-up requests to Karn X and I will certainly work through everything, but it will take a few more days. But otherwise in the questions I find myself. Yes, okay. So if that just didn't work from your website, then that's a mistake and you'll get to know it again at some point. should go a May. Yes, okay. Yes, then we still have a bit of an opinion. A bit of discussion about more robots in the garden. So, as I said, the garden will become its own topic again, but it will probably also be a construction site that will have to wait a bit.

Well, I think I said that in some video, maybe even in the one that was broadcast today. I don't know anymore, I say so much. But I'll probably put up a sea robot that's free of limitations relatively soon, if it's possible and if I can get my hands on one, and that will probably also be the measure of a garden planning for the new house for this year. I don't see that we're going to add automatic irrigation this year. I still don't see that we're making any major structural changes, that is, structural changes, or any major changes in the garden at all, except maybe a tannadiose gets in the way a bit at some point. But I'm more optimistic about the whole garden theme in the coming year, assuming that the house theme is already well advanced this year. But if we or I or anyone here gets bored, I have a few experiments to do in this house too.

So I think, I think we can do a few things in the garden here this year and maybe try it out in one or the other multi-robot in the new house. And then we'll see. Well, now it's called a checklist if you can't be reached yet, but that'll be how it went off riding. Yes, but exactly. So I guess I can only strongly advise against using the cistern for stuff around the house. Yes, exactly. So that's exactly what I meant here, if the cistern in the garden is for watering, if I have a pump in there, for example, which then jumps into my hoses in the lawn, which we always pump. But there is no way back into the house, so they are not directly connected via a line, but I just have a hose from an outside water hand in the cistern and then the water drips underneath.

Then I don't have all these problems, because then I have two separate systems. I have the drinking water in the house. I'm talking now again with such healthy half-knowledge. But then it can somehow dry down in the water, into the cistern, but no water can run up into the house. And with that I have all these things that have to be produced so that there isn’t always some kind of environmental system getting into a knit system that I then saved on everything but we also have and that brings us exactly to the 90 minutes we talked about earlier. I think we now have a very good general overview of everything we have planned. We took a few questions with us and I think we can somehow confirm it if necessary, or maybe we can do the whole thing again at some point for a specific topic. I can also well imagine that we do something like this and maybe do it again somehow when the kitchen is planned, that we somehow look closely at such things again or we both together again when it comes to light. I mean, I saw a little resentment that so many things are coming to the house right now , but these are just my things that are happening in my life right now.

And yes, in an ideal world I would also mix the whole thing a bit more colorfully, but I'm planning things with Kai right now and of course we could record the thing now and sort it out in a month, but then maybe other things will already be there at. Or so yes it will… But that's just fine if it's the question time plan it yes. Yes, exactly. Yes, the… yes, yes, yes, yes, I can… I can try to weasel my way out of it. I said that in today's video that a bit of the problem is that we just can't do certain things before the new roof is on the house. And we can put the new roof on the house once the planning application is through. And that takes a defined amount of months. The plan now is for us to meet up on the month, meet up with the architects on site again, and then it's time to start planning the trades and have a look.

How do you do that with the floor construction for the underfloor heating and things like that, so that you can now start folding things out, but we can only … well, we can make breakthroughs now, we can then put in carriers at some point, the ones for you take out the load-bearing wall, we can make the slots for the wiring, of course we can start by ripping out all the infill, cladding, tiles, carpets, whatever. We can do all that now. But everything that will be nice afterwards can only be done when the roof is on it, because there will be a certain window of time in which the house will be up and I can do that and I don't want to somehow have my Fassau always on tablets for Karnix have the wall. Well, apart from the fact that they would be completely annoying and I would like to spare myself and them that too.

But yes, what I want to say with all the gibberish I don't have a specific timetable we would like to do it quickly but who knows when we get the stamp from the city that the gobe can be a few meters wider with its directors cut from stream giving that here is the directors cut I don't know yet if there would be a compilation I think the masochists can look at it in its entirety.

We have to see. Yes, there used to be Kai, I'll just push your screen away. Because you're just getting a little bit of pixels, maybe we'll get a few more pixels there. Yes, otherwise I would say now. Oh yes, you might have something to say here. And then we'll fold up the sidewalks. Yes, I have no idea. For the trained integrator, the question is now to be answered for your planned equipment, for the previous planned equipment, as I say, two days, full-time, to have everything with ÖPNA. Because there are really a lot of sensors and a lot of components.

But that depends a bit on the integrator's experience of how many times they've done it. Then it works quite well. Yes, but basic configuration does not quite understand, then the thing is configured through. And then everything happens further in the one in which we live the side of what still wants to do there . Yes, okay, well, I would say, I think we've covered all the basic questions with that . We can also use my porters afterwards, if that's the case, but it's still so far away. But at some point maybe we'll have a look through it to see what it looks like when it's finished or something.

But yes, it's finished, it's still a long way away. But the spectator at the city doesn't work any. I don't know that. It can, how do I do it , without saying where I live, everyone can process the building applications. Let's see if they have one of mine and then brush it on top of the start. I wouldn't have anything against it, but I think we're simply dependent on the grindstones of bureaucracy and we're going to sit there and wait and at some point. hopefully a letter will come in which it simply states that she is entitled to it.

And then of course the question is, how long do we need, when does the roof of the gardeners have to be? I had imagined everything to be quicker and easier. But well, that gives me the time with Kai to tocktor a bit, to clarify a bit in advance of the questions . And that now also means that we have to think about the light and that means us, means that we have to think about how we place the furniture in certain rooms and that all involves so many things that I I'm not angry at all that the architect isn't breathing down my neck and says, let's see that the plan is finished, we want to take the next steps here now, but yes, we still have to use the time now. I don't know it. Hopefully everything will continue, no, it will definitely continue. Hopefully it will continue soon. We shall see what is soon. But first of all, thank you very much for taking the time on Saturday evening to get through the whole story here, for showing everything you have lying around on your desk and for chewing through a few questions.

Ah, no, I wasn't afraid of that. I think, I think, now there are still questions. I would do it again because I still expect it to be really cool when it's done. We'll see everything else when it turns out differently in the future. But thank you to everyone who was here, everyone who took part, everyone who asked questions. I've also seen a channel member or two join. Thank you for that. And then I would say, let's close here. I had fun. I'm probably also to some extent to have knocked, everything so far. Yes, nice that you were there, Kai, thank you very much for your time, for your expertise and yes, you gave me a few years.

I'm not even So, and then I have something here where the whole thing ends. I'll press that now. So bye! * Music * * Music * ♪ I know that you're curious ♪ ♪ I know that you're strong ♪ ♪ But life can be curious ♪ ♪ And things can go wrong ♪ ♪ You go, you go ♪ ♪ We're better off tomorrow ♪ ♪ But who knows, who knows ♪ ♪ If we get joy or sorrow ♪ *music* [music].

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