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hi everybody it's christina from pretty distressed if you are new here i have been painting and flipping furniture for almost nine years now it's one of my favorite things to do i think anybody can do it so today i'm gonna share some of my favorite diy furniture makeovers before and afters your favorite part that you want to see i've got 10 inspiring flips coming your way so if you want to see them just keep watching [Music] my first before and after i'm gonna share with you is one of my most popular and most viral i found this 80s dresser at goodwill and decided to build a new base for it i got all these plans from the diy wife andrea everybody went crazy and built one of these um i removed the old hardware and of course started with cleaning because every makeover you have to clean you have to clean you have to prep your furniture guys it is an important step you will see it in every single make over here i'm just doing some repairs here and i'm filling the existing holes because i'm going to do new hardware and this was the first time i ever did grain filling when you have oak if you take a wood filler and add a little bit of water to it and paint it on your surface it's going to fill that really really deep grain and it's gonna give you a smoother paint finish every project i'm sharing with you today has a full video tutorial and a lot of them have blog posts so i'm gonna be sharing all that information in the description box if you need any list of products i'm using or want more info about the makeover this project is also really special to me because it helped me come into my own i think when it comes to working with power tools and really making over furniture i just got comfortable doing this on my own and not needing assistance and not needing help and knowing that hey if i make a mistake it's okay it's just wood i can get some more and i had a lot of fun on this and i was really proud of it [Music] so [Music] let's take a quick break so i can share about today's sponsor and one of my favorite partners butcherbox you guys have seen me use butcher box for a while they deliver meat directly to my doorstep and it's really high quality meat 100 grass-fed beef a free-range organic chicken pork rice crepe free and wild-caught seafood and it's all sourced from farmers and fishers who meet the highest standards for quality you get to choose your delivery frequencies to fit your needs and you can cancel at any time with no penalty and they have five box options to choose from this time i went with the all beef package and of course i added on bacon because my family just loves butcher box bacon we also love grilling in the summer so we're excited to start grilling some items from our all beef box and if you are new to butcher box and you love grilling this is the time to join because you can get a free grilling bundle for the summer on your first order it's going to include two 10-ounce ribeye steaks of five pounds of chicken drumsticks and a pack of burgers for free so order your box today i decided to prime this one and i'm using a gray primer because those work really well under dark colors you don't have to do as many coats with those and i use dixie belt colored greens on here this is one of my all-time favorite colors i love how rich and deep it is but it's still neutral enough to go in any home i enlisted a little help to clamp my base on and get it in place and then i just screwed it on and this was actually really easy and it is such a huge transformation i encourage anybody to try out building one of these bases i sealed the paint and wood with a dixie bell's big mama's butter in my favorite scent their orange grove it looks great on the paint as well as the natural wood [Music] and to finish it off i added some finger pulls from amazon these really made the piece look a lot more modern and if you're looking for all the hardware that i use in my videos i have everything saved in my amazon storefront and here's the part we all love here is the before and here is what it looked like after i ended up not selling this piece since it was my first time doing the base i wanted to see how it held up and it went really viral on tick tock and instagram and china changed my business so i sentimentally i have not let it go yet so it is in my entryway and i still get tons of compliments on it and i still love it i think i probably will sell it one day but for now it's just sitting in my house before and after number two is this dark three drawer dresser from world market that i got off of facebook marketplace i wanted to create this cool modern colored block vision here but i wanted to do it for a lot cheaper so i'm just starting by cleaning off my piece prepping it repairing any damage and i grabbed my orbital sander and sanded the feet down to raw wood as well as the drawers i did this project in a partnership with krylon and i actually only used spray paint for this entire piece i sprayed the entire body of the dresser white i used some clear to seal those natural wood feet as well as the drawers and then i selected four colors to do some cool color block triangles on the drawers [Music] this [Music] [ __ ] [Music] [Applause] [Music] to make this project more affordable i decided to reuse the hardware that i have and just spray it in a gold metallic paint typically the hardware you see on these are acrylic and gold but those can get pretty pricey and i thought this was a great dupe for that [Music] this project did take a long time because you have to wait for each triangle to dry before you can move on to another section but it was worth it in the end with materials and everything my all in on this was 88 i ended up hanging on to this one for a while but i did eventually sell it for 400 and the reason i held on to it for so long is because it won the furniture flip challenge hosted by maker central and diy magazine for my next before and after i'm going to share my anthropology enchantment dupe dresser this is one of my most popular makeovers shared on tick-tock and instagram and it's one of my favorite in my heart you guys because this one was really out of my comfort zone i'm just starting by prepping the piece fixing up some nicks and dings and i am sanding down the drawer fronts to natural and here i'm just spot priming my repair so i don't get any bleed through i used jolie's farmhouse beige to create a wash whereas that's when i take half water half paint to create a stain you just paint this on and you wipe back the excess and it gives you a beautiful look of a stain without all the stinkiness and the oil based and the dry times and then i painted the body full strength with that farmhouse beige just to give a monochromatic look i didn't want to sand down this entire piece and it really worked so here's why this makeover was out of my comfort zone i am working with resin and molds for the first time and i'm going to put those on my piece i used a quick setting resin that sets in 10 minutes i will note please wear gloves when you're working with resin this is my first time and i didn't know that i should do that but i created all these vines and flowers and i just started draping them down my piece now this was very terrifying for me because i'm pretty much a simple basic person and so doing something this artistic really stressed me out and i tried to get out of doing this video several times and uh you know what i just decided to push forward and keep going it took me two weeks to do this one and it normally just takes me a week but i just kept going gluing these pieces on making more pieces being creative bending them having them go across the drawers and cut them and then i dry brushed on that same paint that i'm using and it gave this real effect of actually making these look like they were carved into the piece and it just ended up being really beautiful i used jewelry wax to seal this piece because i love the matte finish it gives and i didn't want a top coat dripping and globbing up on all these molds that i had done and it just gave it that natural look that it was really like carved in there like wood and i'm gonna try not to say this every time but this honestly is one of my favorite makeovers and just everything i went through and everything i pushed through on it and i just love it it's still in my home here um it's in my dining room it doesn't really go in there but i've spent enough time with it now that i think i'm ready to let it go so it might be for sale soon for this next furniture before and after i'm gonna modernize this sleigh bed by adding some cane and giving it a more modern look this is a bed that i did for a friend of mine who is a teacher and i did this in kind for her just to show my appreciation for teachers and how hard they work this is the same color i just used on that anthro dupe i love this farmhouse beige it's just kind of been a past few years i've been obsessed with beige a little bit and the cane that i'm adding to this is actually decorative cane it's a lot more flexible than the cane you use to put on seats and things like that and i found this is really great when you're just doing a decorative project [Music] if i did this project today i think i would have trimmed these out because i'm a lot more comfortable with my miter saw but i decided to just paint over the staples and it camouflaged them really well i finished this piece off with wax as well i have a waxed bed and it has held up really well for me [Music] i love the way this turned out we actually bought a few pieces from target for her room as well and got her new bedding from betty so it's just so bright and beautiful in here now and she really appreciated the project and i love the way it turned out my all in on this project was around a hundred dollars so it's definitely a bargain from those designer beddings you see on pottery barn and ballard designs this next furniture makeover is a little bit of an interesting one i had quite the journey with this piece i wanted to remove the scalloping from the bottom so i removed all the trim and i cut new boards for this actually my husband cut the board for me because this was back when i was scared of the miter saw but no longer am i scared of the miters all so we did like all new trim on the base and i attached feet to it as well then i tried to tackle these doors and this is where this project went sideways for me i wanted to get rid of all the decorative pieces in here and once i filled them with bondo i could not get my sander in there to sand them down so at that point i abandoned the doors and just started moving forward on the piece i filled the grain on the sides and i stripped the top back down to natural wood and just sanded everything down to make it smooth i got my sprayer out for this one and sprayed the paint and top coat this is probably like the third project that i sprayed and i have gotten a lot more confident with the sprayer and every time i use it i love it so that's just an encouragement to you if you're scared to try a sprayer it gets easier to use every time and it really does give you a beautiful finish [Music] and i give you guys this tip all the time but when you're working with a darker color like this it's a good idea to put a little bit of paint in your top coat because those darker colors with water based top coats can haze if you don't add a little bit of the paint to them and to seal up all my bare wood portions i used some white wax from minwax [Music] so as you can see i just scrapped those doors completely and styled this as an open media console and i was really happy with how it turned out i loved the way that it looked i got a lot of positive responses from it but i wasn't done on those doors yet i didn't want to just quite give up on them yet so after i recovered of the trauma of working on the piece for the first time after about a month i grabbed these doors and was ready to tackle them i cut out the center of them using my miter saw and my jigsaw [Music] i sprayed them with the same in the navy paint from dixie belle and sealed them with that gator hide and i thought with a new style i'm going for on the doors i wanted more modern feet so i changed those out and then i grabbed some cane webbing that i had and i'm going to cut that out for each door and attach it with some staples so i put the doors back on and along with the new feet this is what makeover 2 looked like and i could have had this piece really go either way so i listed both of them on marketplace just as a test to see which one would sell and the second makeover is the one that sold and it sold for 450 my next furniture makeover before and after is a really quick simple project that i ended up really really loving in the end i got this for super cheap like i think 30 i drove 45 minutes to get this thing but in the end it all ended up being worth it because i love the finished product on this one on my bare wood portions that i've sanded down here i'm gonna do that technique that i love to do where i create a wash with paint this paint is uptown ecru by jolie and so i mix 50 paint 50 water did a little slip coat of water before i put this on and i just love the way this color turned out it's like bleached wood it looks really cozy and beachy [Music] i used that same uptown ecru in full strength all around the base and i did kind of a textured finish with this used a natural bristle brush and went in every direction since this is a monochromatic look i wanted it to have some depth and interest so just doing a little bit of a textured finish on here really made this pop and i'm sealing this piece with wax it's really funny because i feel like i hardly use wax anymore but on some of my favorite projects i use wax so that's really making me think that maybe i need to go back to waxing more it's a lot of work though you guys it takes a lot of muscle but it does create a really beautiful matte finish so after finishing it off with some new hardware here's the before and here is the after i went all out on this one on the styling because i loved it so much and bought some items from target and staged it in my foyer and once i stage it there i was like oh i'm keeping this so what i had there i sold and i still have this table today it's held up really well except a lot of kids have put donuts they shall not be named what kids did this but they put donuts on this entryway table and it kind of made a couple of grease stains in the top but it's okay it still has held up beautifully i still love it and here it's styled up with a bunch of items i did in a recent diy thrifting video so i still love this table it's gonna stay not selling it anytime soon okay next up is these little mismatched nightstands if you haven't seen this video i did a whole thing where i showed you how you can buy stuff for cheap off of marketplace flip it and then walk you through the process of selling it and it's been a really popular video i got these for 40 bucks off of a facebook marketplace and i gave them a good clean and just a nice basic makeover so that they would sell quickly and i could walk you through that whole process these nightstands i did end up priming a because they were slick and b because i had a lot of bleed through on my rags when i was cleaning them so that's always a good idea to seal it and as i mentioned earlier i picked a really neutral color so that they would sell quickly [Music] since i was trying to sell these as a set i wanted to make them the same height so i bought some wooden pieces from hobby lobby and made some risers to add to the shorter one and then i added the same hardware to both pieces to help them coordinate [Music] once these were done i showed you how i stage and sell my furniture and price and everything so if you're interested in that you should definitely check out this video but here is what they look like before and here is the after of these pieces i didn't sell them the week i made the video which was my original plan but i did end up selling them the following week for 200 and made a profit of 132 okay this next furniture makeover i'm sharing with you to to tell you that i learned and tried a lot of new things on this piece but in the end i didn't really make a lot of money on it but i've used a lot of these techniques on future makeovers that have been really successful so i think there's some type of lesson in there but for this one i created again a new base by removing that frilly trim i cut some primed pine boards down to size they weren't quite long enough to cover up these feet so i ended up trimming the bottom with the jigsaw and sanding those down and then i'm gonna add feet to this so i created some support blocks on the back and all the stuff i did by myself and i felt really proud of because it was the first time i was kind of using the miter saw on my own now i'm really comfortable with it um other things i did to this piece i knew i wanted to do single pulls on the top here because of the way the drawers were set up so i went ahead and pre-drilled those holes but i wasn't really sure what i wanted to do on the bottom yet but i did know i wanted to spray so i taped everything off i used an all-in-one paint and i used my wagner flexio 3000 and again this was one of the first projects that i sprayed silk with and now nine times out of time when i'm using silk i love to spray it because it's so easy and it gives you a beautiful finish and you do not have to top coat silk because it has a built-in top coat so it just helps the project go a lot faster [Music] and another quick tip i learned on this project is using paintable caulk on your pieces where you might have gaps and stuff really helps them look really smooth and professional and this gold was a little bit too yellow on me for the feet that i had bought so instead of just buying new feet i just spray painted them to make them the color that i wanted and then to attach feet like this it's a really good idea to drill pilot holes mark where you want the feet to go drill the pilot holes and then it helps your screws go in easier and you're less likely to crack your base that you just made [Music] after a lot of trial and error i finally found the right pools that i wanted for this piece so in the end i put a lot of money into this piece i had all new hardware i had to build the base i had to add the feet and i paid 100 for this piece which is way over what i normally pay for furniture i do love the way it turned out and i sold this for 325 but in the end with all the money i had into it i only made a profit of 125 but i'm not upset about that because i learned lots of new things i used the power tools by myself and it was a great learning experience for me okay next up is a little bachelor's chest that i got from goodwill that also became a really fun project that went viral on instagram for some reason i got 8 million views or 9 million views on the reel i made of it and it was one of those pieces that i thought was not going to take me a long time but the more i got into it and the more i played with it this piece ended up taking a really long time because i removed the base to make it look more modern i removed the trim on the sides and then i had to fill that with some a bondo and sand it down and sand the top down and there was just a lot of repairs on this piece before i could even get to the paint i think i had to do like three rounds of bondo to get those troughs completely filled and the piece was bleeding so of course then i had to use a stain blocking primer to block all those tannins in before i even started on my paint [Music] i ended up sealing all the natural wood and the paint with a wise owl salve this stuff smells amazing and i normally don't like the orange tones it brings out in an oak like this but paired with that green color i just really loved them together and it ended up being an awesome decision and i'll show you why when i get to the hardware [Music] i had thought i was gonna use this really modern hardware because it was three inches and that way i wasn't gonna have to fill the holes and drill new holes but it just didn't look right at the end and i remembered i had those really what i thought were hideous pulls from that first piece that i showed you the diy wife piece and for some reason they just really worked on this piece and i got lucky that these poles just ended up covering the existing holes in there normally i wouldn't do something like this but it just was a situation where you kind of have to just roll with what you have and it ended up turning out so beautiful in the end i will tell you that i underpriced this thing i priced it for 150 and i got a lot of response to it and sold it right away that's typically what i sell a size piece like this for so i only made 100 off of it i could have made a lot more but that's just the way it goes sometimes okay you have made it to my 10th and final furniture makeover before and after i got this piece from goodwill for 40 bucks it was a good solid piece but coated in a really bad paint job so i spent about a week stripping this piece back to its natural state [Music] and i wanted to take this piece from country to a modern pottery barn vibe so i cut off all the scalloping on the base with my jigsaw [Music] and then i used some leftover black paint i had and made a wash a one-to-one ratio of that water mix technique you've seen me do throughout this video and just painted that on the same way i have showed you earlier you just paint it on and you wipe back any excess [Music] [Music] this was just a little bit too light for me after i got that first coat done so i did a second coat of wash over the entire piece and like i mentioned earlier i like to add a little bit of dark paint to my top coats when i'm doing dark colors like this so i sealed this whole thing in a flat top coat and i use this sponge mostly to apply the top coat [Music] i bought some cocoa bronze hardware for this to give it a monochromatic look and i spray painted the hinges that it had to match so i took this country looking piece and made it look like a beautiful black washed pottery barn piece i love the way that this turned out i think it's a pretty dramatic makeover and in the end i donated this to a friend i let them choose from any pieces i had in my inventory and this is the one that they chose and i know they're going to enjoy it for time to come thanks for joining me for some of my favorite furniture makeovers before and afters let me know in the comments which one is your favorite if you liked this video come back subscribe because i am doing this every week flipping furniture and i teach you everything i know thanks for being here you guys and i will see you next time [Music]

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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