12 COOLEST GADGETS That Are Worth Buying

12 COOLEST GADGETS That Are Worth Buying

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The Lord – Is Human Divinity Credible?

In linking to transcendence we need something we can focus our minds on. Is Swedenborg’s term ‘the Lord’ a credible image for the divine?

Law Of Resonance: Can Inner Child Work Allow Someone To Change Their Resonance?

At the deepest level, so beyond mere appearances, it has been said that human beings and everything else for that matter, are vibrating energy. This is might not be something that someone is willing to just accept.

The Apostle Who Was a Willing Slave of Jesus Christ – Could You Be For This High Calling?

Paul had been brought up to look for the Messiah – and in this letter, Paul is saying to the world – “I have found the Messiah – I have found the Christ”. The one thing Messiah-seeking Saul of Tarsus needed to know – was that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, was alive. Circumstances were transformed radically, at Damascus, when that knowledge became part of his personal spiritual experience It is better to be a slave of Jesus Christ than to be ‘slaves to sin’ – ambition – drugs – alcohol – money – fragile temporary success – or whatever it might be. Paul was called. He did not just receive the call of Jesus Christ – he obeyed it – and he makes it clear that it is God who has called him – and who motivated and inspired him. Paul introduces himself – and gives his credentials – because his desire is to go west to Spain – and to have a base in Rome, just as he had a base in Antioch. We are called to belong – and we belong to obey.

Everyone ‘In The Know’ – Advice on Communication for the New Head of Department

Creating an effective communication network in your department will go a long way towards creating a harmonious relationship among your staff as well as improving the educational environment for your students. If your staff is fully informed on issues affecting them and the organisation of your subject department and the school, then they will be more prepared to offer assistance and suggestions to improve the running of the department and to help solve any ‘problems’ that might arise. Our author highlights eleven ways that he used to ensure everyone was “in the know”. He offers an explanation about each of these ways he used to keep his staff well informed.

Is Transcendence Humane?

The divine beings of religious myths both eastern & western suggest that the awareness of transcendence has a humane dimension. Is this true?

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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