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What? I left them at home? These are so five years ago. But they’re better than nothing. Woah, did you rob a museum or something? And that’s the end of that. My special pen! A couple squirts, and I’ll 
have a new pair of pods. See? This is more like it! This music sure sounds great. Just another pen hack. These nails are buffed! Red sounds good! Who needs a salon, anyway? Oh, I do, apparently.  Such a klutz. Aw man. This polish is comin’ off!! GET OFF!!! Still there?! Time to bring in the big guns! Now we’re talkin’! Woohoo!!!!! This is hopeless. Is this even salvageable? Maybe I just have to get creative! Let’s get crafty. I’ll make my own new case 
with this handy glue pen! Is this looking like a case yet? Don’t forget the sides!  You can use any color you want! This one matches my outfit.

What’s up, girl? I’m so winning here!! Ahhh. Time for a little break. Staring at screens makes me sleepy. Oh, yeah. Hmm… Interesting… Oooh! What was that? It wasn’t the cat, was it? Madison’s glasses!! She’s so gonna kill me! Me and my big old butt. On second thought… This pen ought to fix things. First outline the lens like this. Then pull it off the edge.

Keep going until you go all the way around. Look familiar? Now all you have to do is connect them. Now for the ear pieces! And you’re done! Looks pretty brilliant to me! Easy… Easy… That was close! They’re just your size. Did I sleep with my glasses on? Oh god… Huh, that’s weird. Phew!! Nailed it!! Woah!! Look at all this gorgeous stuff! This butterfly is so me! But why stop there? I mean, what are fingers for, right? You look seriously awesome!! But what about me? I made this little guy myself! Meh. This makes more of a statement. Maybe too much. Could this work? Ugh. Why do I even try? Wait a second, I got it!! Of course!! Hehe!! See this heart? Outline it with your glue pen.

I chose red. Now color it in! The crown’s up next! Fit for a queen, I suppose! Aw, how adorable is this flower? You can use different colors if you want! Let’s fill in those petals. Perfection. Wondering what this is? It’s the part that goes around your finger. Now, remember the heart you made? Put a glob of the glue here, And stick the ring on top! Look at you, making jewelry! So adorable.

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Can you believe this! Four handmade rings, baby! Huh? Where’d she get those? Gimme!! These are one of a kind, huh? Can I try this one? I love it!! Ring sisters! Nothing says sleepover like a pillow fight! Ich, my hair!! My vision’s been compromised!  Ugh Too much hair, dude!! Okay, hold it! I need a minute. Don’t I have a hair tie around here? Close enough! Not so fast! I saw it first. But I need it more! Gimme!! GAH! Now, look what you've done! But perhaps there’s something better.

Time for the Plan B box! We need your help, magic pen!! This is gonna be awesome. First, we need some wavy lines. Then close them up, and color them in. It’ll make sense in a minute. Use a white brush to make teeny tiny hearts. Aren’t they precious? Ok, one more! What’s a craft without a little sparkle? Next, attach the ends to one another. Then stick it in your hair! No hair’s getting in this face! Wow! Woah!! Fight is officially back on!! You and your classmate may have similar taste. But that can pose some problems. See ya! Hemingway sure is interesting. Hmm. What? I don’t remember packing this. I don’t even cheer! Wait, is that my backpack?! Which gives me a great idea… Draw your name and outline it with your glue pen. I chose a fun, bubble-letter style. And you can pick the colors too. Don’t forget the hidden spots like around the “E”! Then it’s time for the colors. Put the glue in different directions 
to see the letters better. Or make the end of each stroke more defined. Add an outline and a chain! Let’s see who grabs the wrong bag now.

Huh? That’s not my name. Um, Madison? That was a close one, huh? Saved by the name tag. Woah. Huh? Did Cupid finally answer my prayers? Is hair okay? Oh, hey! GAH!! Woah! Fuh. Fuh. Get outta my mouth!! And my hair… Was that a tornado or something?! Wait a second. I know what’ll make things better. Hello, old friend! See this pen? Use it to shape your glue like this! Keep going… And once it dries, unravel it all. It should look like a little spring. Add some glue to the end, And attach the open ends together. Ta-da!! No crazy hair now! Now where was I? Hi there! Woah, hey!! Think you could use that magic 
glue pen for some fix-its?   
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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