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so Class is over where are you going all you three haven't paid my fees yet sir actually we're facing crisis and Papa still not get his salary and what about these expensive geometry boxes, Pouch,.. you've money for all that and you don't have money to pay my fees this you will get at Rs. 700 to 800 from market and we've made this only at Rs.

50/- and this pouch is at Rs. 20 only and that pouch for holding stationary made using old stuffs available at home ok I'll give a fee concession but if you make all these stuffs for me too To make this stationary holder we need cover that card board with the cloth keep the fabric little longer here I am using hot Glue gun instead of it you can also use Fabric Glue or Stapler cut the fabric as per the number of pockets you want to keep on this Cardboard here I've made three pockets to give it neat look fold it a little and then stitch or paste now will paste them on Cardboard you can use stapler too instead of it too now we'll decorate it take any of your favourite colour Ribbon and paste it on cardboard edges slightly burn the ribbon from you made a cut to avoid its thread from getting separated or if you want to keep more pockets you can divide and paste ribbon accordingly and our DIY Stationery holder is ready you can hand it wherever you want I am on my periods do you have Pad? what's this? I keep pads in this pouch so now will make these Hanky Pouch which are so easy to make for this you need here I've taken a fur hanky as it will look good paste the chain on this side make sure you align them straight before pasting if you don't have fabric glue or hot glue gun you can also get done stitching from a tailer open the chain again apply glue and fold the hanky and paste it like this we need to keep in centre like this paste its open side and cut the extra part and open the pouch like this and its done as your new school session has started and we all need to cover the copies so I'll tell how you can decorate your copy cover differently for this you need I've covered my copy with white sheet then made some designs now lets fill up the designs to give it a 3D Look I'll paste some stones now lets decor next copy to which I'll make a Unicorn cut different coloured glitter sheets in these shapes and paste done with half remaining we'll complete using a sketch pen have you liked this compass box so lets make it cut glitter sheets into different shapes which you like and paste it over the box you can also give a cartoon shape to this glitter sheet now lets decor its from side using a decorating tape if you don't have decorating tape You can also use Newspaper or Magazine's cutting and fix a white paper to its inner portion

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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