8 Must-Have Tools For DIY Projects

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Scott Brown here Here I am in my container you 
know now I can finally do some projects again and   yeah get on with it everything's gonna be back 
to the quarantine continues and this exciting   episode I discussed DIY tools the tools I use 
in my videos and in what order you should buy   them if you're doing jobs at home let's start 
with the handsaw obviously a hand tool but I   think it's worth mentioning the drill I fix 
most things with the drill nowadays is handy   for putting in door handles and a very versatile 
tool all round the multi-tool this tool lets you   cut things that you otherwise couldn't cut say 
there's the skirting on the wall and you don't   want to remove the whole skirting the multi-tool 
will let you do this the level a good way to make   sure that everything on site is plumb and level 
the nail gun as a homeowner a finishing gun is   probably the one to go with you're likely to do a 
lot of skirting architraves and the finishing gun   would be the most efficient way to fix them 
and the table saw one of my favorite tools   on the list and one that everybody should 
at least consider you can cut things that   you would otherwise struggle cutting with 
the following tool which is a circular saw circular saw is one of the basics great for 
ripping things great for trimming timber an   all-around handy tool to have it 
has its limitations however more   on that soon and finally the miter saw 
this will help you get clean repeated   cuts it will help you be consistent 
and it's just a good tool to have so let's categorize these tools in terms of 
usefulness and costs so this graph shows the   usefulness of the tool going on the bottom here 
the further along the more useful and up here   shows the price the higher up the more expensive 
in a perfect world all the tools will be over   here very useful and very cheap let's start with 
the handsaw it's fairly useful but a little bit   one-dimensional so I'm gonna put it down here 
the drill is a little bit more expensive but   you'll get a little bit more use out of it as 
well and then the circular saw I'm gonna trim   this top eight list to a top fullness a DIY top 
formas but first these are the top 4 tools that   I would choose I would keep the table saw miter 
saw drill and the level it wouldn't be easy but   if I had to miter saw is all about accuracy as 
a carpenter I not only have to be accurate but   I also have to be efficient people pay me to 
do my job so I'm gonna give accurate cuts for   architrave skirting [ __ ] framing there's so many 
things on a house that a miter saw is good for the   table saw again accuracy and consistency so I 
personally think a table saw is an underrated   tool I myself didn't have one for the first 10 
years as a builder I use them whenever there   were on site but I never had my own one and as 
soon as I got it I realized I should have got   us sooner see with a circular saw you have to 
hold the timber while you rip it and keep it   steady the table saws the opposite way around you 
take the timber to the saw the saw is stationary a drill was obviously crucial especially as a 
carpenter I fix a lot more than I nails these   days and the advantage of fixing with a screw is 
you can remove it and the level I don't think I   could charge for my services of things went plumb 
and or level it also doubles as a straight edge   as well you can hear yeah you can hear things 
crunching but if you are just starting out these   are the four tools I would get I would check 
in a circular saw I put the handsaw back there   and then I'll get rid of these these are maybe 
later tools so the reason I chose those four   for DIY is you're not going to use them as often 
as the Carpenters top four if you will see for a   pretty low cost you're getting four crucial 
tools that will be very useful for DIY work   you might have noticed that the nail gun isn't a 
part of this list and it's not because you don't   necessarily need it like say you're redoing all 
the fencing around a property you're gonna want   to buy a framing gun all right now the string 
lights it up we can nail on all the palings if you're planning to redo all the actuaries 
and skirting in a house you're probably going   to want to buy a finishing gun but the thing 
to consider about a nail gun of any kind is   the price see the thing is you can get all 
of these tools for the price of this and if   you've already got these and you want to get 
more tools I probably wouldn't start with the   nail go alright so brands like a brands through 
matter but they don't at the same time if you   get any of the top four or five brands you're 
probably fine the ones I'm familiar with Makeda   Milwaukee do well Bosch her Kochi Hitoshi 
pistol you're gonna be sweet if you get any   of those brands some of the other DIY centric 
brands like Rio B I haven't really tried so   I can't vouch for but I've heard good things 
about a lot of their tools fits to I probably   wouldn't go to if I was in the DIY market a 
bit too expensive for what you get they're   expensive for a reason they're quality and if 
you're a professional they're a good option so we're thinking about brand when we look at 
these top eight tools you've probably guessed   my brands already based on the video so far but 
here they are for the sake of record for both the   drop saw and table saw I can recommend to Walt 
I've had nothing but Dewalt drops on table saws   and they've worked for me really well and you can 
get them for a pretty good price as well keep an   eye out your local merchants they're probably 
go deals on every now and then a handsaw you   really can't go wrong with whatever hands will 
you choose so just get whatever is handy look   look for like a general-purpose saw with sort 
of medium sized teeth level I highly recommend   Stabila Stabilo levels are great they come with 
a 10-year guarantee and they're just really good   quality levels come that way like on bail bucks 
now gun I've sort of bounced around with no guns   I had pest load for years and more recently 
I've gone to a Koki and I really liked them that's way bit right and this is like the ultimate 
test in New Zealand hard made of timber so there's   one important thing to consider if you're getting 
a drill multi-tool circular saw and a nail gun is   what battery platform do you want i've got her 
cokie nail gun and in makida drills and circular   saws it might be best to stick with one battery 
platform there'll be more cost-effective for you   and a lot easier you charge one battery it can go 
to all those tools and a good one to start with   would be her Koki simply for the nail gun a nail 
gun is high priority for you ever nail gun is a   high priority for you I can definitely vouch for 
Makita those most of my tools and Makeda and any   of the other ones are pretty pretty good too Bosch 
is great Milwaukee to well don't get too hung up   on it though maybe research the particular tool 
you're after and see what people say but don't   get through hanging up on the brand I didn't 
include some of the basics in this video like   a hammer and a square measuring tape etc this 
video is more for people who want to consider   some of the Carpenters tools that we use as 
professionals there are some other tools you   could consider depending on what your needs are 
a reciprocating saw if you're taking a door out   or removing part of a wall or reciprocating 
saw as a key tool but you're probably doing   more serious renovation if you are considering 
that tool electric sander is another tool that   you could consider and another tool is the tracks 
or I think every builder should have a track saw   but every homeowner doesn't necessarily need 
one however if you plan on installing your own   kitchen a track saw is worth the investment and 
also this is one carpenters take let me know in   the comments below what your top eight would be 
so yeah I'm have another exciting episode very   soon in the meantime pop over to my Instagram if 
you haven't already it'll be cool to engage with   you guys see what projects you guys are working 
on I might use they're the next exciting episode   actually I've got some ideas and also I would just 
like to end with a big thank you to everyone who   watches and in particular the people who donated 
on PayPal and patreon that greatly appreciate it   thank you oh and also this video here if you 
enjoyed this exciting episode you might enjoy   this one this is tools that I would recommend 
if you're starting at building business kind   of related to this episode so I thought I'd 
pop that down there for you all right yes

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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