Alexa vs Google | Welches ist das bessere Smart Home?

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hello everyone today i want that alexa smartphone with google compare smartphones to see which one is better, have fun video off we go after the intro the two of them I will use smartphone systems in compare the following points voice assistant routines smart speaker and smart displays compatible devices as well as data protection in connection I will give you my conclusion present the google it then offers one reliable voice recognition as well the innovative feature the following questions can also be answered I'll get to that briefly later Another advantage is that the google it is then very easy to do use is there he is on everyone android mobile phone is pre-installed a disadvantage can be found in googles and attack that he did not integrate shopping function at amazon voice assistant alexa sees the matter something different the great advantage of alexa is that one via the voice assistant with the voice command direct orders amazon can do unfortunately the speech recognition is with amazon alexa not as reliable as the google assistant are also also no follow-up questions or very few follow-up questions possible i I'll give it to you now in an example briefly show alexa when did the film become avatar released the film avatar Aufbruch according to pandora until twelve years ago on 17th December 2009 published alexa who has directed Unfortunately I do not know it hey google man became the movie avatar published on december 10th, 2009 google who directed james cameron there google how old is he he is 66 years old it looks like i'm winning hh no hurry we are not yet in the smart area home control at the point putin already sees the matter again completely different from here alexa clearly the nose in front in the google homepage routine and have the following start conditions voice command time and we go sunrise and sunset we also see further into the actions not that many actions here are possible, let's switch to the amazon app is the big plus point at amazon voting is that triggered this smarthome sensors can be used, yes this simple feature has google up not yet under action we find the alexa putin much more selection than we at google home little bit Now let's look at the hardware is called the smart speakers and the smart displays from amazon and google the construction quality from amazon and google products are almost identical both are very high quality that amazon smart home has a much larger one product variety than google smartphone in addition, amazon keeps bringing it back new technologies and innovations with Of course I'm talking about the echo 10 third generation which one also has swiveling display third party manufacturers such as songs or tommy can use your smartphone speaker with the google assistant or amazon alexa produce when it comes to setup of smarthome devices is coming both smartphone systems have the same the possibilities are mostly the same devices for both kind of systems available a look at the devices as well as philips and my highlights all in both systems both smarthome assistants were made by American companies developed so applies there, for example not the dsgv as for example here in Germany honestly there isn't one here winners both are equally bad at point data protection we as consumers are completely here left blind to our data happens of course we can do that privacy policy of amazon and read google but we are through it not smarter what happens on american servers stays on american servers and as consumers, we cannot do anything about that to change in terms of data protection, we leave on best the respective smartphone assistants speak for themselves alexa what do you think about the topic privacy you can get an otherwise complete privacy policy in section legal and compliance of alexa read rap mr google what do you think of the subject of data protection I am designed to your data to be treated confidentially and securely more information about how I tell you can help you get on slash assistant slash your data I also have a link to yours smartphone sent before I present my conclusion to you I would like to show you how to do it first the smartphone systems are mutually exclusive Find alexa how do you like google ok google sorry if i revealed it to have I'm sorry I didn't Roger that google how do you like alexa i think she is great reliable I always deliver mainly use amazon alexa like you might already think of it in mine has seen past videos of the biggest plus point for alexa is the alexa significantly more complex routine possible such as the google smartphone I'll link a video to alexa for you red ones up here in the infobox alex as the biggest deficit compared to google is the voice assistant for alexa Your more complex questions are not understands However, I am happy to accept that because I mostly only use my smartphone want to control devices with the language and doesn't want to have conversations and that's it again for this video you like the video that but like a like online subscription there which smarthome assistant do you use Don't like to leave it down in the comments know we'll see you in the next video by then

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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