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Tips to Sync Facebook Contact Information on Your Apple Device

According to Apple its 100 million+ users are now running their devices on iOS 6 which is the latest OS version available. The latest introduction of features provided by iOS 6 is Facebook integration allows the user to easily post updates, upload photos and videos from their iPhone. The other advantage of Facebook integration is that it has a huge amount of contact information that you can sync on your iPhone including addresses, contact details and e-mail ids.

Things to Think of Before Deciding on a Laptop Repair Service Provider

Laptops have become an integral part of our lives and most of us cannot even imagine waking up to a day without one. Maintaining and keeping your laptop updated is probably one of the things highest on our list of priorities. It’s our portal into the world of possibilities and a way to connect with all that’s out there. Whether it’s a job, your business or studies, laptop is the all important tool that we need today to equip ourselves with, for this vast unlimited world of opportunities and to achieve all that we aim for.

Filabot: Going Green With 3D Printing

New 3D-Printers are popping up everyday – just take a look at KickStarter. But a new technology, the Filabot, is solving a much overlooked problem: getting 3D-printing materials on the cheap.

Buying The Best Tablet

Since the release of the IPad there have been many companies after the mantle of best computer tablet, but which is the best one to purchase? Each tablet has different functions which others don’t have, and while choosing the best one may be difficult, choosing the best one for you is easier.

Just The Touch Of A Screen

Touch screen technology has changed the way we interface with our personal devices. Their advent has made mobile devices possible way beyond what would have been possible with a traditional mouse interface.

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