Blue Origin launches William Shatner into space: Watch LIVE

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How to Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life

If your phone’s battery discharges at a time when you are to receive an important call, you are dead! Here are few tips to use your phone’s battery to its optimum advantage.

15 Fantastic and Free Computer Programs

A few months ago I took a computer repair class sponsored by our local adult education department. It was a lot of fun taking apart and fixing computers. I also picked up quite a few tips on free software that can be helpful to rid your computer of viruses, malware, or simply speed things up.

How To Shoot Video In Low Light: Hot Tips

Shooting quality video with regular camera is very challenging, let alone shooting in low light conditions. Luckily, there are some easy tips that can help you overcome this annoying issue. Check them out in the article below.

Three Pointers to Use in Buying the Best Plasma TV

Wondering about getting a plasma TV for your home entertainment system? These are great TVs with big displays and blur-free image quality. You can enjoy high speed action in sports and movies and won’t ever be bothered by the ghosting effect regular LCD televisions produce.

Full Tower Cases Vs Mid Tower Cases

Gamers buying a computer case for their system are faced with a question. Should they buy a full tower case or a mid tower case for their computer build? Those two types of gaming cases are different from each other; it also poses separate and distinct pros and cons depending on the purpose and aim of the users.

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