“Bose” – Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill

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Amazon Alexa with "Bose" technology Allows you to play your favorite music on Bose SoundTouch speakers just by voice Open the SoundTouch app and start the music journey Whenever you open the app, the SoundTouch system will automatically search for updates If an update is available, click "Update Now" For best playback results, we recommend that you name your speakers with a name that Alexa can easily recognize For example, you can name it with the name of the room it is in Try to avoid names that contain numbers and special characters Now, please download the Amazon Alexa app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store Then please log in with your Amazon account Click on the menu bar and select "Skills" Then, click on the search bar and type "Bose" Select the "Bose" skill from the search results and click "Enable" Now, please log in with your SoundTouch account After you see this message, you can click "Finish" The SoundTouch system needs to be discovered before it can be used with Alexa Click "Discover Device" to start scanning When finished, you will see the SoundTouch system grid This is what Alexa calls smart home devices If you want to add an additional SoundTouch system, please scan again To do this, click on the menu and return to "Smart Home" After clicking "Add Device", Alexa will start scanning again Now, please connect the music service you chose to use Alexa to the SoundTouch system.

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Click on the menu bar, select "Settings" and then "Music and Media" To play music with Alexa you need to connect to one or more supported services Click on the music service you want and log in to your account To connect to other music services, repeat the above steps Everything is ready now you can use Alexa and SoundTouch together Please use the name of the SoundTouch speaker in the SoundTouch app For example, Alexa, open a jazz music station in the kitchen Listen to smooth jazz music in iHeartRadio Please note that when Alexa receives a command All SoundTouch speakers in your account will be temporarily turned off Alexa, turn on classic rock radio in the bedroom Listen to the rock radio station in Pandora You can still use your voice control device while playing music Alexa, skip the track playing in the bedroom Alexa, turn up the volume of the kitchen music Alexa, what track is playing in the living room? In the living room is playing "Wish I Knew You" by The Revivalists More information on controlling specific functions of SoundTouch Please watch the "Bose SoundTouch Control" skill video For additional help, please visit our website

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