Build a DIY pallet shoe rack

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hi I'm Craig Phillips and in this video I'm going to show you how to build your own shoe rack out of recycled pallets the tools you're going to need tape measure set square cordless drills screws a chop saw if not a handsaw an electric sander measure the palates plant and cut them down to size now all four quarters are cooked a hater I've chosen a meter in length I've also cut these to the length of my shoes which one's going to be placed on the top like that and then you can start to place these where you want the shelves of course one on the very bottom and then my next shelf up is going to be around about 200 millimeters gap between them same again with the next one and that'll leave me with a larger space at the top for any boots ok what I'm going to do now is drill some pilot holes in the wood to stop them splitting put small amount of glue on here I'll Drive some screws through to hold their family together do the same on the opposite side a couple of pilot holes drive a couple of screws right the way through your palate slats the effect that's in position double check your sizes that you're happy with them so the three side ones are all set the same the top one we're not going to place on the side we're actually going to place it on the top using the same method drill some pilot holes in to stop the wood from splitting gluing them and screw in the me now on your opposite side once you've fixed the top it in place line it up with the opposite side and then use your pencil just to make a mark exactly where them Slatter fitting on both sides that way you can be sure your shelves are going to be level so that is our two sides now complete what we need to do work out what length we want the shelves now I've chose my length of the shelf to be a meter long so I'm going to slide that piece in square it up to here and square it up there get another section also the meter in length check to see these close to my corner there and same again the opposite side and then the third piece will be gold in the center like this like with all the fixin's we do with the pallet sections we're going to drill some pilot holes in them first put some glue in position and then families moving down right that's the three main box and slats put into position we do the same again on the next shelf and so on now that's the top almost complete we've just got some small little sections in here what I'm going to do is get an off course mark that up and simply cut four pieces to slot in between there then we can sand it all down and then it's ready to varnish or stain now a great way to sand these old pallets is by using a belt sander you don't have one of them of course a sanding block with some coarse sand papers fine and that's how easy it is to meet yourself a shoe rack from old pallets you want anymore pala project please visit the website [Music] Plus

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