Car does Art! 15 DIY Projects Made by a Car!

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Morning miss teacher! What is this thing doing here? Oh, that's my car. His name is Toby and he's an artist. He would like to participate to the art class. You are out of your mind. Detention! No, please I'm serious. Really? Than prove it! What? Show me your car's artistic work, otherwise
you'll have detention for the rest of the month. OK. Please, go ahead. Right! I'd like to see that art, good luck! Let's do this! If teacher wants the proof that my car can
DIY, we're going to give it to her! So join Toby and me on this crazy adventure
and find out if we manage to convince the teacher that my car is in fact a great artist! It's time for my car to DIY a cool notebook cover! Grab a bunch of small acrylic or tempera paints
and place them on the ground in a line close to each other.

Now take any kind of notebook and place it
next to the paint tubes. I decided to open the notebook and put two
play dough pots under the back cover to keep it up right. This way the color will end up somewhere on
the notebook for sure. Alright let's just drive over the tempera
paints and see what happens. Uuu… that's so cool! I'm so happy that I opened the notebook and
put the back cover up right. Otherwise the paint would literally end up
everywhere. I think my car Toby did a super interesting
creation here. I'll be honest – it's not the prettiest notebook
I've ever seen but it's definitely the most creative one! I mean a notebook DIY-ed by a car โ€“ that's
quite impressive by itself! But let's see what the teacher has to say! No, no! I just don't like it.

What? Why? It's beautiful! Enough! Come on! It's a 3D with texture. I think it deserves at least a 5. Thank you next! Next let's find out if my car is any good
in making sculptures from clay! I'm taking a piece of clay and rolling it
between my hands to create a little ball. Let's place it on the parchment paper and
add a bunch more clay balls around to get a nice circular shape. I'm putting another piece of parchment paper
on top to make sure this creation remains clean after Toby drives over it! I'm so curious to see the end result, let's
quickly remove the paper and check what's hiding under.

Nice! I love how you can see the tire pattern on
it. I left the clay to dry and harden and this
is our finished result! It's pretty cute to me but who knows what
the teacher thinks about it! So, what's your score miss? What on earth is this? You can use it for many things. For example? A coaster. Ha? Or a necklace! Just 4? Mhm… I like plants and so does Toby, so we decided
to pimp up this plain white plant pot.

Time for my car to drive over the paints… I'm so nervous to see what happens! Oh man this was way more powerful than I expected
and the force pushed my plant pot far away. Honestly I feel so bummed that I didn't put
some weights in it. Oh well – experience is the best teacher they

So let's place a weight in the pot and drive
over acrylic tubes once again. Wow! This looked so spectacular, don't you think
guys?! But also super messy โ€“ I have the paint
all over me, so don't try this at home! The plant pot itself turned out so cute! And the fact that a car painted it, makes
it that much more special! Fingers crossed the teacher thinks the same! Actually this is quite adorable. Really miss teacher, you like it? I do, well done! Oh thank you! Relax! This is school. Sorry! Do you think my car can draw with crayons? Let's try and find out! Place a piece of paper on the ground and put
lot's of crayons on top.

Right! Time for my car to take over and hopefully
create something that the teacher will actually like! I feel like nothing really happened so Toby
and I are going to drive over it again! Hopefully we did something great now, fingers
crossed. Let's see… Oh my gosh. I definitely imagined something else when
I thought of this DIY. This is just ugh… I have a feeling Miss teacher won't like it
at all. Hahahaha, you can't be serious. This is just trash. Ouch! Without a doubt! Come on Toby, we can do better. This next DIY is all about making art with
marker ink refills. So grab a marker, cut it open and take out
the ink tube. Do this with different colored markers and
place the ink tubes on a piece of paper.

Hopefully, when my car drives over these,
the color will splash out and make interesting designs. Let's just do it and hope for the best! Well what can I say… it could be worse! I left the ink to dry completely and here's
the result. To make it a bit more special I'll turn it
into a gift card. Cut out the part that you think is the prettiest. Then take a piece of colored cardboard paper
and fold it in half. Stick the abstract paint to the front and
you have a lovely gift card made by a car! Inside you can write whatever you want, I'm
giving this to a teacher so I'll leave a special message for her! All jokes aside I actually think this one
turned out epic! A real lovely card that you can give to friends
and loved ones for their birthday, valentines or just any day. I'm so curious to see how the teacher reacts
to the DIY and the little note inside.

Let's see what we have here. You have to open it. Oh. You are amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, one
of a kind. Really? You think so? I love it, bravo, bravo, It's a 10, it's a
10! Yes! Ah I am one of a kind! Do you like playing with puffy paint? I do, and it's time to see if my car loves
it too! First I'm painting the canvas to give Toby's
creation a prettier background. I went for wide colorful stripes in blue,
green, yellow and pink. This looks so cute so let's see how Toby finishes
our piece of art! Place the canvas on the ground and put a large
balloon filled with puffy paint beside it. Before driving over the balloon I also made
little holes and I'm so excited to see how this DIY turns out! I love it! This was so fun to watch! But I want to have another black splatter
on the other side so I'm flipping the canvas and let's repeat the step! Oh this one was way less spectacular than
the previous one but that's OK.

I still like our creation overall. When puffy paint dries it also spreads quite
a bit which I love. And of course the texture still remains 3D,
puffy and foamy, which I adore! I feel like something is missing here, but
I do like the texture. That's great, well done! When I was a kid I loved making little drawings
with chalk on the sidewalk in front of my block. I decided to place lots of chalk pieces on
the ground and this time I made a chevron shape, or a letter M. Come on Toby make us
proud this time! I guess we have to remove the chalk pieces
to see Toby's creation so this leaf blower will come really handy! Uuu… Check this out! We got a really nice print on the road, so
cool! And of course we could make different patterns
too. As far as I'm concerned, my car knows how
to work that chalk pretty well, but who knows what the teacher thinks! Let's find out. So, how would you score this masterpiece? Ahahaha, masterpiece? Let's be real! This is nonsense.

It's chevron pattern, come on! Aa… psst! Ah. Ugh, the teacher is so strict today I can't take it! Now we're going to show her for real that
my car is in fact an amazing artist! Squeeze some paint on a white canvas. You can make dots of different colors, stripes
like me or other fun designs. Let's press that gas pedal, grab the steering
wheel and hopefully create something epic! That's so cool, right?! Since my car's tire was all colored up from
the paint I decided to drive over another blank canvas which gave us a quick bonus DIY
creation! You could even drive over the canvas again
and make the painting more full but I actually love the minimalist style of this one. Now let's check out the main result of this
car DIY attempt! I don't care what teacher will say but this
is just perfect to me! I could definitely use it as a wall art in
my room.

I'm completely obsessed with that tire print
and the colors blended together so nicely! Now miss teacher do you approve Toby as an
artist? Well I have to admit, it's quite alright. Yup, I'll give it a solid 7. Seven? That's at least a nine, it's amazing! Who's the teacher here? You miss. That's what I thought. It's a seven. Who's ready for a fun splatter wall art design?! Me and my car definitely are, so let's do
it! Toby's going to drive over the acrylic paint
tubes and fingers crossed something fantastic comes out of it! Oh my goodness what a mess! The painting turned out very cool, but we
also got a makeover of the road, protective background and even my car! Check out Toby's epic new tire! Now he's a real DIY car! But I love the splatter design that we've
created โ€“ a true paint explosion! I wish more yellow paint would end up on the
canvas but oh well, we can't be too picky when DIY-ing with a car, right?! I hope the teacher gives Toby a 10 for this
one because he really did a great job! It's a beautiful painting, right miss? I wish it was more central, but not bad.

It is pretty interesting. Oh a nine? No? Do you want me to change my mind? No, no, no, no, no, eight is great! I thought so! Have you ever tried painting with a giant
sponge? Me neither but today Toby and I will try it
out! I'm placing a large sponge on a tray and the
idea is to soak it with as much paint as possible. I made a mixture of acrylic paint and water
in a variety of different colors. We need our sponge to soak up lots and lots
of this diluted acrylics. I want the end result to be fun and colorful,
that's why I'm pouring paint on the sponge in a colored stripe pattern. This looks great to me so Toby, it's your
turn! So excited to see what happens when we drive
over the paint filled sponge! Whoa! That was impressive! Let's drive over one more time! Cool! We got this lovely marble effect.

This is a pretty decent abstract painting
if you ask me. And I especially love the creativity of this idea with
diluted paints and a giant sponge. So two thumbs up for me, but let's see what
the teacher says! I mean the idea is nice, but these colors
are so muddy. No, no. Yes! What?! That's not fair! Enough, it's a six. Ugh, I think we deserved a lot more than a 6! But Toby and I have an idea how to avoid the
colors to mix up so much and get that brownish tint that miss teacher dislikes! This time we're using small kitchen sponges
and we've soaked it with one solid color each! Wow this was so interesting to watch! The colors didn't mix up as much this time
so we got a much more vibrant result! We still have the cute marble effect but since
sponges were placed further apart we can clearly see all the different colors.

I like it a lot and hope the teacher will
too! But first I got too clean up the ground before
my mom sees it! Uuu… how pretty! That's good enough, let's run to school and
show our masterpiece to the teacher! What do you think now miss? It's better, I must admit, but I need more! What's more? It's something special. You need to feel it and I don't feel this
one. This should be at least a nine. Do not argue! Whatever! For the next DIY I'm first going to paint
the canvas using a wide brush and some black acrylic paint! Toby and I have a very interesting vision
for this one.

We want to create a 3D masterpiece which will
represent stars on the night sky. Okay the canvas is pitch black so we can put
it on the ground. Before we proceed, we got to apply a layer
of decoupage glue. Right now it looks white, but don't worry,
when it dries it turns transparent which is perfect for what we're looking for. We can take a balloon filled with tiny white
and silver styrofoam balls. When Toby drives over it, the balls should
explode allover our black canvas. Fingers crossed this goes as planned! Hmm… It did work quite ok but the majority
of stars landed mainly on one half of the canvas. So Toby, we need to drive over another balloon
to even things out! Oh yes, this one was filled with silver glitter and I think our creation looks perfect now! When the decoupage glue dries this is what
we're left with! Amazing don't you think?! If you watch my channel for a while you know
that I am obsessed with galaxy, space, stars and all that! I like the 3D feel of this DIY and also love
these 3 random balloon pieces that landed on here as well.

I mean a tiny pop of color never hurt nobody! What do you say professor? Isn't it amazing? Well this is absolutelyโ€ฆ Brilliant! High five! Toby told me that he loves creating with puffy
paint so he wants to make another masterpiece with this foamy goodness! For a nicer background I first spray painted
a canvas in blue. Next I'm placing bags filled with puffy paint
along one side of the canvas.

Before driving over it I cut the corners of
the bag to make it a bit more predictable where the paint will splash out. 3,2,1 let's go! Wow that was pretty cool to watch! As you can see the puffy paints flatten and
spread after a while. All in all the end result is super cute! I wish more of that yellow and purple would
actually end up on the canvas but not bad. The texture, the colors and overall look seems
very nice to me, but who knows what the teacher thinks! It's a five! Only five, why? Because I said so.

Because I said so. Excuse me, is there a problem? No miss. Good! What happens if you fill balloons with paint
and drive over them? I have no clue but let's find out together! Come on Toby, it's your turn! I put a canvas on the ground and placed 3
balloons filled with paint on top. One balloon managed to escape but I think
our masterpiece needs a lot more color, so I flipped it and bring on more balloons! Who knew that the balloons will be so difficult
to pop! Toby and I will give it one more shot! Gotcha! Finally the purple balloon was ready to cooperate with us. When the painting dried this is what we ended
up with! A fun abstract creation, and I must say I
quite like it.

I love the colors and the tire prints, plus
the marble design that formed when colors mixed up a bit. Yup, I approve it for sure! But what I don't like is all the mess that we've
made. It's going to take a whole lot of brushing
and scrubbing to clean. But I'm going to deal with this mess later,
let's first see what score the teacher gives us.

Again these muddy colors – it's just not my cup of tea! Four, where is four? Whatever! Quite OK! Besides being an amazing artist, Toby has
a great sense for fashion so he'll help me pimp up this plain black T-shirt. Take some fabric paint and apply it on a canvas
or just straight to the car tire. You can make different patterns like chevron,
lines, or any kind of drawings. I want to be on the safe side so I'm going
for the easiest version, which are horizontal stripes. The plan is for Toby to dip his feet โ€“ aka
tire in the paint and then make a print on the T-shirt! Ready? Let's go! Cool! Even this canvas turned out awesome, which
is an amazing little bonus piece of art we got from this DIY.

But the main one is coming now! Alright it's time to drive over it! That's so nice! I like it a lot! Such a fun DIY clothes idea. This could actually be a great gift for someone
that loves cars, motorcycles and things like that. I am very impressed with Toby's fashion designing
skills! And the bonus canvas painting that we got
from this DIY turned out pretty cool as well! It's similar to the stripy tire pattern we made
earlier but this one has more potent colors plus I like the 3D texture even more! Can't wait to find out the teacher's score
for Toby's epic DIY T-shirt! Hmm, that's interesting. It's a gift for you, you can have it! Really? Oh nice! How does it look on me? Honestly you look hot! Oh stop! You think? Well good job, It's a 10! A 10?! Yes! With an average score of 6.7, Toby has passed
the qualifications and now we have a new art student.

Bravo, bravo! Good Luck, huh..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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