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Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Review – 6 Months Later

The Nest Hub 2nd Generation is the newest version of the Nest Hub Google released that updates the original with better sound, new hands-free gestures, and the main new feature…

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Did you know the HGTV Smart Home 2021 has a Columbus, Georgia connection?

[MUSIC] This past year, I served as the Tech and Wellness Expert for the HGTV Smart Home for 2021 in Naples, Florida. It was super fun. I'm very passionate about…

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Google Home & Assistant Updates – February 2021

Well it's February and a lot has happenedย  since our last Google Assistant feature updateย ย  video Google has released quite a few newย  features for Google Assistant devices soย ย  let's…

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Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation) – What’s New?

A little less than two weeks ago, Google announced the successor to the Google Home Mini called the Nest Mini. Now we've had our Nest Mini for a few days…

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