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hey guys welcome back to my channel today we 
will be making this custom welcome sign made   with frosted acrylic and vinyl the full list 
of supplies and fonts used for this project is   located in the video description below to make 
designing my sign easier I insert a box to serve   as a placeholder making at the same size as my 
acrylic sheet I then changed the color to closely   match the material I am using next copy the 
words we are using and paste that into a text box   within cricut design space just enter your text 
you'll then need to change the font to whatever   you want for this project I'm using Paradiso 
and break walk out both which are linked below I changed the font style to bold so it's 
easier to cut and work with you can also   always change the color of the wording to 
match the vinyl that you're using but for   this project I'm just leaving a black red flea 
position that to get a better idea of spacing   I think there is too much space between each 
line so I will size that down to the negative   two next I duplicate that and paste in the 
date so it has the same style elements as   the top part now that those are roughly in 
place I am ready to insert the names same   thing copy and paste into a text box for the 
names I am using the font break walk out so   the and I was not a huge fan of so I'm actually 
just going to change that to a plus symbol and since with most fonts the letters 
do come detached i ungroup those   zoom in a little bit so I have a 
better idea what I'm working with   bring those letters together and 
then weld them back together again once those are welded I'm ink them just a little 
bit bigger and drag them over onto my place   holder I'm sure this part will be different for 
everybody even for each of my signs it's a tad   different because every name that I'm using on 
the signs is different so I just start kind of   playing around with the position and just seeing 
what is pleasing for the eye so that your names   might not be perfectly centered I do one the 
top and the bottom part to be once everything   is in the position that you want it remove your 
placeholder box select everything all together   and then attach or weld that now you'll see up 
here there is a little orange triangle that's   telling us that this project is too big for our 
mat so what we are going to do is cut this into   two pieces so it will fit on our mat all I do is 
enter in another box kind of like the placeholder   but what I'm doing is making this the 11 and a 
half by 23 and a half because that is how much   our cricket can cut I'm just kind of putting 
it over the text to see what makes the most   I'm cutting this now with these bigger signs 
I usually end up splitting it into two kind of   horizontally this way and then you'll see why 
it just fits on the mat still that's on the mat   with both of them together so I can still do 
it in one cut now of course this sign is for   an 18 by 24 inch I have done other sizes just for 
your placeholder enter in whatever size sheet you   are working with and then you can split it into 
however many portions sections that you need if   you need more help on this or if you're doing a 
really big sign I do have another video where I   do almost a 6 foot long sign with multiple layers 
and everything so I will link that down below for   this project I'm using Oracle 651 and pretty 
much all my projects I use it it's just really   easy to work with and still comes up off the signs 
really easily since all of these are rentals and   that is important for me I'm placing the vinyl 
down I start on one side and just use my extra   large cricket scraper to make sure that that 
stays flush as I am working it across the mat then I just use my cricket knife to cut off the 
excess now it is time to load our project in   our machine I don't know if I mentioned this 
earlier but on the Cricut design space I am   cutting on the premium outdoor vinyl setting 
and this is how it looks after its cut on my   mat and how I positioned it on there you I'm 
not even using the full 24 inches of the mat   so we even have some extra space to work with 
when I'm working with large projects I do like   to take my knife and kind of cut out each section 
sometimes even each row if I'm working with more   intricate pieces or just a lot of letters and this 
makes it easier for me to kind of realize if any   letters are peeling up or maybe if I'm missing 
something or a detail or something like that and I'm just going to put my transfer tape on top 
of that kind of the same method that I did laying   down my vinyl I place it down on one side and then 
slowly use my scraper to adhere that to the vinyl same thing using line cricket knife again to cut 
off the excess transfer tape one thing I like to   do is again with my cricket knife go in but with 
heavy pressure making a cut all the way through   the transfer tape and the cardstock backing to 
the vinyl and just so I can split these into two   different pieces now that my decal is ready to 
be placed on my acrylic I just give my acrylic   a quick dust off with a microfiber cloth just to 
make sure there's not any dust or debris on there   now I line this up on my extra-large cricket mat 
which the acrylic works great on because most of   the time you can see through it and then I 
just wanted to show you there whenever you   are working with just the transfer tape and 
you're trying to place it down sometimes it   can get wrinkly so what I like to do is leave 
a portion of the cardstock on there but I still   like to keep the vinyl like all connected I like 
to keep the transfer tape connected just to the   positioning on it is right still that it's 
just way easier to work with if I leave the   cardstock behind the name and then just line 
up the wording on the top and then the bottom   part I'm just slowly peeling the transfer tape 
and then using that micro cloth to put my hand   on it just so I don't leave any fingerprints 
or mess up the vinyl or something like that now this is how I do it I peel off the 
part that I want to put down but then   I just cut off that cardstock I just 
leave the rest on the name and then   I start positioning that on two EPs use 
my soft scraper to varnish that down and   then do the same thing with the name just 
lift that up and then slowly lay that down this transfer tape works really well in 
the acrylic because it doesn't leave any   residues I will definitely make sure to 
link that down below as well so thank   you guys so much for watching this video if 
you liked it please give it a thumbs up and   make sure to hit that subscribe button 
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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