The Pixel 6 will be the first phone to use Google’s new Tensor SOC

The Pixel 6 will be the first phone to use Google's new Tensor SOC

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Finding Laser Pointers For Sale Online This Christmas

If you have a fan of gadgets in your life, you may be looking for that great gift to give this Christmas and holiday season, and one of the most popular and useful gadgets out there is a hand held laser pointer. So when you start your search you’ll see pretty quickly that there are literally thousands of different laser varieties to choose from and loads of places to buy them online.

Alienware M18x Review – A Gaming Laptop That Offers Amazing Performance and Fast Speeds

The Alienware M18x is a gaming laptop that delivers exceptional performance in a portable chassis. It comes with the Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate operating system. You can play your favorite games on a 18.4 inch full high definition display. If that isn’t enough, you can connect the system up to any external display. The laptop also offers wireless 3D viewing, although the equipment is sold separately.

Why The Entry Level Kindle Might Be All The Reader You Need

Amazon’s entry level Kindle starts at just $ 69 these days. It’s a lot of reader for the money, and you might not need all of the bells and whistles on more expensive readers.

Best Graphics Cards

Investing in a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a worthwhile upgrade for your computer that can greatly increase not only video game performance, but also the speed of your computer in daily tasks. What makes a GPU good? Which are the best ones for your needs?

Tips to Set Birthday Reminders on iPhone and Mac

Dependence on technology might have lowered our ability to recall anniversaries or birthdays but often our mobile gadgets come handy at the time of setting reminders. Forgetting or missing out on someone’s birthday can be overcome if you are using an iPhone or a Mac.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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