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hi everyone and welcome back to my channel for 
another super budget friendly diy makeover today   we are going to be making over the 
master bathroom we are going to be doing   vinyl peel and stick flooring repainting 
the walls repainting the cabinets   i am going to be using appliance epoxy to refinish 
my countertops as well as creating towel hooks   and adding shelves and just adding some more 
extra stuff to this bathroom to completely   transform the look of it on a budget i hope you 
guys are ready for this makeover and i'm going   to walk you through all the steps that i took 
to achieve this look on a super budget and i   am so excited about this video if you are ready 
for another makeover give this video a thumbs up   as you can see the bathroom is a little bit dark 
and dreary the floors are dark the walls are dark   and we have these oat cabinets that are not my 
favorite they're a little bit too outdated for my   liking so we are going to change it all up in here 
the main thing that i found to really upgrade the   look of the bathroom was changing out the flooring 
the flooring is not my favorite the people who had   lived here before us had put it in we didn't love 
it so we are going to change that and we are going   to be doing some vinyl plank flooring is the peel 
and stick flooring it is very affordable and it is   very easy to do so we are going to do new flooring 
new paint paint the cabinets resurface the   countertops and we are going to be adding shelves 
and we are also going to be making some towel   hooks today out of wooden dowels and i will show 
you everything as we go along this is the flooring   that we are going to be changing the floors to 
and i am so excited to tell you a little bit more   about that when we get to the flooring part of 
this video we are just gonna upgrade the look of   everything give it a bit of a more modern feel to 
it updated and just really brighten up the space   we are going to tackle the cabinets first we 
are going to prime them before we get started on   anything else in the bathroom but the first thing 
we need to do is remove the cabinet doors get them   all cleaned up sand them and get all that stuff 
done before we can prime i am going to use crud   cutter today this is different than what i used 
in my kitchen makeover video but this stuff works   really well and it's a more natural safer cleaner 
rather than the tsp cleaner that i used last time   spray it on clean them up and get all that grease 
and build up off of the cabinets before you get to   sanding and priming and painting and doing all 
of that lovely stuff if you've seen my kitchen   makeover video then you know this is not my 
first time painting cabinets and we are going   to be doing things a little bit differently today 
i am not filling the wood grain today but if that   is something you are interested in i will have my 
kitchen makeover video linked down below i filled   the wood grain and i took so many steps to get 
my cabinets painted and have the smoothest finish   possible we're not doing that today though because 
eventually we are going to replace this vanity   and i just didn't feel like doing all of that 
work so once everything was cleaned and dried we   are going to sand and i'm using 320 grit sandpaper 
you don't want to stand too hard you don't want to   take too much of the wood off you're just trying 
to remove that super shiny finish from the oak cabinets for primer today i am using a valspar primer 
it is a bonding primer used for stain blocking   and it is a latex primer i did use a shellac 
primer on my kitchen cabinets which i loved   way more than this primer this primer was 
super thick and kind of hard to work with   especially because i was using my paint 
sprayer so i had to thin it out a lot   but it did the job it got the job done however i 
do like the zinser bin shellac primer much better   that is what i used on my kitchen cabinets and 
i just found that it was so much easier to work   with and it covered much better so if you are 
looking for a primer if you're painting cabinets   i highly recommend the zincer bin shellac primer 
i will have everything linked down below in the   description box that i am using so that you can 
find it super easy i am using the finish max   paint sprayer i love this it has saved me so much 
time when it comes to painting the cabinets when i   used it on the kitchen i got my painting done so 
much quicker than i had when i was rolling stuff   so if you are going to be doing big paint projects 
like painting your kitchen cabinets or something   get a paint sprayer it will save you 
so much time and so much frustration we are going to move on to 
starting the floors because   i needed my husband's help and he 
was around to start them with me   the cabinets are primed and we are going to hold 
off on the painting until the flooring is done   first thing that we are going to do is remove the 
quarter round because we are going to be putting   new cord around in and we wanted to have our 
planks up against the wall as close as possible   without being completely touching the wall so 
we're removing the cord around so that we can   put the new cord around on top to give it a more 
finished look once the floor planks have been installed so it's all removed so we're gonna clean it all up 
we're going to remove all the old pieces we're   going to clean up all of the caulking that 
is on the floor from being stripped off of   the baseboards and everything and then we are just 
going to take the shop back and vacuum up whatever   we can because we don't want to use the peel and 
stick flooring on top of all that gunk and junk   that is on the floor so i'm also going to 
go in with that crud cutter and i'm going   to scrub the flooring i got on my hands and 
knees and scrubbed the entire bathroom floor   twice just to make sure that i was getting any 
lotion cleaning products whatever off of the floor   to have a nice clean surface for the peel and 
stick vinyl flooring to actually stick to we   don't want it sliding all around that is not 
fun it did happen with a couple of pieces so   i'm going to walk you through the whole process of 
doing the peel and stick flooring and let you know   what i would have done differently just to make 
sure that it is sticking well so we are going to   clean everything up and then we are gonna get 
to the flooring and it was so much fun to do the flooring that we went with is flax and oak 
by stainmaster it is a peel and stick flooring   it is very very affordable i believe it's under a 
dollar for each plank we were able to do both of   our bathrooms upstairs for under 100 so super 
affordable and it's very beautiful and it has   held up really well and it's super easy to install 
we are going to sort through all of the flooring   and we are also going to climatize it for at 
least a day in our room in the temperature   that it's going to be at but we sorted through the 
flooring so that we could find all the pieces that   looked exactly like each other or very similar 
to each other so that we weren't putting those   pieces right up next to each other you want 
to do it you want to stagger it you don't want   all of the same pieces right next to each other 
because just honestly it just won't look good so   you're going to sort through all of the flooring 
and put all of the pieces together so that you are   not putting them right next to each other when 
you go to lay down the floor the flooring is so   easy to install you basically just peel the 
backing off just like you're putting a sticker   down and then you're going to want to have 
pressurized weight on top of it you can rent   a roller at lows or home depot and that is the 
one thing that i would have done differently   when doing this for is just rent the roller 
but since we both weigh well over 100 pounds   we are just going to step on each piece and have 
it just stick to the floor that way because it   has to be weighted to make sure that the flooring 
is actually sticking to the floor so if you don't   rent the roller you can walk on it you can dance 
on it just like we did you just don't want the   pieces sliding around if that's how you decide 
to do it so after we laid each piece we kind of   just stomped on it and had it pressurized that 
way but you want to stagger out your flooring   whenever you're laying any sort of wood flooring 
you see how the pieces are a little bit shorter   and then there's a long piece you want the wood 
panels staggered whether it's real wood vinyl   plank flooring laminate whatever it is you want 
to stagger them out you don't want it to just be   super matchy matchy when you are laying the floor 
so like i have over here i have a little short   piece and then i'm going to put a longer piece 
and then i'm going to put a short piece next to   it you just want to stagger out your flooring it's 
kind of like putting a puzzle together it's really   fun to do i really enjoy doing this stuff so we 
had a blast doing the flooring we had so much fun   renovating the bathroom and upgrading the look 
as you can see what a drastic change it is from   the dark flooring that we had to the lighter 
flooring and as we went along we just taped   the pieces and held them together because 
obviously we didn't tackle the entire floor   super super fast so we didn't want the pieces 
shifting around when we were having to walk   in and out of the bathroom grabbing pieces out of 
the room and just working around in the bathroom   so the tape held the pieces together really well 
so that they weren't sliding all over the place   this peel and stick flooring is super easy to 
cut too so that you can cut your pieces down   you just take an x-acto or a razor blade and you 
cut the top of it and then you just break it in   half you just kind of like snap it like you're 
snapping a stick and it just works really really   easy really really well and it is so easy to do 
this is definitely beginner diy friendly i am not   skilled at laying flooring that is for sure this 
is my first time doing it and it was so easy to do we are going to be using this dremel tool by we 
i mean my husband because he does all that kind   of stuff he's going to take the dremel and he's 
going to cut the bottom of the door jamb just   so that the pieces are nice and flush up against 
the door i'm sure you can get away with not using   the dremel and not cutting anything but this is a 
perfect way of making sure that those pieces are   nice and as flush as possible to the baseboard 
to the door jam and just fitting perfectly flooring is done and it is time to get everything 
in the bathroom prepped and ready to paint i am   going to be removing as much of the chrome stuff 
in our bathroom as possible such as this towel   hook that we have right by our sink this whole 
wall is kind of awkward this wall space is big   enough for a double vanity but we have a single 
vanity so there's just like that awkward random   space and we're gonna add a shelf to that today 
and just kind of spice it up in the bathroom and   kind of close out the random awkward spaces i am 
also going to be removing this towel hook that we   have right by our toilet that is nowhere near the 
shower and nowhere near the sink kind of the most   pointless towel hook ever guess it's decorative 
we didn't use it so it's getting removed   i took it off and then i'm just going to be using 
the dry dex spackling and i'm going to let that   dry then i'm going to sand it down and then i'm 
going to be using some texture spray because   we live in vegas and our walls are super textured 
here i don't remember my walls being like this in   any of my other houses in any other states that i 
lived in so this is all new for me but i'm going   to sand it with 320 grit and then i'm going to 
make sure to wipe everything down every time that   i stand and i'm going to be using this knock down 
wall textured it's heavy bodied heavy bodied wall   texture you just spray it on and then you are 
going to take a spackling knife putty knife and   you want it to be wet and just a very very light 
hand to knock it down it is easy to do i probably   should have been using a different putty knife 
but you know it is what it is that is what i had   on hand and another thing that you can do after 
putting your quarter round is caulk it caulking   is like the finishing touch for everything this 
is my favorite part of any project that i do   is doing the caulking because it fills those seams 
and it makes everything look so much nicer back   to the cabinets we are going to sand this primer 
down before getting some coats of paint on it i am   using 320 grit this is my favorite grit it's ultra 
fine and it's not too rough when you are painting   cabinets priming cabinets whatever you're doing 
you're going to want to sand and be between coats   not super heavy you're not trying to remove what 
you've already put on there but you just want to   sand it enough so that you're creating a nice bond 
between your paint and your primer and you're also   giving yourself a smoother surface to work with 
and a smoother finish whenever you sand anything   wipe it off after i cannot stress that enough 
otherwise you're going to have dust sawdust   whatever in your paint and i'm using this cabinet 
and trim enamel it's a bear premium this is what i   used on my cabinets in my bathroom and i'm using 
this vine leaf color and we are going to use the   home right finish max sprayer again i wanted 
to add a pop of color to the bathroom i'm super   into the popular navy and greens everything buddy 
is loving right now so i opted to go with green   i felt like it was a little bit different but 
not too far out there it is a dark olivey green   and i really just love the color i know green is 
not everybody's thing but i love it and it was   the perfect pop of color to the bathroom because 
you guys know i am a neutral kind of gal i like   everything to be black white and gray but going 
out of my comfort zone today and going with green   and i just really love how everything turned out 
it was still neutral enough but not super boring   i guess i have a lot of white and gray throughout 
my house in other places so doing the pop of green   was really fun and after doing my first coat i 
went back in with the 320 grit sandpaper and i   just barely lightly sanded everything removed 
all the imperfections before going back in and   doing a second coat do as i say not as i do wear 
a mask whenever you are using a paint sprayer   time to tackle these super dark walls i'm gonna 
go in with primer first i'm using kills primer   it's just your basic primer by kills and i am 
using my graco paint sprayer i'm not gonna go into   too much of detail about how to use the 
paint sprayer because you can definitely   just do this with a roller i just prefer this 
sprayer even though it's a pain in the butt   to clean up the sprayer after i just do not like 
painting at all and the paint sprayer is so much   quicker for me but you can definitely use a roller 
i did have to use a roller in certain spots and i   used this extendable roller so that i wasn't 
climbing on chairs because i have a tendency   to get paint all over everything that i'm using 
to step on so i'm gonna roll out whatever parts   i couldn't get with the paint sprayer and i am 
going to prime everything before painting because   the walls were so dark and so hard to cover up 
so a trick for painting behind the toilets is   cover your toilet with a trash bag wrap the back 
of it up in a trash bag so that you can get into   all those nooks and crannies in those tight spaces 
and then you're gonna want to use a skinny roller   i wasn't able to get back there with the paint 
sprayer because i didn't cover up the toilet   and i just i don't know i just didn't cover up 
the toilet when i was spraying everything which i   probably should have and then it would have been 
easier but i'm using the color night blooming   jasmine to paint the bathroom i used this in my 
son's bedroom in his bedroom makeover recently   and my great tip for you when you were painting 
with a roller is take some sort of tape duct   tape works best and roll your roller on the tape 
before painting and it will get any of the little   fuzz off even though the rollers say that they are 
lint free they most certainly are not you should   see what comes off of the tape i tried to show 
it on camera but i couldn't get all the fuzz on   there you couldn't really see what i was trying to 
show you so we just cut that out but we're gonna   paint the walls this night blooming jasmine color 
it's not too much different than the primer color   it's a white it's a very bright white very crisp 
and very clean and i really love it and i use a   satin finish whenever i do any painting because 
it is just so much easier to clean up the paint   colors the paint that i am using that will all be 
linked down below in the description box as well the bathroom is painted so we are going 
to move on to framing the bathroom mirror   and we are using poplar hobby boards that we got 
at home depot they are very affordable and they   are thin we didn't want super bulky wood i'm 
sure you can frame your mirror with any sort   of wood pieces that you want to but we opted for 
the poplar hobby board because it was thinner and   i didn't want the wood sticking out and super 
super heavy and we are going to do angled cuts   on the end so that they can kind of just fit 
together my husband does all the cutting i   am not super skilled with the miter saw yet or 
any sort of saw so my husband's going to cut   the wood for me this is teamwork team effort here 
we do everything together he always helps me with   my projects even though sometimes he thinks i'm 
crazy when i say i want to do all of these things   but we framed the mirror using the poplar hobby 
boards and we cut them at an angle and then we're   just going to piece them together and then we are 
also going to stain these pieces after cutting   them we brought them upstairs to make sure that 
they were the proper size it is really easy to do   you could probably get your wood cut at home depot 
or lowe's too if you do not have a saw or even ask   a neighbor that does have a saw so once everything 
was cut i went out and i sanded it before staining   it just to remove any dirt or anything that got 
on there at home depot i will try to link the   hobby boards down below in the description box for 
you but this was just a super affordable easy way   to update that standard builder grade mirror 
that we have in the bathroom give it a nice   updated and finished look and i'm just so happy 
with everything how everything turned out and i   cannot wait to share the finished product of the 
bathroom with you guys after this is all done but   for now we are going to sand everything 
and then we are going to get to staining today i'm going to be using this verithane 
premium wood stain in the color flagstone   i actually saw my friend grisel using this 
in her kitchen makeover video and it's just   such a beautiful stain it is very neutral it's 
not too warm it's not too cool and it was just   the perfect color for what i was looking for 
i absolutely love this stain so if you're   staining a piece for the first time you can 
use a brush or you can use a cloth like i am   you're going to want to rub it on in a circular 
pattern and then you're going to want to wipe   off the excess it says to let it sit for a minute 
before wiping it off i did not do that but if you   want to listen to the directions that is what 
you should do but it's super easy to do it with   a cloth or to use a brush i've never actually 
used a brush to stain i prefer the cloth and   once everything was all dried up i went in with a 
very thin triple thick polyurethane spray in a mat   i did not want my wood to be shiny i wanted it 
to be matte i really honestly didn't want to   seal it at all because i didn't want to change the 
color of it and luckily this poly didn't do that   and it had a nice matte finish you can't even 
tell that there is polyurethane on there but it   is nice and protected so that i can clean and not 
worry about cleaning products ruining the wood or   any of that stuff and since it is a bathroom we 
don't want the moisture getting into the wood   so to put the mirror the frame on the mirror we 
used gorilla glue liquid nails the heavy duty one   and we just put my husband put it on the back of 
the wood pieces and just stuck it to the mirror   that way you're going to want to stain both 
sides of the wood because you can see the wood   on the mirror next up is the countertops and 
we are going to refinish these with appliance   epoxy under five dollars for the whole can 
didn't even use a whole can on the bathroom   you're probably like well your countertops look 
white after you epoxied them so what was the point   the point was to get rid of those brown seams 
that are on the end and just brighten up the   countertops because i just don't love the counters 
there for mica they're old they're not great it is   what it is and i'm gonna use crud cutter and clean 
the countertops off really well before i sand them   and yes i am going to sand them because i want 
to create a nice bond between the appliance epoxy   and my countertop and i also wanted to kind 
of round off the edges where there are those   brown seams that i just showed you that was 
the biggest thing that bothered me about   my countertops and why i wanted to refinish 
them with the appliance epoxy was those brown   seams like just not cute looks very outdated 
so we're just going to take care of that today   to sand the countertops to get them all ready 
for the appliance epoxy spray i used the 320   grit sandpaper you could probably go with a lower 
grit just to scuff it up a little bit better but   this did the job and then you're gonna take your 
appliance epoxy it is only 488 i believe at home   depot or at least that's how much it was at my 
home depot it's rust-oleum appliance epoxy spray i   know it's appliance epoxy spray why are you gonna 
put it on your counters well i got this idea from   my friend ashley ashkeen i think is her name here 
on youtube she's a mama youtuber and she's just   awesome she does a bunch of diy stuff herself 
and shares that on instagram and i just love all   of her stuff so she gave me this idea and it was 
super affordable and super easy to do i got a coat   done in under five minutes although i do highly 
recommend doing this in a very well ventilated   area because it is just like spray paint it stinks 
it is a strong odor and you're going to want to   leave your windows open for a while after doing 
this i had the fan going i had the windows open   and i am wearing a mask however probably not the 
proper mask respirator mask would be better but   it is what it is can't find those anywhere these 
days i did two coats and this was the finished   product it got rid of that brown seam that i 
hated and it updated the countertop look so much   we are going to replace these towel hooks 
with some dowel towel hooks we are going to   make these dowels i'm going to show you 
exactly what we did we got a dowel rod   from home depot i think it's in like the hobby 
section of the wood area you're going gonna cut   them at a 30 degree angle so that they are nice 
and flush up against the wall and it can hold a   towel on there without a piece of wood just 
kind of sticking straight out of the wall i am now going to take some 320 grit 
sandpaper and sand down each hook dowel   towel holder that we are going to be using 
in the bathroom we ended up having four   cut because i'm going to put two by the sink 
and then one on each side of the shower and   i'm going to be using that same flagstone stain 
that i used earlier to frame the bathroom mirror   and i'm going to stain all of the dowels and 
i am also going to stain these two pieces of   poplar that we're going to create shelves out 
of i will show you guys the brackets and stuff   that we brought in just a minute here we're 
gonna make some shelves we're gonna have these   dowel hooks hung up to add some more wood and 
little pops of natural color to the bathroom   once everything was stained and dried i did 
go back in with that matte polyurethane spray   to seal them so that the water and stuff 
from the towels that were hanging on there   doesn't ruin the dowel pieces and then these are 
the brackets that we chose to use for our shelves   they were 11 each at home depot they are a little 
bit pricier than the ones that i usually use but i   really love the look of them and how they had the 
kind of lip on the front to hold the shelf there so everything is ready to go on the wall we are 
going to use the drywall anchors and we are also   going to use these dowel screws and it's basically 
just like a double ended screw if you don't know   what it is you're going to put the anchors 
in the wall and then you're going to drill   a pilot hole into your dowel and then you're going 
to put the dowel screw in you're going to want to   drill the pilot hole on the angled end if you are 
wanting your towel hooks to be kind of at an angle   and then you just screw the dowel screw into the 
wood and then into the anchor itself as you can   see what i mean by having the wood at an angle so 
that the towel stays on there a little bit better   and then we ended up doing two of those right 
under the shelf that we put up and now i am   going to decorate i am so excited with how 
everything is turning out in the bathroom   everything is so much lighter and brighter we have 
the black we have the pops of the natural wood and   i just really love how everything turned out i am 
such a neutral loving person so i kept my shower   curtain i tried to shop my home as much as i could 
i didn't want to splurge didn't want to spend a   ton of money on this bathroom makeover everything 
was under 300 for the paint the flooring   and everything else that i used i am also going to 
have my husband add these door pulls they are the   same color as the ones that we used in our kitchen 
it's like this brushed brass color and eventually   we are going to get a faucet that matches and 
to decorate the shelf i am using this r that i   got from home goods i'm going to try to find it 
for you guys if you're interested and then this   little canister for cotton balls that i picked up 
at target that will be linked down below as well   i am just loving how everything is turning out and 
we also ended up putting a shelf behind the toilet   in that super tall awkward area i'm using some 
art that i already had on hand one of these prints   and then a framed print that i have a candle by a 
local candle maker wild west wix and then i found   these really cute matches that i'm also going to 
put up there i'm just loving how everything turned   out i also got this bath mat from target and i got 
this laundry basket from world market it is like   the more natural boho modern whatever 
vibe to it that i really really love   so let's just pop back in time and get 
the before before i show you the after and here is the final project i just love how 
everything turned out the bathroom is so much   lighter and brighter i really love the pop of 
green from the cabinets as well as the plant   i am just so pleased with what we were able to 
achieve on a smaller budget like i said everything   everything in the bathroom was under 300 to 
do and it did take me a while to complete   the bathroom makeover just because i kind of get 
project burnout after a little while but it's done   now and i am so excited eventually we will get the 
new faucet to match the door pulls we just kind of   can't decide on what we want because my husband 
and i have two completely different styles but   we'll get there and then i will show you guys in 
an updated video or in one of my cleaning videos   but i'm just so thrilled with how everything 
turned out and i hope that you guys have gotten   some ideas on how to update your space on a budget 
and how much you can get done for a little cost   and really really just update the look and the 
vibe in your space i really love the bathroom i   love the flooring and i just am so so pleased with 
how it all turned out i hope that you all enjoyed   this budget friendly bathroom makeover please 
stick around and subscribe if you aren't already   i have a couple of other bathroom makeovers 
planned and i would love for you to see them as   well as other makeovers in the home because i've 
got all the ideas and all the spaces that i want   to redo thank you guys so much for watching i hope 
that you have a super amazing day stick around   and subscribe if you haven't already and i will 
catch you guys in the next video thank you again

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