DIY Breakfast Table And Chairs. Extreme Cardboard Crafts.

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hi i'm jesse here. There are two projects in this 
video, the first one is to make bar stool kind of   chair. For that i'm using a wooden bar and gluing 
that into the cardboard with some adjacent heavy   duty glue. Rolling the cardboard. the wood i'm 
using in the middle will help to keep it straight   while we're sitting on it and each time i'm using 
glue to secure it. Then using some sticky tapes   to give extra strength. I made a roll with 
an approximate diameter of 40 centimetre.   Then i sat on it to check everything is 
all right and it seemed to be quite okay.

Then i used a lot of strong tape to secure it. of course the chair needs a backrest. for that I 
am attaching some wooden dowels into the cardboard   because i can't do it with few cardboard 
sheets, it needs a real support   then I add a few more cardboard sheets on 
both sides. the glue i'm using here is for   the heavy duty and it's not just regular 
glue sticks you get from the craft store.   i want to use this chairs for at least a couple 
of years so i'm trying to make it really strong. to attach the backboard piece into the 
base piece i'm using some strong glue   like a gorilla wood glue and i secured 
it with quite a lot of heavy duty tape.

Then i attach the foam into the base as usual i'm using velvet fabric. the materials 
used in this video are my own choice and you   can have your own like a fire resistant ,water 
resistant or leather fabric and there is nothing   like you must use the same materials i use. 
it's like whatever you can fit in your budget   .here i'm gluing the fabric into the cardboard 
then again i will be sewing it later so there is   no chance that just separate and come out while 
we sit on it. you need at least one meter fabric   for one chair and i ve done two chairs with two 
meter fabric and still there is some left over. i'm using a strong thread like upholstery thread 
and a long needle for making a tufting effect. what i do is just tie the 
thread tight in the back part. the unfinished seams will be sewn together later 
and i'm using a ladder stitch method and it looks   quite neat once we complete it.To complete the 
design in the back part i divided it into four   sections and use small pieces like this it's just 
thin cardboard pieces covered with foam and fabric then i'm tying it to make 
some tufting design like this here i'm attaching each piece with some 
glue you need to use quite a lot of glue i mean some of the parts didn't match together 
so i used a ladder stitch method   to make it look more nice and clean.

I attached a piece of fabric 
into the bottom part with glue   and sewed it later. as i mentioned 
earlier if it is necessary you can use   a waterproof upholstery lining fabric in 
the bottom part. the second diy is to make   a table out of cardboard. i am using three 
layers of thick cardboard in the middle and   on top and bottom i will be using hardboard 
pieces. i'm gluing all the sheets together. i'm using four wood bars to make a frame 
which will be attached to the hardboard later   .to attach all the pieces together 
i am using angle brackets like this.   You can find extendable table 
legs like this in ikea or   on ebay.

I found it on ebay i think 
ikea has cheaper legs than other shops. i'm using marble effect contact paper i 
found on ebay as i mentioned earlier the   top part or top layer of the table is not 
cardboard it is hard-board so it will give   a quite nice and shiny appearance and here 
go that was the last part of the video and   i'll be using it as a breakfast table and chairs 
in the kitchen area.

if you like it please give me   thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe if you 
are not a subscriber and see you later bye …

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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