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Hello friends! In this video, the idea of ​​creativity, DIY crafts – how to make the most simple and beautiful bow of satin ribbons for 2 minutes. This bow can be used for decorating gifts and decor for the room. Put like and subscribe to the channel. For making a bow with their hands we need – any width satin ribbon, scissors, lighter and hands) Take your 2 fingers and place on top of the satin ribbon so. We trace the tape around twice.

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We should now have two loops on each finger. Then, the long tail ribbon is placed between the toes. Further, this long tail satin ribbon threaded through the loop and stretch. Look carefully – to the second loop remains on the finger, tighten knot. Remove finished with a beautiful bow fingers. Form a bow. Cut off beautiful satin ribbon tails and, if necessary, pass the fire carefully. All we have done is beautiful and very simple bow of satin ribbon.
Now you can decorate them. Put like and subscribe to the channel!
Good luck!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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