JP Performance auf Probefahrt bei Loxone – Teil 2 | 2020 [HD]

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So now the bedroom theme starts and I turn this room off with
a double click? In the middle. So please, into the bedroom. With
coming in and the light sensor on it , I could really get used to it, you
haven't, hardly anyone really has it. If you are used to the presence detector then you
don't want to miss it anymore. Bedroom, an important room, spends a lot of time here in life.
You should make yourself comfortable.

What is special about a bedroom?
We have a Touch Nightlight here, which is a product that we have also
developed and again has five touch points. What else can I show here? The temperature. That can be the
outside temperature we have but yachts that we equip the yacht owner wants to know
how warm the water is. On the ship?! We have equipped buses where bands are driven around
, where everything inside is automated. And such a yacht owner, for example, wants to know in the morning
: what temperature is the water. Jump right out, … these are the typical
problems you have. Here we have the outside temperature, you can also display the room temperature and
then the time is also displayed, so it switches back and forth between the two. We also
have the shading, again standard and the music at the top or bottom right single click
is a. Double-click the next station louder, quieter at the top, then off at the bottom right. It's
the same in every room. You are welcome to take a seat. It also has a backlight.
That thing looks really very cool again. Has RGBW light. What if
I double-click here? Then everything is over, except for the corridor because it is not in this

This is the corridor area, which is not in the bedroom. But could it be configured?
You could do it and then the closet is also included. And a change of mood would be like that
now. Once on. I learned quickly, didn't I? Our goal is really if a child
comes to the counter at the age of three and can operate it, and one over 90 years of age,
then we have reached the point.

This is important and many believe that even if you are older you
don't need it. As you get older you need automation even more. Danger of falling,
detection has fallen someone. The topic is AL: Assistant Living because we also go deeply into the fact that
you are at home for a longer period of time. The house he recognizes when something has happened? For example,
if you fell and you don't go to the toilet, which you usually do at night when
you get up, the house can send a message that no one has gone into the next room
. He got up, but then stayed lying down, so to speak, because the other
detector does not recognize anything.

What?! We do that in the area of living being at home longer in old age. You
get up during the night and if the alarm does not work within a certain time
…. Then you have to stop next to it. Exactly, or put back in bed, but usually
it means you go to the bathroom, especially older people, and then the children get a message.
Push or call, we can make calls. That is then life in old age, it is called AL.
It's becoming this topic more and more, people want to stay at home.

Impressed. Now there
are a few more cool stories. It happens again and again that you don't take your cell phone with you
into the bedroom. How do I get woken up? We have the option: I set an
alarm clock. I stay down there on it, which is now set to 6:30 a.m., stay on it again,
say I want to change the alarm clock and set it to 7:30 a.m. and then the system shows me at 7.30 a.m. the system wakes me
up. Very easily dimming the blinds up , the light starts with warm because it
simulates a sunrise, the music goes, for example, with a certain music that you want.
So you can then be woken up by Smart Home. It's all very Iron Man, Tony Stark moderately,
I really have to say. Can i dim the light? You can dim the numbers or switch them off
completely. For me, I don't even want to see the LED on a TV. I feel the
same way, yes, I've seen that looks cool, but the light would bother me. That goes out
in the night if you want and when you arrive then the light comes.
Every now and then I want to know what time it is at night and then I come up, I don't have the cell phone in the
bedroom and then I go shortly afterwards, then the light comes on and then it goes off again
after a few seconds, I can configure it .

Is there something that cannot be configured.
What we do now is actually our standard, what many, many people out there
already have when they get automation technology from Loxone for their home. Okay, apparently I live
hard on the moon I would say. Automation technology is advancing
rapidly, there are many many island solutions. Is the mattress yours too? It's not
uncomfortable. I think it's from Träumeland, we have a partner in Austria. Regards! What else
can we do? Perhaps, Jean Pierre, you will get up for a moment. I'll do that, I'll briefly show
a night mode. What is a night mode? Otherwise the light might go on. I activate the night mode
with a triple click in the middle. OK. Night mode turns off the entire
house. Sleep well Johnny Loxone. Exactly, we've called him Johnny Loxone now.
We just heard a text to speech, so I wanted a smart
home. I can do all sorts of things with text to speech, we'll see that later
when there is an alarm. I now see night mode and the outer skin is armed, in other words,
all of the window contacts are activated for me , the motion detectors are not in the
country mood.

And now I get up in the night and a night light comes on. Cool! I
don't want to have full light when I get up at night when I have to go to the children. I am so
the night walker. Of course, if it's your own home, you get that kind of
on the chain, you know where what is. But I 'm in the complete dark, slippery type to this one
. And here I can set the light, how bright which circle. Now I can only do the
one down there under the bed or up there. We made it a bit lighter because there are
often children with us who are otherwise afraid. But now we are in night mode in the house
and no music is switched on in the room when I go in and the light is dimmed.
Now we have one more area, that is the bathroom. Yes, okay. Before you saw it, it got really
light and you can go straight into the bathroom.

That looks cool. Through here?
Yes, exactly. And so the house knows it's evening, we are asleep and we don't want to be completely
shot away by the light. It could also be that I'm on the road for a while, my wife has
activated night mode, we come in and want a different mood. Then please
just click on it in the middle and now I 've changed the mood.

I can
operate everything, I can always intervene. You already have me Sauna looks good.
Right here we have installed a sauna that can be controlled perfectly with our
control. So you don't need a sauna control, that's the great thing. You can
turn on the sauna from wherever you want. You can make a change of color and light. I
can now show you briefly. Second, I 'm at work, I know it's
January 10th, it's super cold and I'm at work and say the sauna …

But at 1 p.m.
I already say: I'll be home at 7 p.m. , is that possible? So I don't have to turn it on now,
I can also tell her: Come on then? Exactly, we have a task recorder
that says then you switch on and in half an hour later you know
it takes about half an hour. Half an hour earlier, if I want to go to the sauna at 6 p.m.,
it automatically switches on at 5:30 p.m., yes, I can do anything. It is important with the
sauna that you comply with the regulations when you switch it on remotely. For me it is like this:
I like to go cross-country skiing, we still have snow in the area and I would
…. Now? No, not now, we still have snow in winter.

… and when I'm
cross-country skiing I don't want to wait half an hour when I come home because I'm
cold now. I want to go to the sauna now. That's why I turn it on or say I'll
be home at 2 a.m., then the sauna is warm. And that this comfort is great.
That's right. I don't need to go to the sauna and then turn on the sauna, as is the case with many
sauna manufacturers.

Just the idea of knowing that I can do that is
great and I think that you can also turn on the sauna use, because I think you
often don't go to the sauna because it takes too long and if you do it that way can do that
is really great. It is exactly like that. And now you can show that we're going to
go to the app for the sauna. Basically we don't need the app to operate the room,
but here for the sauna I can go there and say I go into the bathroom. This is
what the system looks like? Exactly, this is our app that configures itself automatically
and can now select the sauna and say I 'm starting the sauna.

There are now saunas that
also have herbal saunas, soft steam baths or I have finish and the sauna heater switches on.
We faked them with LED strips. The target temperature today is
85 degrees because I'm driving hard today. But the system works with every sauna system, no? You just need the right feelers from
us. Our partner does that, he plans it and the stove is electric, it is switched on and
off. Oh, so he regulates the on and off? Exactly, this timing. Yes,
I am now 85 degrees and I say activate sauna, after ten minutes, for example, the
light is set to cold white because after ten minutes the hourglass has expired. There are many
light therapies, together at Loxone I go in and say okay, I want to have a change of color and light in the sauna now
. Go to color change, set the first color to red blue
green something. If I set six colors to say brightness, I can fully dim live if I
go upstairs once. Say 30 minutes is the fading, no, I want a second now,
you won't do that, but say up to an hour .

That the color changes from blue to red
within an hour. That means the human eye doesn't really notice it anymore
and it works as therapy. I can do it in any room. At parties in my outdoor area
I have a change of color and light. It works automatically. Over time? Exactly.
Is that possible everywhere? What kind of stripes do I need to make it work? In a sauna, these are
stripes that can withstand the temperature.

But are those of you? Yes, we have stripes
exactly. Now it is like this, I leave the room and don't need to go back to the app,
switch off the sauna, switch off the light, instead I double-click again
in the middle. What? Sauna off, everything off. So now I do a double click here
and then everything is over? You are welcome to try. You're killing me. We're still in night mode and now
we're going back and going into the living room, so the kitchen and dining room is also a cool room,
so we have another really awesome feature that I'm going to show you.

Okay, well I would say we'll go to
the kitchen in the next episode. Okay bye..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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