Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation) – What’s New?

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A little less than two weeks ago, Google
announced the successor to the Google Home Mini called the Nest Mini. Now
we've had our Nest Mini for a few days or so now and I want to go ahead and
give you the rundown of everything that's new with the Nest Mini, how it
compares to the Google Home Mini, and ultimately my recommendations for
whether or not you should start replacing all of your Google Home Minis
now with Nest Minis, let's dive in. The Google Home Mini has been one of the
most popular Google Assistant speakers in terms of volume, so any change to the
speaker is going to be a big deal. So what's new with the Nest Mini? Well first,
the name. Google has been slowly rebranding all of their Google Home
devices to Google Nest devices and the Nest Mini is just the latest device to
get this new brand name treatment.

Aside from the name change at first glance you
wouldn't think there's that much different with the Nest Mini than the
Google Home Mini. It so has relatively the same dimensions and looks very
similar except now it comes in a new color called sky, which is the mini that
we have. But there are a lot more changes here than you might expect. At the bottom
of the mini there's a new wall mount integrated into it so you can hang the
speaker directly on your wall, there's a new touch sensitive area at the top of
the mini for playing/pausing media, the power jack is no longer micro USB
and the new mini pulls in 15 watts of power versus five watts with the Google
Home Mini, there are two new LED lights on the device that light up to show you
where to tap to turn up or turn down the volume. Google has also made some changes
under the hood as well, they've worked on improving the speaker to make it sound
just a little bit better and the speaker now also puts out two times the base of
the original Google Home Mini.

Here's a comparison of how the Nest Mini sounds
compared to the Google Home Mini. Google also included their new machine
learning chip on the Nest Mini itself which is actually a pretty big deal. Like
with devices like the new Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL I'm holding right now
which has the Google Assistant running locally on device, what this means is
that over the next couple of months you're just going to be able to
anticipate the Nest Mini's response times and overall speed of the Google
assistant to get much faster because it's going to rely less on the cloud and
be able to process some of your requests on the actual device itself. The last
change that Google made to the speaker was including a third far-field
microphone so the device will be able to hear you even better and more accurately.
The Nest Mini retails for $49 officially but as always, you know that a
price cut will drop during the holidays and during other times next year.

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should you replace all of your Google Home Minis with Nest Minis? My answer
there is actually no and here's why. While I think the Nest Mini offers a
lot of improvements in its design and functionality at least from a hardware
standpoint over the Google Home Mini, in my opinion they're still just not quite
enough there to justify replacing all the Google Home Minis you have in your
house with Nest Minis, especially at full price. I mean if you want to, go ahead, but
if your main concern is actually you like your Google Home Mini, you just wish
it sounded way better, my advice there would be to save up for something like
the Nest Hub Max or the Google Home Max. You're just going to get incredible
sound with those devices especially the Google Home Max which in my opinion, is
the best sounding smart speaker with the Google Assistant baked into it.
My advice there would be save up for one of those or wait till the holiday season
they usually see a price cut around Black Friday through the Christmas
holidays, so that would be my advice there.

Well that's it for our first look
at the Nest Mini, thank you so much for watching this video. If you liked this
video make sure to hit that thumbs up button below and subscribe to the
channel if you'd like to see more Google Nest videos like this one. For 6 Months Later, I'm Josh Teder, thanks for watching..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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