DIY pokeball terrarium (pokemon)

Hey guys CottonBun here! I've seen these things floating round the internet for a while and I wanted to have a go at making some for myself! They're called Pokeball Terrariums… Terrariums? Terrariums. So what you're going to need is some Pokemon figurines of your choosing I think I might do Leafeon first because I like Eeveelutions. need some of these clear baubles that join together. Then you are gonna need and fake grass. These are actually and two turf samples. Some model foliage – I got the little flower bushes. All from eBay! Then you'll need some white spray paint. Let's DO THIS Now you have your own little Pokemon! If you ever fancy having a go at any of the crafts or things that I do feel free to tweet me on my Twitter! Which is @Cotton_Bun I love seeing other people's art and crafts so that would be amazing! Remember to like and subscribe if you haven't already – and I'll see you next week! Bye!

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