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and a warm welcome to smart is now very much about the cap i take off my construction helmet
hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen what light my smartphone needs we will show you
examples cool examples examples that have been created over the last two or three years
in our collaboration so and there I ask myself at the beginning what is important then let's
go through the normal entrance area into one of the houses that we have already realized
what you can see here is actually still an outer and facade area or outside right if
you are now wondering what kind of picture we are showing here you can see it very clearly
yes you can see the pool in the outside area then you can also see what is that timo now
so this is a very chic penthouse apartment actually see we here the city of dresden beautiful
penthouse and what you can see in the background the facade lighting is above up and down w
and light made and that is a very, very important aspect that we don't always just shine downwards
but also stretch upwards.I have the entrance area this is now a building that we realized
in düsseldorf and do you want to say we actually wanted to say the cities we wanted to be able
to say the cities yes the people are allowed düsseldorf is big dusseldorf is big allowed
that is also a turn away wall lamp and very important now you can see a picture is of
course taken in daylight around noon this photo because we see this yellow color in
the light cone luminaire is actually completely Mediterranean set to sunset light warm white
beautiful to look at in the dark whatever you always say about it where everything we
show you here is of course a networked networked exterior smart homes I believe that women
should not say yes so networked who is now in in this case the networking with a daylight
sensor sensor that we have actually bridged off for this picture, which we are currently
seeing, but usually this light is of course from saving energy during the day, whereby
the very important thing was not energy, but today we make light for people so you really
have to say about that Timo has a nose full of energy saving private living space, of
course, we handle it with moderation and care at the end of the day the light has to work
for people and not the energy balance so and so now i would say we go sometimes from the
outside into a building we will show you can now observe a bit what we are doing we really
want to take you by the hand and show examples of how something can be illuminated in such
a way and now always there in the entrance area maybe you are at the cinema something,
so to speak, that already works your halls we draw the room-high glazing that is already
big ß is a very upscale living assemble I would say here you see this very classic thing
that is actually preferred to build today, namely an open living, dining, kitchen, concert
directly actually entrance area that means I come in at the front door and stand in this
area in this house and what is here This combination of the blue hour before we are there for a
short time is very nice, then in the evening you can see through the window and the warm
white light what is now about the LED built-in lights and this power rail that is above this
year in this essay roof Practically integrated into the wall is what you now have to imagine
that these lights do not always have the same brightness and have the same hue yes more
has changed is really correct so there is actually a sunlight curve that was previously
programmed for the area And here we actually make a distinction between the actual program
sequence n indirectly then part under direct downward shining lights that means we actually
have to use the artificial light sources to ensure that we are in natural light situations
again choir community come back just like that and because you physically choir community
now look now every now and then something modern cup we want to bring you something
now what works very well in the old building maybe you say something that looks already
from the factory these are old half-timbered houses what we see now switzerland actually
in the ries in nordlingen is this house renovated the house we worked with update downlights
in front of the entrance area in the hallway simply to give the band a boost with their
balcony structure and the coup, but also indirectly to bring light over the ceiling reflection
into the room so and now we jump a bit we have walked from the building outside and
now you see, for example, such an exit area, it is no longer necessary that I need lampshades
today and that I can somehow reflect so the ceiling needs but I mean what maybe you say
a bit with knowing who fits this is now a penthouse apartment what I notice here timo
everything is nicely evenly lit than in that case there are actually pendant lights that
are positioned we see two two and a half of them in the image section but plant themselves
over that The entire staircase eye in this area and if the right light cone has been
selected here, we have again on the subject of planning then of course I also get a nice,
even but still high-contrast staircase lighting situation that is very important for stair
steps that we still have contrasts so that you do not fall fall like this and now go
up the stairs is now another example we have made a light upgrade in the existing building
that means an existing architect's house is a beautiful house on lake constance here we
have used the beam structures to light the building with linear light elements to distribute
en this is really my favorite ambience what we see here now so i think it's really beautiful,
the so small shelves embedded in the wall, the niches lighting that we have created here,
in this case we actually implemented a classic ceiling installation downlight what is changeable
in color is this castor 12 11 and here the foreground is actually also illuminated with
the downlight but in a different color mood and through these color contrasts I achieve
an incredibly interesting light result but come the edge that is very interesting because
it was known so bluish yes this is now a very successful viewing angle for the camera because
the edge is actually created by a pillar that stands in front of the wall but still represents
an air gap between the wall and lo and behold and in the background of course other lights
shine with a bluish light color in this respect, this is a successful perspective so and now
w ought I show you something here in the kitchen, yes, let's say the kitchen is not my taste
when the lights are hanging from the ceiling so I would have liked to have integrated the
whole thing here with spots in the ceiling, but you know what I think is so great here
you you have exactly the work surface only you have exactly illuminated the work surface
and you then have this American kitchen in the middle, so the kof in the cook, exactly
with areas design drain is a suction there is I think such a side suction yes exactly
that people who look there now and do not know about the kitchen, who if he can no longer
say anything about it you see the christmas tree well that also fits we have not yet built
a christmas tree from last year so what you can do here too The combination of indirect
lighting looks beautiful again, directly in the edge, which is then still as above in
the left-hand image excerpt at the edge above is a light left never integrated into the
drywall as an asymmetrical light trough and this line illuminates the actual living room
that is in front of this kitchen area indirectly through the ceiling my apricot warm light
i always say that is that is absolutely amazing lighting due or yes but why is it so beautiful
that is so beautiful because the others shine blue and then a third a beautiful there you
can say there what is the bus system that is now actually implemented with dali but
the color contrast is exactly what we want actually copying in nature so we need to show
you the whole thing here that is now a kitchen under cupboard direction yes something completely
without a small kitchen you have to say very very small kitchen yes relatively important
at the point clearly work out the task where you is this task this task is the work surface
and warm light exactly and what you see here it is like we are here lit from behind a little
bit is that we with daniel that is actually illuminated by the led line it is a picture
printed on glass man obama picture of a lake landscape yes maybe north sea baltic sea something
in the direction yes and we are on the topic of kitchen we continue in the kitchen here
s Before we go to a kitchen in the middle island, the already so Christmassy people
what is here because of the allsvenskan it is clear because my tip at the point when
it comes to such extractor hoods please pay attention to the light color at what time
do I turn the light on mostly in The evening hours in this area and then it should be a
nice warm white and for heaven's sake no cold white exactly as you can see even often gloomy
also I find this very nice so here this warm this warm color tone also for the wooden ceiling
and in the background that borders Japan attached is created in the sky with these blue glowing
spots that shine out of the piece of furniture against the ceiling if you dosed that is in
düsseldorf here we see these up down lights only you can see who is there so the living
area on the up the left in the left area of ​​the living area can give me this up-down
light and since we can see up again is something special le color temperature the luminaire
with nine other hues upwards and downwards where do we actually do it so we always try
to depict the sky indirectly, and in the indirect area the direct sunlight is as it is and the
stairs to the right are like this piece is now upwards from the right and then again
remove the sun light and it now has the same color why it is simply the same color in this
case because the space in the stairwell as in the masonry of the stairwell could not
be created for the ballasts that we need all the more so to produce an important act as
we see it now in the left part of the picture, yes, I would say I move my floor higher the lamp is too colored for me there is far
too much color in it for me there is a lot of color in it but this lamp can also really
very, very good white light and because it can not know so well it can also color we
have the complete color spectrum in this luminaire inside and we can move freely from white light
shades to the effects seen or shown here if we are planning the room in terms of lighting
then we try to produce vertical illuminance levels that means nothing other than that
the surfaces surrounding the room disgusting planer so says that if we should light it,
I get a high level of comfort so we are talking about the so-called go you can use very different
methods yes what is now why are we showing you this particular picture that happens so
well this is a study and it is safe to see a study yes you don't have to ht say what
i need now because i know that i actually had i will so it is a worker we will we have
on the one hand of course the table lighting in the case a pendant lamp a linear pendant
lamp the table is very evenly illuminated very important as well it must be as well
as must be and takes on further functions of the integrated in the light it is with
a micro pragmatik equipped that means it provides glare-free light so working with a laptop
at this table is very possible now let's look at the ceiling the ceiling and so here is
a nice example you have to say high quality and already a bit expensive yes yes but what
you can actually see very beautifully absolutely perfect craftsmanship this castor 12 f is
here the ceiling is milled flush into the wooden ceiling with a milling machine this
time aperture was milled out so that it is flush with the wood and it really looks very,
very chic and we are back in the ceiling area how can you actually stage the ceilings so
that you can see the contours so the stage is usually a so-called ceiling washing water
now no cell phones sieling roche what we are now seeing is a staircase lighting again with
such a walcott function that is a guideline that runs along the wall Because you pull
it through the evening light yes that is not very nice and the blanket is very light on
the top it is very easy to come off with a small slit towards the wall in that if 15
cm actually I know that and there are all profiles incorporated with the led line very
cool here again example the whole thing in wood yes and what you can see here in the
combination of the rail system and aluminum zinc system the combination of linear white
glowing diffuse light character with a spot light there you can see Such a lens element
then looks like a sunspot that actually falls out of the ceiling onto the floor so in the
bedroom yes so I am important maybe in the picture simply from planning or conceptual
the field maybe also directly complete is no light mounted yes I do no sense that I
would create glare at the point but that it is left and right of the bed so that the lic
htkegel degree still the bed is touching, reading lights are of course also recommended,
but more important at this point maybe simply directly over the bed you usually need no
light partial always you don't want full if you are right yes the up and down topic is
a wonderful one light tool can also be combined great with this light, good idea that a term
that is now used very often you can now see an edge in the room or on the wall below the
ceiling and on this edge there is an LED light line that this sieling watch creates here
again the same situation from a different perspective the up and down shine with this
light good that lingus realizes also at this point is very important a goal in the bush
is a glancing light that means the cover must be properly prohibited so and now at least
now he comes you always say the most emotional room in the house where that is the bathroom
and in the bathroom where there are more and more adventure worlds today I would the kitchen
it is also what deserves it so that the bathroom light installation is actually today that
we have to do it differently, so if you wait, the task is this task takes place from the
washbasin com mirror because I want to see the cheap because I want to see perfectly
what no glare have no shadow formation on the face very soft light very natural light
so that the light like this color rendering of the skin technically fits and then of course
I have areas around the bathtub around niches, if any, the shower areas there it can get
emotional very quickly, simply emotional in the sense of we want games there we want contrasts
created color contrasts light dark contrasts and get something very exciting as you want
but also maybe the colored water rise but you can then make it backlit by bath additive
Illuminated below exactly because without light it is not very safe yes I don't know
what you have to say that is all so warm, warm yellow, yellowish hue, everything is
like that for me, it has such a cuddly character what a lot for you, yes So it's just an example
of how light can be used creating exciting effects so this contrast that can also be
wonderfully relaxed with warm white nuances here the light should show results now we
come to a really very very nice request i have to say I like that very, very much personally
and maybe so maybe this this one green europol I don't necessarily need that
now, but what I like very much here I don't know how you are doing the comments and writing
in the rhine that for me is one of the best pictures I've ever seen because here too Everything
is in this apricot-colored light but that's a print building construction with you teacher
with tiles natural stone stuff we are already active what we are actually seeing here now
is a very typical evening so yes in its blue parts it is not out because blue light You
may also know that from the discussion about the smartphone screen where we have this chip
function where we remove blue components from the light source in the evening simply because
our body should start producing melatonin in the evening and with blue light we suppressed
this production of melatonin especially investing in the arts that is of course a very large
bathroom like in terms of the floor plan 20 square meters can be seen quite easily and
of course if I have such a floor space I also need appropriate light sources and to put
it in the limelight so now I would say again arrived in düsseldorf a bit, yes that is
still a very young installation here a view from behind the bathtub into the room that
is very, very nicely solved, I find the situation around the mirror in front of the mirror we
see a courtroom in the mirror that brings indirect and direct light a very soft cloud
of light that is here I have no glare, no shadows on my face and the whole thing is
framed with the two niches a niche is designed as a breakthrough to the shower cubicle like
a very long ship of almost 1 meter 80 times thinks 30 centimeters high, i.e.

An elongated
horizontal niche with a waterproof seal LED installation which is adjustable in color
and so I like the composites ition of these two people running vertically with this light
mirror cabinet and this light sailing tour over very good, also because, in addition
to the fact that I get a perfect light illumination or a face illumination, accents sheep over
these niches in the ceiling loudspeakers, the whole thing is yes linked so that the
light and the morning mood supported by acoustics woman can accompany you so constantly circular
class in that case it is actually so that this word is completely bus-controlled via
a connex the lights but then addressed yes I can do that here tomorrow Driving the lighting
plus the corresponding background noise so very, very nice and we are I have that's still
we are still in dusseldorf if you look it now, it is now set a little different mood
change a little yes what we see now is that changed is actually the mirror image because
it works I look over the mirror right now we go in the same bathroom why stay I notice
the bathroom must be pretty nice that's a very nice couple a modern and nice bathroom
is really everything in it you could say full wdr and now always in this area you have now
looked through this in a mirror to the left that is always in this shower now timo why
is it down there don't believe where my feet are the light we otherwise had on the ceiling
so here is a combination of one shower bench and lighting with a waterproof led is there
we see on the left this elongated wall niche for soap utensils green green bright green
soap in the green light and of course we see a built-in downlight also controllable at
the top of the picture and so I can Put this shower cubicle in all possible color combinations
plus white light that is always very important that we can create or bring out these saturated
effects and mood colors from one and the same light source and at the same time nice that
white light yes instead of you just said so I think this is pretty good visible that I
create a mood with light that otherwise never with normal white light in any arbitrary position
that is still standard unfortunately you have to say got there and the whole thing only
works because we build networked we build networked so you will notice again It's a
bit that I say that so energetically because if someone asks now why do I need a smart
house or intelligent house without the whole action in the system that we have created
here and that contributes to the quality of life here, but that's not actually the case
house what with the car the emotion is the couple in the curves in the country street
that's what you have in the house here that you could translate so now you always have
a beard there you have to say we had variable light before where you can save in scenes
what we see here is all white light up there you could make a face like dark I'm not the
friend of this freestanding bathtub but now has nothing to do but the coca water in there
is nothing that's right but clean around the bathtub okay but so let's get to the light
because it works, yes we have this wall lamp that I can mount vertically as well as horizontally,
here mounted vertically because I simply cannot dazzle anyone back there in the corner of
the room there is nobody walking that is not in the path and so I can just change the light
create picture as this up and down not topic it is otherwise practical what you see otherwise
and I find that actually quite successful when you combine it so al s to spice up the
background if you are using an otherwise rather simple light from the ceiling should be shorter
flat photos of can say that it is a cost-effective solution the cost-effective solution these
ceiling construction light which can be seen here, which made very soft, even and far-shining
light falls but does not create so much contrast either the contrast only arises if we could
have done something down on the floor with the second light element vertically arranged
wall lamp that would have been a possibility or one would have these shelves that could
be seen in the background in again You can set a scene with a milled led strip, for example,
so we are still in the bathroom yes so here is real here is really a lot of light we also
see in the bathtub that is actually blue how could it be that the bathtub trend is blue
so a lot light in the sense of a lot of light instruments installed so it is not a very
bright scenario o at the moment we are players with colors with saturated effects and mood
colors the blue light in the bathtub actually comes from led elements that are integrated
in the bathtub body so underwater lighting is exactly the advice of the value because
now some who would be looking at us now to say but expensive it costs money no question
in the case that it is even further developed the whole scenario according to the speakers
are mounted on the bathtub body so that the music can be transmitted as a sound wave into
the water and the more bass the more more global so if so if there is someone right
now because it is sitting and hip hop right now again and then first of all we have to
be careful that the water does not spill over then the music makes it quieter so I think
that's very much again nice the bathroom now with white with white light so pretty cool
white it is neutral white in terms of color, so me was because it is not warm, it is a
neutral white and what I especially like about this bc element over there so I like that
this drywall construction is at the back and the light from above then onto the java is
the goal the objects became something like accessories accessories now you have already
shown a lot of use, which means that many rooms through now let's look at the whole
thing is different again a half-timbered house is simply a mountain house and here we simply
used the position of the beams to stow light you have to I always look when I have practically
no installation space for lighting technology, i.e.

No concrete recessed boxes or any hollow
bodies where I can install light elements because I have to work somehow with the other
architectural elements and it is always nice to create an indirect important situation
before I go over Think about the directly shining light and now here with
such a roof structure I can of course do this wonderfully with which I simply put these
LEDs on the bars and let the roof shine many of you have asked what almost how can you
actually do it ch illuminate the whole thing that is these are now concrete examples of
use you have now seen that was from the outside to the inside that was a lot of new building
that was also the renovation and who at this point is still asking the question why do
i need why at all one side doesn't have to plan and on the other side what can I achieve
with light you have now seen that exactly and for me it is again honestly had to say
without smart injuries you get this is not realizable so it will be difficult then if
we think about the contrasts light-dark-contrasts color contrasts and time-controlled processes
just like nature outside also delivers so my ladies and gentlemen now i have shown a
whole series of lighting moods in situations we are curious what you say about it, how
you think about it All of the pleasures are definitely a whole lot of suggestions, lots
of lots of lots with the topic of light, thank you very much for watching if you have not
yet subscribed to the subscription, we are also looking forward to the download station by only going to the next post

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