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How do filmmakers capture this flower blooming in a few seconds when it actually takes weeks? Let’s take a walk behind the scenes today, shall we? Woohoo! Hang on tight, girls! Well, nothing beats spending the afternoon outdoors, huh, girls? Check out those mountains! Let’s ride over to those in time for the sunset, okay? Whoah, look what things actually look like behind the scenes! As long as you don’t show their legs, you can totally make people think you’re spending the day horseback riding in your very own western film! Wondering why Vicky’s head isn’t screwed on straight? She’s wearing a device made of hangers that she moves with her hand as she pretends to sneeze.

Very tricky, Vicky. Very tricky. Yes, Olivia ! Work it girl! Wondering how you can star in your very own music video like that? Grab a good friend like Vicky here to walk in front of you as you strut your stuff. You can throw chalk in the air like Olivia is as you go to add to the dramatic effect. Ooh, something tells me Vicky’s going to have to take a shower after this video shoot. What a good friend. Ooh! Anything to get the perfect shot, right ladies? Looks like it was well worth it. Well, for the most part. Mm, refreshing. Wait a second, am I floating? What’s going on? Um, bye, Vicky! Okay, what the heck was in that water anyway? Ooh, watch your head! Hey, hows the weather up there? Okay, Vicky wasn’t really levitating. Want to know how this trick works behind the scenes? First, you’ll want to show you initially lifting up and floating. Push up onto your tippy toes, a spot the camera isn’t catching yet.

And don’t forget to rock a surprised look on your face. For the feet, isolate them on the screen so you can’t see that you’re sitting on a table. Now stand on a chair while your upper body is being filmed. See, it looks like you’re actually floating! Wow, nature really is amazing, isn’t it? How is that flower growing out of that person’s hand, and so fast? Ooh, and this one is even prettier! Okay, I give in…how are you doing this? With the help of a friend, you can make a flower appear like it’s growing out of your hand by holding it between your fingers and holding dirt in the palm in your hand.

Now have someone film your hand as you slowly pull the flower’s stem down with your unoccupied hand. Pull it all the way down through your fingers! Aaand, stop! Check it out! Now play it faster and in reverse to amaze your friends! Woah, who knew Olivia had some serious pipes on her? And with a friend just underneath you fanning your hair, you’ll look just like Celine Dion in her famous music videos. Hey, I wasn’t done! Where are you going?! One woman. One train. And one question: Will she make it? Uh, you’re never going to catch the train like that, Sophia! Well, better luck next time, I guess. Wow, Olivia, you sure know how to do your stretches. I guess there’s no time better than the present! And stretch! Want to know the secret to the perfect stretch? Camera angles! Ah, camera tricks, am I right? It can be our little secret, okay? Damn, Vicky! Ever heard the saying, “get a room”? Geez, take a breath, you’re gonna eat his face off, girl! Vicky, we knew you liked fruit, but this is going a little bit overboard.

Well, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Woah! This is super creepy! Is that actually a mirror in the picture? Um, Mia? Are there two of you here, or am I seeing double again? Okay, clearly you’re a genius with Photoshop – otherwise, you have a lot of explaining to do… You can make cool shots like this too right on your phone using the panoramic mode. Slowly pan right as you record your video. Once the camera hits the desired spot, move your reflection and stop the camera. Gotta admit, this is some pretty impressive stuff! Alright Vicky, what do you have up your sleeve this time? Woah, what sorcery is this? A floating ball? Must be that headband giving Vicky these magician vibes. Alright, Harry-ette Potter, what gives? Tell us your secret! A ladle?! We should’ve guessed – you are in the kitchen! Ooh, double-whammy! Ah, chicken noodle, my favorite.

Um, Vicky? You look fabulous and all but you do know there’s no phone in that case right? Oh god, all that makeup finally got to her head! Wait a minute, it seems like her hand motions are controlling my camera… Woah! Did you see that? How are you doing this, Vicky? Ouch! Hey be careful! Ah, that’s better. You really do look nice. But tell us, how are you doing this? Ah, it’s the classic mirror game! See, Helly is following Vicky’s hand motions a millisecond after she does them so that it seems like Vicky’s controlling the phone’s camera. Look how in sync they are! Behind the scenes bff magic at it’s best! Ooh, Sophia, you really know how to move! Oh ya, I see you. Woah, are you sitting on something? I don’t see anything under her, do you? Oh, I get it. Amy is controlling Sophia with string! Talk about a puppet master. That was a pretty smooth ride if I do say so myself. Did you enjoy all this behind-the-scenes action? Then you’ll enjoy these crazy bloopers even more! Check ‘em out! What’s next, you ask? Share this video with your friends and let us know which of these tricks you tried out yourself! Don’t forget to subscribe to 123 Go’s channel for more behind-the-scenes video magic.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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