Fußbodenheizungssteuerung im Smart Home mit Homematic IP

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If you have underfloor heating, you don't have to do without the advantages of a smart home. Because with Homematic IP, any underfloor heating system can be easily integrated into a Smart Home system and intelligently controlled. And by intelligent we mean when you never get cold feet at home again. When the temperature in all rooms can be controlled individually and when energy is saved permanently through anticipatory heating. That's intelligent. That's Homematic IP, the new smart home generation.

The actuator can be combined with the existing underfloor heating system and easily integrated into an existing Smart Home system via a Homematic IP Access Point. Simply scan with the free app and create individual heating profiles. Ready. All settings are made via the app or you can regulate the temperature manually via a wall thermostat. If you want, you can also link the wall thermostats directly to an underfloor heating actuator via radio without a Smart Home system. Without an internet connection and without laying a single cable. By the way, with Homematic IP you can also cool and pump cold water into the floor via a heat pump, to lower the rooms to a comfortable temperature on hot days. Smart underfloor heating is when everything is simple.

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Simply installed, simply extended, simply comfortable..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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