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in order to be able to use new smart home components, you must first use them connect the kiwi con homebase to ensure that the an adapter plug, for example, only works with your homebase connecting a component is very easy with the smart home app on your smartphone or tablet we will now show you this using the example of one between plug first open the menu at the top left of the start view go to the settings menu and then click on add devices first log in to the from the with your kiwi com user ID e-mail address and the password that you have when you first set up you have chosen smarthome if you have forgotten the password you can do this simply reset the forgotten user password button have you saved the password and the e-mail address then you don't need this the next time you connect a device more needs to be entered after the smart home app has been updated it is necessary to enter the password and email address again first the list of component manufacturers is displayed You can find the manufacturer's name on the packaging of the device in our for example we connect a homematic radio simply echoes between actors plug for this adapter plug first select eq-3 homematic in the next step, the smarthome components from the respective manufacturer shown for our example the adapter sounds actuator follow then please go through the individual steps of the setup wizard to connect the component to the homebase prepare the adapter plug By plugging them into an electrical outlet, the led turn signal turns red and the device is on ready for connection the new smartphone component must be recognized by the homebase so that they can be connected, press the an learn button the front of the device for about five seconds to enter the connection mode this process takes a few seconds to activate and is shown by the rotating display at the bottom right as long as the led of the between plug flashes red, the connection is active mode after the new component has been successfully connected, it can be assigned to a room there are already some in the system Rooms created that you can use if you create another room if you wish, you can simply edit this using the rooms button we add the for the adapter plug room living room from now you can assign a name to the device in your smart home remote control to turn it on and off You can name adapter plugs like the device connected to them, for example is connected depending on the component you still receive specific information on the use of the new component successfully set up and can be controlled with your smart home app or in situations be integrated when you no longer need the devices and with a want to use another homebase again then delete them from your smart home system more about this in the video device disconnect

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