JP Performance auf Probefahrt bei Loxone – Teil 1 | 2020 [HD]

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, my
name is Jean Pierre Krämer, most of you know me from the topic of cars, but today it will be about something completely
different, namely the topic of Smart Home and I have to say in advance that I am not a professional, I
have relatively little idea and was n't really that convinced at first. Now I'm a bit
convinced that's why I'm with Loxone today and a cameraman will
probably interfere more often that's the Mowo, because he 's on the pro side.

'm just in between and now I want to be convinced what all this brings
and where you can use it at all , so let's take a
closer look. I'm really excited, it can be very funny because
I'm not a professional let's go. So I have to correct myself on one thing
too, namely Loxone, the whole thing is called, I think Loxone, I said, that means Loxone. So, you can
see what kind of pro I am. I think I have to go this way. Hello, I'll do it like this.
Exactly! Jean-Pierre. Howdy, hello. Manuel Nader. Hi, so I'm getting a tour here now and
everything is explained. I'll explain to you what "Create Automation"
means, that's our slogan, which means here: What have we automated, what can
you do so that at the end of the day you have added value.

I have to
warn you very briefly, because I'm really still Mister Light Switch. Is that a light switch, for
example? This is exactly what our "Touch Pure" is. That would be game-over for me because there is
no seesaw at all. Does that mean I just press it now ? I can press it,
exactly. We will explain in more detail later .

Where do I push it, in the middle?
Easier in the middle exactly, just press once. Does that mean a button has several functions? We are
talking about lighting moods here. It is very important to use it intuitively, no large
labels, everyone knows the touch surface, that's why people use touch controls
nowadays. I think from the graphics, I can also serve the outfields. Exactly,
we have the left and right facets. You're already laughing like that. But I'll
explain that in more detail later in the tour, that's a standard that's the same in every room,
that's the cool thing. So every room gets one of these things. Exactly, or at every door. And
I can operate everything with this one device.

Can I operate this room fully, yes. What?!
That is our goal and we have implemented it perfectly. That means with this one switch
, how many light switches can I virtually eliminate? In this room we have seven light circuits then
two blinds, we would certainly have seven switches. Do I serve all of
this with this? We do that with one, which then also measures the temperature humidity.
We need that for temperature control and for ventilation control. Does he measure the temperature too?
It measures the temperature and also the humidity, less is more is our approach. I
just do something press again. This is always a new mood
that you switch. This is music that takes a little while with internet radio
when you press. Just a moment later, wait a minute. Streaming builds up. We have
our own music system, music server. An own? Yes. And how do I turn that off again? Double click
right and it's off. But that means you also have to remember things, otherwise you won't get out.
Once noticed, every room is the same, the whole house works identically.

That means once you have
this system very much the same but after again. I would say we start outside like when you come
in at a house or a company. OK. First of all, I have to give a compliment,
the green thing is really cool because green is a color that not so many people
see anymore and it looks really strong. Green, sustainability also really saving CO2 and
energy in the house. Am I really saving energy with this? You save energy in a
building like the one we are experiencing here. This is a commercial property, it belongs to Loxone, we have
many employees here, many PCs that do not switch off in the evening, the employees switch off
the system automatically. The ventilation goes back and now in the time of Corona
the ventilation has gone up so that we have more circulation. The
system takes care of such issues automatically. As a percentage, how much would you estimate you save in a normal house?
In a house you save a third of the costs. What?! One third? It is only heated when
I need it and not only when the outside temperature is minus 20 degrees and then you just heat it up
like that.

Can you imagine something like this becoming mandatory in the future? There are grants for
all the topics, many don't know it. Also for heating controls, the whole topic is already being
promoted. Because the government already says it will be important to simply watch out for energy and energy consumption in the future
, so there are subsidies in Germany, but
many don't know that. Yes, me neither. What do we have here? We simulate an entrance area where
we show how it looks in front of a front door . ax! We always say: Like test
driving a car. You don't just buy a car without first sitting inside and feeling
the horsepower.

I'm the wrong contact person, because that can
happen. So we already say: test drives in an automated building, that's what
we're going to do here. That means end customers come here, companies that want to build a company and everyone
looks at it and says: Cool thing , I want that. Then let's play. What
do we have here? Our camera is important when entering , this is also being developed here in this
building. So you develop and do everything yourself? Everything yourself! Software and hardware is
completely in-house.

We do not outsource. I find that very good? It
's all in our hands. Here we have the Baudisch Intercom, very high quality made of aluminum and
glass, no plastic eye. Very easy to use. We have a button here and when
you press it you can see here in the showroom that there is an acoustic and a visual alarm.
The speakers will ring and the lights will go on and off briefly.

Can you set whether you
want that or not. And these speakers are also connected through the system? Exactly, you have to
have heard them beforehand. These are our loudspeakers , they not only make music, they also ring.
Can you try again? We have the 60 second delay in case someone is at the
door who wants to annoy you. That's why we have 60 seconds of delay so one doesn't
storm bell all the time. OK, smart. But can that also be reset? You can set it back to a
second or up to ten minutes, that can be set individually.

is 60 seconds. What is fascinating for me is that this static
house, the original idea of ​​a house, suddenly becomes something like a huge mobile phone.
Or a huge, variably adjustable thing and I find that very new because, for example,
someone rings the bell, the lights flash. With this you think so far, so that nobody can annoy
you, you can simply increase it to 60 seconds so that it does not flash, but you
can also decrease it again. This means that this variability was
not there in a house before. Or you have children and the loudspeaker shouldn't go on
, only the light in certain rooms should show me: someone is there. Or
I have a friend who hears very poorly, he has to react to flashing lights using
various patterns and signs. Yes, okay. So even in the "restricted" area, if
you are somewhat restricted, the building can support a lot. We have a cool
product for access, that would be important to me.

How do you get in? Here is our NFC Code
Touch. NFC? Here we can enter different codes for different doors. In the house too?!
You can place it anywhere. For example access to the server room, only someone is allowed
in there or in your company if you say there is a special car there, only
those who are allowed in can enter, then you touch an NFC code in front of the door and then you have to
authenticate. The things also look very valuable I have to say. Yes, there is also glass
optics, nothing wears off. So that you can see where you pressed. Nobody changes the code,
you can change the code through the app.

You can assign "one-time codes",
week codes, … . "One-time codes" can only be entered once? Exactly, for
example a friend of mine gets a spade in the garage, then I give him a
code e.g.: 5689. Then he goes in and after that he is deactivated. Or when I'm on vacation he
gets a code for two weeks and does the cats and the plants. I'm
good at it now. You can also ring the bell here, we have the same system as before. But they are
linked again now and the 60 seconds apply not only here but to the house? Exactly,
you can set that individually, but actually you have a standard and always do it the
same way. We also have an NFC Key Fob. This is a green fob for kids
that don't tell the code at school or daycare. Or also for
employees. Oh, so something for the Ferrari too.

We have people in Switzerland who have several
cars, who have a turntable in the garage. He then chooses Fob 3 and then comes the "Porsche".
Great! You can do a lot of cool things. So that means you offer these control
options and you can build them again in connection with normal things that have electrical functions in the house anyway
? Exactly, a door lock or whatever. A signal is sent
or a turntable is controlled. So you can do the craziest things with it.
In general, it was for the access of a company, for entrepreneurs who are not always there
and for suppliers, then he gets access to a certain area and he does
n't leave things standing in front of the door, those are often the issues. Yes, that's fine! Yes
we entered a very easy code here "1234" and it's open and I'm coming in,
please walk into our showroom. What I think is good is the visual representation, so
when you enter the code you have the four dots at the top, which first
light up white and then green.

Please walk into our living room and bar area. Yes okay the light
goes on when I come in. Indoors, we have installed detectors everywhere so that the light goes on
automatically. I'll tell it like it is, I'm very new to the subject,
when I came in I thought for a millisecond: It's very dark. How
do I get the light on now and then how the light came on evenly, that's good.
It's clear, there are motion detectors everywhere, it's nothing new, nothing new. Exactly, that's
nothing new, it's been around for a long time. Certainly a great thing is the "fading". The light doesn't go
"bang!" on, but that is in a smooth "dimming behavior". Yes, that was really very good.
And we will see that now. Now we have one room here, we have eight circles of light here.

pieces? Exactly and LED stripes. That means I would have eight light switches. So exactly eight such a
game. The lamps come from us, so we also developed the spots, the pendulums, very
high resolution, which means that the dimming behavior is also very smooth and therefore a nice fading. You
go in, the light goes on and then I stay in the room and then I say I need a
different atmosphere. You can set which color the RGBW, I can set anything
I want. Can it always shine? It also has an orientation light, yes. Can
I turn it on as I want. And here I switch moods in this room. So every
time I press this I get a different vibe? Exactly four tunings are standard
. Here we have TV, read comfortably. That would be reading, for example. However
, as we will see later, the customer can set this up in the app as they wish. Even? That
means nobody has to come, I can do it myself? You can play around with anything for years.
Humans are creatures of habit, you get up at the same time, so at some point you have your
moods that you don't change that much anymore , unless you have a party then you
might have a color change.

Yes, so please show eight circles? We have eight circles and
I make them romantic with moods, for example , one has posted here. This is very important for Mowo
. That would be reading and you could also make TV here, so those are the moods.
You can just click on it in the middle, i.e. with the whole area. how do i make out
I'll show off at the end. Off would work, double click is always room off. But this
is always identical, so double click is space out. Switch off standby consumption
Lights off, music off, everything gone and I don't need to press 5 buttons 10 times.

Now we have the
left facets. Press left once and up: Raise the shading. Can I configure this myself
? No, left is up and down. However, there is automatic shading, which means if
I'm not at home and the sun is shining, i.e. the room temperature is too high, then the
shading is automatically lowered and the slats are switched. This means that this thing also regulates
the room for me, in the bedroom for example: The sun is shining full steam on it He notices: The
room gets too warm and the house then makes the shading on it independently.

Exactly in the
cardinal direction where the sun is shining, and then of course not in the morning in the east and in the south
. This is automatic. But when I come home and I want to intervene,
one should be the master of the house and then I can intervene and adjust the slats
or raise the shade. Just press up down and then stop. I understood that quickly. May I
press it here? So above or below is music on so yes please press once.

we have internet radio we need a little bit but it's coming soon.
Then the stream is built up, staying on the bottom is quieter. OK. So down on the key
right is quieter staying right on top is louder. If I want another station,
I press the top right twice and then I have another source, can connect Spotify,
can do from four to 20 zones.

I see on his face like this: Yes man. You have to
imagine, it's not all about the switch. It gets fun when you have your cell phone
or iPad in your hand. Then you can still do a lot. But our approach is… For me
that's enough. … that you don't need your cell phone . You can change something, so there is a
central control panel that we will show at the end , but…

. And then play on it again here
that have it here . … basically you should be able to operate the house without being
on your cell phone all the time. I mean that. Some people then tell me yes, please take
your cell phone. I also don't want to pick up my cell phone to turn on the light in the
toilet, I don't want that. I still want to continue living as Jean Pierre exactly as I
did before and I want to integrate the advantages into my everyday life and
I have to say I like the light switch because it is visually more attractive, I can choose it
freely change my mind and I would definitely not be able to do that, that or that so quickly, it
would certainly not be possible.

But if you're sitting on the couch and really just
want to change the music, you can do that on your cell phone too and don't have to get up.
Let's sit down on the couch for a moment. Here we have a cool product, the Remote Air.
It also has five touch points. ok, five? Yes, light again the same. Switching on light that
is our Air technology. So the top one is the middle and this is right and left.
Up and down the blinds. Music on and off, louder and quieter. Per room, per house? Can be used
as often as you want. I used it as a garage door opener because I have secured
radio transmission. That's encrypted and what I learned beforehand at the Normstahl garage
. Seriously? So I have a lot of trucks driving. I have this as a garage door
opener and then the alarm system disarms when I open the garage door. Because
I know Manuel comes home my wife or in a car and there is one on the terrace.
Okay, that means I'm going to the bedroom now, then that's okay too? You can use that in the bedroom
as well, yes.

Another or the same? Another assigned room-specifically
. ok, ok There is one cool thing. I want to watch TV then I can
set different moods. For example, I could, the blinds are now
down, lower the blinds, change lighting moods, turn off the music
, so no music is playing now but otherwise it would turn off automatically.
I see! Music is playing and the device recognizes: I turn on the TV and the music stops.
As I said, I can also switch to other lighting moods and so on.

We know the commands of the
remote control, it doesn't matter which ones, and then switch all the things on and off. But there comes someone
who programs it all. There is a professional who is our partner who puts the whole thing into operation at the end
and implements the customer's wishes. Can I understand it like this, once it's electric,
there's actually no limit? The limits are very much in your head, you can really do a lot
these days. That sounds so complicated, so blatant. Well, I'm listening to music and the system
recognizes the owner turns on the television, he probably doesn't want to listen to any more music and the
music stops, that's fine for me… . Must then switch on the surround system and
come automatically. As I said, we have a product where you can recognize IR
commands, we could also use different buttons to change lighting moods from this remote control, from the
Samsung, we could change lighting moods if you wanted.

Does that mean he would recognize it?
There's a little eye on the TV, down there, and that recognizes commands from the remote control
and we process the system. That means a command that is via my standardized
remote control, which I always use, which is my television remote control, and I
simply turn on ProSieben in order for ProSieben the room is red and for RTL the room is yellow.

If I
teach the remote control like this, yes. And now on the topic of saving energy because I think a third
is really a statement. Does that mean the house knows even if I leave? The house knows when I'm
leaving because I have a "leave house" button, we'll see that at the end. With a triple click
at the exit, the alarm system is then armed and all standby consumers are switched
off and the heating is shut down. All standby consumers are gone? Exactly,
we have switchable sockets that look like I can retrofit them,
that's not really a problem. This is a wireless socket that I put where
I need it. It measures energy output, temperature and has a relay inside that
switches everything off.

Does she do it all herself? A relay simply switches the
consumer off. Do you develop this yourself? It's a product of ours, yes. Pretty
cool, yes. You can feel the Air technology like the remote when you press the
remote that works without delays which is important. This is a radio signal
that is sent. Yes, that's really awesome. Do you see that? I press here now. A whole new way of thinking for me right now,
so completely new. Well, of course I heard about the smart home solution
and all the things you can do, but I never really dealt with it because
I was just so stubborn and always thought, yes, come on.

But you already have some cool stuff in the
house, three. I saw the opening there, you already have LED Stripes. Yes yes yes these
LED stripes do. But I still think like this: An LED stripe, oh look cool, it
even comes with a remote control. Then I just have one remote control and then at the end of the
day 3000 remote controls. Of course not so smart. I also admit that, because
I also stand there in building three every now and then and press different buttons
until the right light is on. is stupid. A scenario would also be a demonstration of the new
car something. A button. First dark and then light fades upwards and a certain color
or whatever we could then do, such moods in a building.

I always
say: It is important that the system adapts to the user and not the user to the system. That
is the big goal we are pursuing. That all sounds very cool from what you say, I really have to
say. I saw earlier that there was a wind turbine at the entrance upstairs. Exactly, that's the
weather station that you need as security for shading external venetian blinds. If a
certain wind speed is exceeded, increase it or if it
rains, close the roof window or if the temperature is too high or the
brightness is too high, then we know: sunshine and the room temperature are too high,
then we lower the shading so that I do not need air conditioning and have to cool the building
because that is also a waste of energy. Can I see the pad, this control element.
We installed that in the front. We'll do it, we'll do the rounds… Yes, we'd love to. …
and that's what we'll do at the end. We still have bedrooms… We are
not finished yet? No no. … and bath..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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