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– [Man] The most Up to date smart machines that you're going to find. Do you guys miss the house videos? Like we did a ton of house videos. When we built this entire house. When we were building the house,
we have drone shots of it. We were the only house. We were the first house
on this entire street. Now check it out. We have neighbors. These guys are framing right now. This house looks like it's a
few months out from being done. And then we've got another
one behind us that is framing right now and should be done
in like six months or so. We're going to have a real neighborhood. This is kind of exciting. We've been living inside of
our dream home for six months now and we absolutely love
it. It's been fantastic. It has every feature
that we could ever want. Not everybody's going to be
building their own home and have the opportunity to wire their
house and do everything they can from the smart home perspective.

There is a conference in
Germany called IFA, typically LG is there with a giant booth, like the one that we saw
at CES this last year, obviously it's difficult to
travel from country to country this year. So LG did
something really interesting. They took an entire house in
a really cool neighborhood in South Korea, and they took the house and
put in almost every single LG, ThinQ connected product in
the house. It's amazing. It highlights everything
you can do. I mean, this is pretty cool. I'm kind of blown away with
the connectivity of just these devices. And I thought I would like
to see what they can do in the real world. So I asked LG, they sponsored this video and send us some of their ThinQ appliances
so that we can demo it, check it out and retrofit
a house to make it smarter. My sister, who is at home a lot, she has a daughter with a disability. What if we take the LG ThinQ appliances, install them into her house and make her existing home smarter. We're going to show you how
the LG ThinQ ecosystem could benefit you in your house.

You can systematically make
your house smarter and easier to control with your phone to make your life just run easier. We are about to upgrade
her house in a big way. A lot of you are gonna recognize
this house at my sister's because we've done a lot of
videos here with them before. This is the story of bill
laundry machines that they have. These have been here for 19 years. And the great thing about it
is that she got this on a TV show called the prices is right. She went to the showcase showdown.

She lost the showcase showdown, but she did walk away with
a beautiful set of laundry machines. LG electronics sent
us brand new washer and dryer, the most up to date smart laundry
machines that you're going to find. And I thought this would be
a nice gift for my sister to replace her Bob
Barker, washing machines. Whoa, pinched my finger. Okay. This is my sister, Stephanie, these are the new lot washer and dryers. Are you a little sad to lose
the ones that you got for free? And that kind of means something
from a fun experience or are you just like, get those outta here? – I'm not really sad
cause I have memories, but these are so awesome that
they've released, I'm excited.

– I wanted to show you proof
that she actually was on the price is right? This is her scrapbook that she
still has from how many years ago? – 18. – [Man] 18 years ago. And check it out, Stephanie, right there. That's the prices, right thing. There's the CVS logo in the background. Who are you with that day? – [Sister] Sister-in-law
my cousin and my friend. – Cool. And then your shirt
Barker's saw beauties.

Do you think that's why they
chose you to be on there? – I actually think they chose me because I had a pitch prepared. I brought a tee shirt for
Bob and I told him that I had to watch the show every morning with my 18 month old son. And my neighbors all knew
not to bother me during the prices. Right? – Yeah. This is the spot where the old
TV was inside of my sister's house. And we were going to
replace it with the LG OLED TV. That's 77 inches. Let's
get put up on the walls. (upbeat music) Some people like that. And that's how you hang
the TV on the wall. Now the home of the future is
actually a home of right now. Like most of these products
are a reality things that you can buy. This is a styler. I have
never used a styler before. I know Leslie wanted one in the
house and then we didn't end up doing it. Well, LG sent us the ThinQ styler
and this is the third appliance that we are putting
in at my sister's house today.

But actually wait, does a washer and dryer count
as one a plane. It's like, I kind of count that as one. That smells good. Wow. Wow. Wow. It's like a perfectly clear
reflection. It's like a mirror. Yeah. Hi. That's totally a mirror. Look at this. Can you see me? Let's see
if we can turn it on it. Wasn't there before I promise, watch, come over and see this
thing. First of all, it's like a selfie mirror.
Hold it, hold it down. Look at all that stuff that
popped up. It's like a magic. It's like a screen. You
had glass and metal. And now the dream home of
the future is right here.

And it's a reality. How about a smart refrigerator?
That's what this is. I mean, I just tap it and it turns on
and you can see what's inside of it, which I love. Cause obviously we are
the what's inside family. And then also in the bottom
drawer and this one makes ice balls, fancy round ice balls. And these are the kinds of
things that you can put inside of a drink. And it stays
in there for so long. It doesn't melt as quickly as
a lot of the other ice things. I mean, this thing is beautiful. We downloaded the LG ThinQ app. And now every single one of
the devices is now connected inside of my sister's entire
house. You can start them, stop them, see the status
of them, on the TV. It shows all of your devices. So as soon as the dryer is done, then you see a popup that
says the dryer has finished. How many times do you forget
to get the laundry when it's done in there? And you let
it sit for hours and hours? Well, if you're watching
TV and it pops up, or if it pops up on your app, you can instantly know you can
control your TV just by using your voice by pushing
this voice button on here.

pexels photo 106399

And it activates ThinQ
technology so that your TV is smarter play what's inside CES 2020. The TV pulls up a bunch of tech videos, which is cool because
three of them are mine. There's the home of the future. CES 2020. Just tell it to play the
video. And there it goes. It just starts playing my
YouTube video from CES 2020 when I toured the LG booth. And it's not limited
to just LG appliances. This is a hall lamp. My
sister has a little box. It's connected to the
power outlet that runs up to the lamps. And so it's this smart lamp in
when LG laundry machines have ThinQ built into it, you can do some pretty cool things and it will send you
notifications on your phone.

But also there is a remote
start function that you can use remote, start on, push start dry. And it turns on the dryer and
I can do the same thing for the washer. When it comes
to doing the laundry, I'm super not good at doing it. And I get a bit overwhelmed with like all the different options up here. So these LG appliances with
ThinQ have AI direct drive. And what that means is you can
put whatever clothes you want to put in there. It notices what type of
materials that you put in, and then it recommends what
type of wash do you use for it. And then when it's actually
spinning it at the end, it minimizes the spin levels
based off of the materials that are in there. So it reduces noise and
vibration throughout the house. Just another setting that the
ThinQ app allows you to do that just makes your
life a little bit easier.

This is really interesting. So I've been doing more research
about this and playing with this for a little bit.
These painters right here, this is where you can hang your clothes on these LG styler hangers. It's all wet. Cause it was in the middle
of a sanitizing mode. When I, when I paused it, the hanger
is shaking 200 times a minute, along with the sanitizer. So the dust and the odors and
things kind of fall off and it's very similar to getting
your clothes dry, clean. So your clothes are fresh
when you take them out. You just want to get it nice
and sanitized and clean.

You stick it in there. And one cool thing is you can
take the app on your phone, and you can actually start the styler. If I would have known
that this existed before we built our house, I probably would have worked
with the cabinet guys and taken this and built it into our
closet with a door on it, opportunity missed. This does have ThinQ
technology built into it. The smart, fresh air
automatically analyzes every day, your usage patterns, and it cools a refrigerator
in a smart way so that it can keep your food fresh for longer. Interesting. Your fridge can do that. That's smart, economic care. Plus this one's kind of interesting too. It watches the way that you
used your refrigerator and then it lowers its usage during like
low usage times so that you don't have to spend as much
money on the power for your refrigerator, but it also
has a mode called ice plus. And when you turn on ice plus mode, what it does is it automatically
freezes the ice extra cold two hours before the time that
you most use the ice maker, ice balls.

Building a smart home by
not having to go and rewire everything in your house
is a pretty nice thing. And LG ThinQ products
allow you to do that. We're able to take this home
that is almost 10 years old without doing any wiring. We were able to take it and
make it smarter just by using LG ThinQ appliances. This washer is so quiet. Their last one that they had, it literally sounded like
a freight train was driving through their house and it was running. Her son's room was on the
other side and he couldn't even have the laundry running while he slept, because it would wake him
up because it sounds like it's banging against the wall.

These are just a few of the
ThinQ products that LG has. So thank you, LG for sponsoring this
video and letting me put a very special treat in my sister's home. They do have a daughter
that has a disability and so anything that can make their life a little easier is a huge bonus and a huge plus in my mind now, instead of having to get in
the van and roll the wheelchair up and bolt it all in and drive
to the dry cleaners to drop off three shirts and two slacks, she can put it in the
styler inside of her house, little things, but it goes a long way.

So LG, thank you for sponsoring this
video and hooking us up with some awesome products
for my sister's house. I just want to see a sign of
it before we even get into all. Here we go. Tape on the bottom. Okay. I'm opening on the wrong
side. Can you see me? Your Bruno's at CES 2020? Oh my gosh. I can't believe that was 2020. The world has changed so much. There were like hundreds of
thousands of people there with.. Its the song. The dryer plays a song when it's done. It gets really excited. It's
like your clothes are done. You should be happy..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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